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little stories

Sometimes there are little things that happen that I want to pause to remember. Like today! I love my kids an absurd amount but there is one thing about them that drives me up the wall. They appear to hate being outside. We live in California – the land of notoriously perfect, 72 degree days. If it’s 73 it’s nooooooo it’s too hot!!! if it’s 71 IT’S FREEZING!!!. Each time they utter such absurdities a little part of myself dies inside. I hate it. My friend asked Abbie if she plays any sports and she said, “What are sports?” I get that we aren’t the most active family in the universe but MY GOSH peel your limp body off the couch and go build a fort, child! Anyways, I will do my darnedest to make them see how magical nature can be. Today we peered outside and I thought, enough with these backyard shenanigans… let’s go on an adventure! There are SO many gorgeous hikes and trails around us and yes, they terrify me because every. single. time. we venture out on one, there are an insane amount of tears and protests to the beauty that surrounds. Today, however, there was something in the air. It was crisp! The birds were singing! The light was dancing through the fall leaves and Abbie actually exclaimed “THIS IS SO FUN!” We moseyed by a stream, making our way through the beautiful woods… I could even hear Abbie practicing her memory verse… “He leads me by peaceful streams…” MY HEART ABOUT BURST. There were so many exclamations on the beauty and fun they were having! And then. Abbie tripped over a root and landed in a patch of poison oak. We climbed over a fallen limb and almost stepped on a mouse that appeared to be convulsing and struggling for his little life. The horrified screams began. The trail got smaller and the hills got steeper… we decided to head back in search of a better trail that did not include injured animals and poison leaves. I knew if we could just get across the creek, I could see what looked like such a better trail! There was convincing. There was wetting of pants. There was more crying. But then, my scared little girl became so brave! She took off her shoes and headed across the shallow rocks! There were more exclamations of the fun she was having! My heart soared! And then plummeted as the shallow bit ended and in we both went, mid calf into the very cold stream. The pants were wet. The tone had changed. This was now a horrible idea that led only to talk of “NEVER HIKING AGAIN!” We made it up the steep bank, wet and now covered in mud, we learned that in nature, it’s okay to get a little dirty! And that a bath awaited at home. Hey, I might have even thrown in promise of cake! We tried another trail that was littered with belongings… thoughts of the red capped killer danced across my mind but instead of ending this sad adventure with, sorry we crossed the river to hang out with the homeless, I tried one last attempt to make the memories happy. There was a tree. There were leaves. We made a pile and jumped. There were some balancing acts on logs and once again the mention of fun was murmured. So we called it a day, headed back down the steep steep hill, came to the icy stream, the wailing began again, and in we all went, all three kids somehow placed on my giant birthing hips, shoes and all… you know? Something happens in adulthood where the magic leaves. Nature is dirty. Things are impractical. Christmas is expensive. Part of the joy of having kids is getting to experience a little bit of that all over again. Christmas is all sorts of magical getting to see it through your kids eyes. The impracticalities of life often lead to opportunities of such tremendous wonder – slowing down enough to see things you surely miss every single day. And nature… oh yes it’s dirty but taking the plunge and treading through that water, shoes and all? I can’t remember the last time I had that much fun! So even if my kids have sworn off voluntary nature excursions for the rest of their lives and changed their tune from never hiking again to never WALKING again… one might call it an utter failure… but this momma literally just got her feet wet again and can’t wait to do all the nature things! Buckle up Nettles Three! You’re about to get all sorts of dirty!

10 Months!

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12 months of Noah / Noah Phillip

