And we have touched sand

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Abigail Elizabeth / the daily life

sandOh jeeze, you guys. You’ve GOT to see this girl in her rocker. Despite vowing to never ever ever buy useless baby gear that is big and bulky and plastic, I think I mentioned a couple of weeks ago we may have made our first yes-we-are-parents purchase and don’t regret it in the least! <–is that how you use that phrase? Anyways, she lights up over the little mobile every time we put her in it and it. is. precious! I cannot even begin to describe. That in itself makes it worth every cent. Of course, had we known that it would be those charming eggs that would bring her the joy, we could have just gotten her a nice little mobile and pocketed the extra for something more aesthetically pleasing, but you know, live and learn. (I just put her in it and saw her light up all over again so that’s why I’m starting this off on a joyful rant) ANYWAYS this little girl has touched sand for the first time, which makes this beach loving momma very happy. [Side note: Ever since I dropped my phone in my soup, it hasn’t been wanting to work so this is all the documentation I got to get of such a momentous occasion :( Boo klutzy Hillary and the now overheating phone. Boo.]
You know, here in California, no one works. We all just go to the beach all day, all year. Just kidding but really, when a particular Papi happens to be at the beach when everyone else is working, these ladies will join him anytime, every time.  beach abbie
^^being a stay at home mom is hard^^

Should I feel bad about this? I feel like I should. But no! I love my job and my husband loves his so it’s all fair and good :) Plus, Greg hates sand so this would actually be a living nightmare for him. beach

She wasn’t exactly the biggest fan either, but we’ll work on that. You’ve got to love a dad who will hold a very pink umbrella for his grandbaby :) There was a family next to us with a baby probably about Abbie’s age. They brought a HUGE umbrella and were all wearing long sleeves and pants in a valiant attempt to not let those damaging rays even come close to their precious cargo. Abbie somehow survived amidst this dinky attempt her mom mustered up in a last minute thought of protect the baby. She seemed to do just fine :)sleep baby sleep
So thankful to be near this wonderful ocean again. An hour drive was just too far!

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