Does he look happy? Does he? Cause he wasn’t… why with these pictures WHYYYYY!?! I say it with every child. Anyways! dear sweet sad boy, this month we are up to FOUR TEETH! And he’ll crawl (properly on his knees, mind you) across the room just to bite you. I’m so excited about the crawling. Life just got very busy but it’s so much fun to see his curiosity blossom. That is when he’s not sad. Did I mention he’s sad?? ;) He loves to be held. He wouldn’t mind if you never put him down. He loves to dance to Ed Sheeran’s take me back to london. He gets his big diaper booty going and it’s the most glorious thing. Also the little hands. Dancing baby hands might be my favorite thing ever. If everyone’s drumming on the table, he wants to drum on the table. He has a newfound desire to be one of the big kids. He has opinions. All of a sudden so many opinions. He’s pulling himself up on all the things… he’s getting back down… it’s all sorts of amazing. He’s been spitting his binky out so I took it away… until I needed it for his Halloween costume and tried to get him interested in it again… he was not… hence only one picture with the complete ensemble… actually, let me put these right here cause the chances of me getting around to doing an actual Halloween post are very very slim. I still have Easter pictures…

Ughhh Halloween…. when will I learn? Anyways, Abbie just loved finally getting to be royalty, Luke could not care less and begged to trick or treat in his underwear and Noah I just know resented me for making him wear his brothers jacket and not splurging on his own appropriately fitting one. But back to the boy of cries and smiles… been trying to phase out the binky… only had a couple moments of public panic when it would have worked swimmingly to stifle the screams. His appetite is insatiable, he loves when Greg gets home, and is drawn to all the outlets. Lil Noah, you sure bring so much joy to our lives! Happy 10 months lil man!

New York we love you!!!!

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terrific trips

^^hiiiii Noah
Oh New York…I am not a city girl but NY was one of those places I was certain, just CERTAIN, I’d love. I’ve daydreamed many a time of selling everything and moving there when our house of endless projects and fixes and problems gets too overwhelming. Greg thinks I can’t handle the winters …or the summers …or the people …or anything really, BUT I THINK HE’S WRONG. Naturally we visited at the most GLORIOUS time of year, the people were the kindest – always offering up their seats for our family and asking to help carry our giant bags or stroller up the stairs! and all the dreaminess that is that beautiful city was just amplified in my mind! I knew I’d love New York and I did and this girl who always longs to get back home at the end of a trip actually didn’t want to leave… but it’s nice to be home too :) Some pics from our adventures!

She must be my daughter… after a long long l o n g day of traveling, stepping into a cozy room with champagne and live jazz drifting in from the lobby, she twirled around and sighed about how perfect it all was. We get used to luxury so very quickly, we two ;) this hotel was so fun! Came with a record player and COOKIES, not to mention you could order the most delicious cocktails up to your room so these two weary parents were oh so happy!

Pretty little view of the one world trade center and the cutest of the little mens. He’s lucky he’s cute cause he brought new meaning to the city that never sleeps… there was some sort of strange phenomenon going on at night… one, the kids that were melting all. day. long. suddenly were filled with so much energy! two, they each contributed a special noise throughout the night. This one cried. endlessly. Luke had a cough that wouldn’t quit. every two minutes. and then… AND THEN he’d grind his teeth. and Abbie started to moan. all night. ALL NIGHT! Greg and I thought we were going to lose our minds. Nights were a doozy.

We got to meet up with my old roommate who is all chic and grownup and lives in the city all fancy and such.

She gave us a lil city tour on the rainiest day. Definitely packed for a *sprinkling* of rain and spent much of that day waffling between immense guilt for my deeply drenched children and searching for a place to completely replace their current packed wardrobe.

These two were so cute… they saw us taking pictures in the lobby and naturally assumed this position and pose and waited for their turn <3 <3

We tried to do a museum but heyyy weekend + rainy day! …the line was down the street so naturally FAO Schwarz was our next best option. MY GOSH. WHAT IS WITH THE GIANT CANDY!?!

Is normal sized candy out now?? Is this why there is an obesity problem in America?? Apparently it’s a thing. Also, crickets.

Oh hey there’s my kid. Meltdown #128. I gotta say, we pushed these kids hard the entire trip. They didn’t get any naps except what they could snag on the subway or stroller, they didn’t get great sleep on account of the aforementioned noises, they were wayyy off their schedule that they had just gotten back on from previously getting back from South Carolina the week before, not to mention all the new stimulus around them and the nonstop walking, but they truly did amazing. Not gunna lie, there were many many meltdowns but gosh I was proud of them for hangin in there! Lil city kids in the making ;)

Hey thanks, Vanessa for doing the picture neither of my kids would help me out on ;) THOSE CHILDREN!

We told the kids they could each pick out one small toy… naturally Luke heard ask for all the giant things. So happy he settled for the transformer that doesn’t even transform. Abbie got a princess Jasmine lego kit! She wasn’t aware she had to build it. So many tears over I WILL NEVER GET LEGOS AGAIN!!! and WHY DOES HER HAIR KEEP FALLING OFF!!! Is it possible we may just bypass the entire lego phase?? Will my midnight feet be so fortunate!?! We’ll see.

When you finally make it to pizza and can’t keep your eyes open to enjoy one bite. Dear, dear girl.

Vanessa said New Yorkers brag about how long they’ve avoided Times Square. Obviously we picked this special night to go and cancel out her track record. It’s smaller than I was expecting! And it’s not really a square… these were my observations.

She had some sweet magical powers that could make this building change colors.

She won all the points in my kids’ book. And Greg’s.

And then I turned 32. And this scene happened where all my family was happily reading their New York book IN New York and LOOK AT NOAH’S FACE and I couldn’t be happier. It was a good day.

We walked to a yummy breakfast and Greg saw the Ghostbusters firehouse.. sorta love when he turns into an excited teenager right in front of my eyes ;) it’s awfully endearing :):)

Walked down to the water cause let’s remember I will forever be drawn to all the oceans/lakes/streams.

new york-33

Found a playground!

Saw the Statue of Liberty from wayyyy far away… do you see that lil blur?? Abbie asked if that was the Statue of Liberty. I asked her, “you know the Statue of Liberty!?” She said “yes”, and did this pose :):)

Luke took these pictures. We were cracking up cause he just held that shutter down and fired away. Sorta adore them though :):)

Every day Abbie asked if we were going to ride the subway. They loved it! But MY GOSH. The amount of times we said GET UP OFF THE FLOOR! And, STOP PUTTING YOUR HANDS IN YOUR MOUTH! And, KEEP YOUR TONGUE INNNNNNN YOUR MOUTH!!!!! was appalling. They’ve never done this before but it seemed like they were licking everything. How we didn’t come back with every single communicable disease, I have no idea. I definitely washed their hands more on this trip than probably their entire life combined.

All I really wanted this trip was to hang out in Central Park. People kept asking us what our plans were and we had some ideas but honestly all I wanted to do was roam around the neighborhoods and mostly this here place. IT’S SO PRETTY! We found a playground and a carousel and the most beautiful trees you’ve ever seen! And there was a man playing the accordion by the fountain and the sun was shining and the world was saying HAPPY BIRTHDAY HILLARY. Because everything and I mean everything revolves around me ;) I’m not narcissistic at all.

^^this is Abbie’s world and we are all just living in it

And then there was the famous boathouse that my friend took us the first day when it was gloomy and drippy, but we ate in the pub side which was fine but I longed to go to the fancy side with the white table cloths and the pretty people. So on this here my birthday, we booked it over there right before they closed and begged them to give us paupers with the dirty shoes and the caravan of children just one cocktail even though they have a bar BUT STILL NO WHITE TABLE CLOTHS. I’m not high maintenance at all. You know, I never noticed how dirty my shoes were till I looked around and everyone elses were immaculate. I’m convinced that is the sign of wealth. Clean shoes. I do not have them.

And then we dashed back down Manhattan to go to my birthday dinner in this lovely tiny little Italian restaurant where my children forgot how to behave entirely and glasses were tipping, babies were crying, pasta was flinging, Abbie decided to eat hers like a dog… and it was delicious and lovely. You know why? because they always put families in the back and for good reason. I think we sat in the back empty room at almost every if not every place we went. And we had a marvelous time … my pants will never be the same again though, thanks Noah.

The next day was grey and there was talk of more rain so we decided it was time to take Luke to see the bone dinosaurs.

There was a 3D movie. Abbie kept trying to reach out and touch things, bless her.

And then there were a whole lot of dinosaurs and other large and equally terrifying creatures.

Except this fellow. He’s probably part of the welcoming committee.

Greg was most impressed by this here blue whale. It was quite large.

And then baths. I feel like this picture captures them well. Abbie: concerned about everything, Luke: concerned about nothing, Noah: happy, always happy :)

And then the hotel brought them up these little robes and slippers and Greg sat them down and gave them the talk. You know, the do you know how lucky you are talk. they sat in their robes and slippers in their cozy freshly made bed with a glittering view of New York just outside the window and I watched this beautiful, well meaning talk soar right on over their little heads. We’ll try that one again another day ;)

Can we just talk about this crib view though!?!?

And then the next day we went way on up to get some delicious bagels and go to the most beautiful park surrounded by the cutest little neighborhoods.

This stroller s a v e d us.

I really can never pick just one of him! BABIES!!!!

And then, of all the beautiful places to rest on this lil walk, Abbie decided this little patch of grass would do just fine. On an on-ramp.

We were walking back to the subway, the kids were starting to melt but my heart said turn back around! YOU KNOW MEG RYAN HAS BEEN HERE! So a quick google search said why yes, that sweet sweet apartment in you’ve got mail, is just a couple streets over! You don’t even know. This apartment changed my life. When I was a kid, I wanted lacy curtains cause she had lacy curtains. I wanted those boy pajamas cause she had those boy pajamas. I even tried to like daisies cause they are so obviously the friendliest flower! I probably got my love of old houses from this exact apartment. OF COURSE we had to retrace our steps despite the meltdowns to say hello to this building that inspired everything! It was underwhelming but we found it :)

This kid could chase pigeons all the live long day.

And then back to Central Park because THE BEAUTY!!!!

See now here is a prime example of how my brain works. I was walking along this beautiful fence here thinking… I could make that. And then when I got home, I was so bummed we didn’t save the limbs from our apple trees that we had to take out so that I could make that pretty fence I saw in Central Park. And perhaps the cute matching bench too. I ACTUALLY THINK I CAN MAKE THESE THINGS. Have I showed you my fence that has no supports?? I cannot make these things. Someone get me a woodworking class.

There they all are! Lil family up there!

And then we began the most beautiful walk back to our hotel, looking for shops but only seeing the most glorious trees. My eyes may have never been more happy.

Then we found the shops and noticed the clean shoes again. We went back to the trees.

And then we met Hoover! The horse that brought Abbie abundant amounts of joy as she finally got her wish of getting that carriage ride she had been begging for since day one.

We were those people.

Apparently we are in the fancy fried chicken stage of life. First with the champagne and fried chicken in South Carolina and now with the caviar. Goodness gracious was that delicious though. Favorite meal of the trip. Momofuku. So dang good. By the way, fanciest mall food ever… Per Se? Bouchon?? But no Hot Dog On A Stick so…

And then our last morning we headed over to Staten Island, waved to lady liberty and got our last slice of pizza.

Oh New York, you were good to us! Until we meet again!

9 months!

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12 months of Noah / Noah Phillip

^^cried through this whole shoot. Greg tried to help. Results pictured.

Lil man turned 9 months old while we were away hence the posting overload! I gotta do it whenever I have the time ;) He was such a sad boy this month! What with the teeth coming in, the high fever, vomiting, and roseola, he’s been properly clingy and oh so sad. Right now he has the softest little cry that just breaks my heart cause it sounds like his voice is gone or he just has no strength to let out a bellow :( but! he’s still the sweetest lil man that we love so much. We are up to two of the cutest teeth I ever did see, a hand that loves to be up and often dancing, and a boy that is standing whenever we go to get him out of his crib. He loves to be held and cries each time we put him down now. Loves swings, is very fond of his daddy and adores his siblings (although looks very very nervous when they want to carry him around) Still sticking to his army crawl, we’ve seen a couple practices on the knees and then a quick drop back to the belly. His outfits are filthy always. Thanks goodness he’s our third child. He and Sabrina have a special bond which is the dearest thing. Obviously. He loves to eat all the rocks, gags on everything and has started the good ol head butting/clawing/pinching all the skin but his cheeks make up for everything. NOAH PHILLIP you are the sweetest and we love you and your fussy month self so much! Happy nine months lil man! SOMEONE TELL ME HOW TO STOP TIME ALREADY!!!

South Carolina!

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terrific trips

We had such a fun time in South Carolina! Greg got to hang out with his buddies who haven’t all been together in ages, the kids got filled up on friend time and I had the best time just looking around at all the pretty and watching everyone laughing and playing so freakishly nicely together :)

We stayed in the most gorgeous house by the beach! It was so dreamy to wake up in such a pretty room… so dreamy in fact that when I saw all these pillows at target, I had to buy them for my own bed! It’s like taking home a souvenir sea shell except more bulky.

The first morning we were there, the owners friend dropped by a *small* spread of three different types of bread, a delicious quiche, fruit, bacon, sausage, croissants, homemade jam… ALL THE THINGS! Is this Southern hospitality because I definitely would have chucked a bag of coffee beans on the counter and called it a day. I heard they were up since 4am baking! I tried to take a picture, but Luke :)

Luke’s daily play with Noah time. IT’S THE SWEETEST!

Luke would get so nervous when Noah would get close to the pool. He’d jump out so fast and drag him by his feet away from the danger. BEST big brother. Sure love those lil men.

Love the differences of pool entrances :)

Abbie was a lil dare devil doing all sorts of tricks into the pool! Couldn’t believe how far she’s come with her swimming!

^^first back flop. There was screaming.

I could watch them playing together all day <3 currently putting the parrot they found, back into its natural habitat :)

HOW CAN YOU NOT LOVE HIM!?! I do. I do so much.

Things you don’t want flung at you.

Can’t tell you how many pictures I have of Luke, far off in the distance, playing by himself. He’s the sweetest little boy :):)

Fittest family in the world. I feel like I’m getting in shape just looking at them!

East Coast oceans man, they’re so dreamy! Warm and lovely – could have stayed there all day!

But then the pool :)

Favorite site <3

These things make me smile. Kids.

^^the face of a boy who just pushed his sister into the pool

^^seriously SO proud of this girl! She went from swimming no farther than 2 feet from the side of the pool to diving down 8 feet to get toys and things! I think she sprouted fins.

^^when you don’t have a pack and play and he only will sleep in confined spaces :):)

^^when you spend your vacation practicing your letters <3

Just love his little smiley eyes

Even if he’s in the hold me 24/7 phase of life :)

I saw this sign and assumed the collard greens were good. I was wrong.

So nice having people around who loved holding babies :)

I’m gunna keep trying them. People say they like them! I’m determined to find out why. I WON’T REST TILL I FIND A COLLARD GREEN RECIPE I LIKE! If you have one, send it to me :)

At least Noah liked Luke’s mac and cheese. I swear those kids would live on carbs and cheese if we let them.

They like their little brother. I like them.

When no one wants to walk and you only have one stroller for the baby.

Aaaaand back to the pool. Because it be hot.

He told me he was bat man.

Boys play differently than girls. Are we still allowed to say that?

Abbie loved having another girl to hang out with <3 sweetest.

Dass a lot of kids. Best trip with everyone though! So relaxing and fun.

Look I was there too. We tried.


The next day we had a late flight and went exploring. Stumbled upon a doughnut shop. All I wanted was a glazed doughnut. What I got was heaven in my mouth. Seriously we were so bummed all they had were cake doughnuts BUT they were made to order, fresh, hot and freakin amazing. I’m literally salivating right now.

Found a little park to get some wiggles out. Greg has so many wiggles.

Abbie turned into an angelic being.

Looked over and Noah was just happily kicking away. It’s just the best thing to look over at!

One day she’ll figure out the monkey bars…

Can you even either handle that face!?!?

Stumbled upon a fort!

Taught the kids a lil something about cannon safety.

Hiiiiii lil family up there!

Got a yummy lunch with the BEST street corn.

Greg tried to take just one picture of me. Said I move too much.

^^when you come to a gate and are asked to pose.

Tried out Charleston again. We were pretty underwhelmed with our first visit but we tried out a different section and MY GOSH it was pretty! OCEAN AND GORGEOUS OLD HOUSES AND HORSES AND PARKS AND TREES! I made Greg drive round and round cause I couldn’t take in all the pretty the first time. Plus it was too hot for walking ;)

^^he doesn’t like holding dirty babies ;)

Apparently he’s pretty popular here.

So many bad pictures BUT IT WAS SO PRETTY!!!

And then we headed to this oyster and fine poultry bar for a phenomenal last meal!

Didn’t realize I crashed their date.

Poor Noah… one day you can eat real food with the rest of us :)

BEST oysters. BEST fried chicken. And apparently they claim it pares well with champagne… I like fried chicken. I like champagne. I did like the excuse to put them together.

South Carolina, you did not disappoint! Hey babe, let’s fly across the country with all our kids again next week, k? Pray for us pray for us pray for us!!! ;)

8 months!

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12 months of Noah / Luke Blane

We have a tooth! We have a tooth! Definitely started writing this earlier today when there were no teeth but sure enough, Greg was feeling around tonight and out popped a little sharp tooth! And there’s that familiar pang that is associated with all the lasts.. last first tooth :’) I’ll just go do a couple soft sobs in the corner over here. Oh this boy is such a sweetheart! He is sticking to his belly crawl, loves his paci more than anything and will eat all his food and yours if you let him. I say it every time but my goodness we love him! I was just putting him down for his nap today and he was just lying there giggling and cooing away, all dream baby like, and I just thought how good God is to put such a cheery little soul into a family of ALL THE HORMONES all the time :) Hands down my favorite thing he does is putting his binky in his mouth with such vigor. Sometimes I’ll be nursing him and he’ll see it out of the corner of his eye, pop himself off, reach over and snatch it up with such determination and gusto, it’s hard to stay offended by his preference. It’s so dang cute! I sorta wonder if he’ll skip the normal crawling stage cause he goes everywhere on his belly… it’s all scratched up and red… ugh… but he can get up at least one stair on it and seems to have no interest in using his knees. BUT THE CRAWLING STAGE IS MY FAVORITE! More soft soft sobs… Anyways, I’m sure he had loads of new things this month but this momma brain is tired. Mostly I remember the sweetest little boy who has captured our whole family’s hearts. We sure love you lil Noah! You are such a blessing.

7 months

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12 months of Noah / Noah Phillip

THIS BOY IS SEVEN MONTHS AND HE’S THE SWEETEST THING!!! Seriously, I’ve never met a happier more mellow baby. Sometimes I see glimpses of normal baby and the terror hits. I don’t know how to handle normal baby anymore. I’ve been utterly spoiled. People stop us on the street and say, “oh oh ohhh! that baby just smiled at me!” and we pretend like they are really special “NO WAY! Awwww!” but really he just spends his days filling people’s souls with joy. The most magical thing happened this month – he slept through the night all night, every night…. and for some reason I’ve never been more tired but my goodness once I catch up on my sleep, how lovely will this new skill be!? He’s getting louder! Looooves chattering away over there, exploring all sorts of frequencies, but still has the sweetest lil voice there ever was. He loves his siblings. I get the excited kicks when I go to get him in the morning, but they get the big smiles. Their love for each other makes my heart so happy… especially when the rest of the day is filled with more bickering than I could have ever imagined. Fun ages. fun. ages. He’s my lil buddy and I just love him so very much. Happy 7 months lil man! You are a wonder!

WOOPOMAN turns three!!!

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Luke Blane

MY BOY LUKE TURNED THREE!!! Oh my goodness this kid is always surprising me. He is a bundle of energy – just constantly moving. Even when he gets close to give you a hug or a kiss he sorta shakes a little, bless him. He is all boy with a tendency to wear dresses. He loves his sister more than anything and doesn’t want to do anything without her and is game to do whatever she is in the mood to do. He is a l o v e r constantly doling out kisses and sweet little remarks of encouragement. He just like a month ago went from hardly talking at all to full on sentences. He loves trains. He loves Paw Patrol. But for some reason, asked for a Superman birthday. Did you know Superman isn’t in anymore? I looked for napkins. I looked for figurines. He’s not popular in the stores, guys. WHAT IS A WORLD WITH NO SUPERMAN!? Ah well, we made it work. He is a bringer of the biggest deep breaths of patience and a joyful, bursting heart, within the same hour ;) He’s my boy and I love him so dang much. A few snaps from his day of celebration!

^^Abbie showing him around to each decoration as if on a house tour haha she’s so bossy but we love her <3

^^PIDO MAN!!! BAD MAN!!! *and instantly spread around*

^^Noah, victim of balloon attacks <3

^^The look of a kid trying to be excited about clothes on his birthday…

^^When the lady in the store asked if you wanted them wrapped and you took the easy way out but then realized she stuck allllll his presents in one bag ;)

^^hasn’t worn a dress since ;)

^^or anything else for that matter…

^^hehe Abbie ;)

^^I could watch him playing by himself all the live long day <3

^^so typical ;) “oh were you singing to me? … cause you’re competing with my new tractor…”

^Greg’s not too big on fruit… ;)

^^we are working on smaller bites. but not on your birthday :)

^^I just think he’s the cutest superman that ever was.

^^Annual measuring ceremony!

^^And then we headed down to ride some rides! I wondered on the way down why we don’t go to the boardwalk much… and then I remembered.

An hour later, we found a parking spot.

^^when your parents are screaming PULL UP PULL UP!!!! but you never did figure it out ;) he wanted to ride the red one cause “it flies…” ohhh you dear boy.

^^the reality of why the pictures are so bad :]

^^ahhh a day of health. look at that water ;)

Oh my goodness, this boy is a DAREDEVIL! He giggled so hard on the little kid rollercoaster and loved this dropping one! Made me so happy!

^^Let’s not forget this dear little junebug!


^^Me and cakes man. I have a special gift for making a very special cake… my first attempt took three trips to the store and ended up being over whipped whilst I tried to put up all the falling down streamers in record time. It rose and sunk into an inedible depression. Insert the bakery and the sad sprinkle decorations atop. All he wanted was a superman sprinkle cake. Not sure what that means but he ate it and Abbie could just barely make out an S so, SUCCESS ;)

Ohhhh Luke, we sure love you. Happy birthday bud! You light up our lives!!!

My baby is half a year old! + a celebratory outing!

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12 months of Noah / Noah Phillip

HE’S HALF A YEAR OLD!!!!!! HOWWWW!?!? My oh my I love this little man! even if he was a fuss buss this month :) Oh my goodness he’s just so fun. Just the last couple of days he’s been working on sitting up and can do it like a pro now! I leave the room and come back and there he still is! I just love seeing that little square back from across the room, bless him. He learned to put his binky back in his mouth – just in time for me to take it away entirely ;) He’s been a rockstar sleep trainer… had to sort of postpone that because he got a little cold and I just didn’t feel right about starting when he wasn’t feeling great, but the last two nights this momma got her first two full nights of sleep. what. i mean. what. He’s the messiest eater! haha he’s making up for not spitting up by leaving my shirt entirely drenched when he’s finished eating. I’m starting to accept I will probably be covered in some sort of fluid forevermore. He’s also quite the little aerobic nurser. There are limbs flying, hands grabbing, booties bouncing. No wonder I’m soaked when we are done ;) Can I say he’s crawling? not really but he can sure army crawl his way around a room. He sees a toy he wants and he’s off! And if he isn’t working those arms he’s got a pretty good inch worm crawl down too! It’s basically the cutest thing I ever did see. Oh baby Noah, we sure love you. It’s all just whirling by too fast though! How ever do you slow it down?? Today I got to hang out with my sister and had the best time. Gosh I miss her! I’ve been wanting to take the kids berry picking for the longest time and finally got around to going! A few pictures below :)

I hadn’t been since I was a kid and remember getting yelled at for sitting on all the berries (never have been much of a fan of standing ;) ) but we had the BEST time! And my gosh are they delicious! Sorta wanna go back every week this summer ;)

Thanks for hanging out with us, Auntie Minnow! We sure love you! And happy half birthday, baby Noah! You light up our whole lives :):)


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terrific trips

I feel like we’ve just been going going going this whole year, maybe longer! what with a new someone joining our family and then all the birthdays and guest after guest after guest and TAYLOR GETTING MARRIED and all the events that go along with that, and my goodness I’m so tired. But Hawaii was officially our last planned thing and ahhhh it feels good to be able to slow down – both on vacation and back home. Just kidding. I don’t know how to slow down. We’ve been home four days and I figure now’s as good a time as ever to sleep train Noah, potty train Luke, and redo my whole patio :D but before I officially lost my mind, we had the most lovely vacation celebrating all the things!

Can I just say how nice it is to travel with family!?! that are willing to hold AND entertain your kids!!! I don’t think I’ve ever watched a whole movie on the plane whilst traveling with them but I watched at least 3 this trip. I know. WHAT. It was a sky high miracle. And is there anything cuter than seeing your baby happily playing on someone else’s lap? :)

^^Whad and her mango. Because they don’t have them there ;)

The first morning we were there, Abbie noticed all the spoons were smiling at her :):)

I brought their sunglasses all the way across the sea but of course everyone only wanted to wear these green ditties.

It was my momma’s birthday! So naturally we celebrated in Waikiki.

I think it is humanly impossible for them to take a bad picture..

This would be a better picture if we knew those standing figures ;) Our people are the little heads bobbing way out there.

^^When there is no shade or umbrellas -_-

Poor Lukie got rolled real bad. He became a big fan of the pool after that..

Let’s just zoom in on these precious faces! HIS SMILE HIS SMILE I JUST CAN’T GET ENOUGH OF IT!!!

The REAL reason we all made this trip a priority was to celebrate my parents FORTIETH anniversary!!! So thankful for the gift of their marriage to our family <3

hehe and that is the face of a boy who keeps skipping naps in lieu of swimming all. day. long. Sweet boy.

Noah <3 I just can't with him. I took so many pictures trying to wrangle the blur of wiggly humans and this was his face in all of them with just blurs of siblings, twirling round :):)

^^Luke took this! He’s so dang cute! I can’t even believe his tiny little hand can wrap around the camera but he tries to hard and actually gets most pictures centered! My little photographers :):)

^^When you try to take a whole family photo, expect zero results.

And then there was the most dreamy fancy dinner where…




fell asleep! Before we even ordered! So you betcha we ordered the tasting menu and enjoyed ourselves! The waitress even brought out extra chairs and pillows and made them little beds! And then my whole family forgot me and left me at the restaurant. I tell ya, you have kids and allofasudden you’re chopped liva ;)

My kids became little fishies on this trip! The pool was just shallow enough for Abbie to reach and she loved being without her floaties practicing her swimming. She improved so much in just a couple of days!

The goggles faces :):)

hehe he was so cute how he’d hold his nose until right when he hit the water… never did figure that one out :)

He just loved those little pods. I think he thought he was swimming too ;)

Someone gave the ocean another chance, praise the Lord!

And then the attempted naps…

You turn your back and they immediately start conspiring…

I have dreams that one day they’ll all be able to sleep in the same bed :) until then..

And then there was Father’s Day! Spent in this fashion. Always.

Abbie was so excited to see real coconuts in the trees. She’s very into where things come from so this was a big deal :)

Got to spend a day at Pearl Harbor!

My little ballistic missiles <3
I always forget how heavy those sorts of places are. You just sorta think of it as a landmark or famous place to visit but then it hits you how many people died there and what a horrible event it really was.

Abbie asked why there were flowers there and I explained to her it’s to remember those who lost their lives and to honor them. She immediately took the flower out of her hair and asked if she could leave it there for them. Heart. Melted.

We then thought it was a good idea to attempt a hike. Have you ever tried two events in one day with lil kids? It’s all sorts of fun.

These are there pre-hike faces :)

And this is at the trail head. Promises of a blissful future brewing.

Luckily we didn’t have to walk very far to see pretty.

And here are a few hundred pictures of SO MUCH GREEN!!! I couldn’t handle it! My dappled light loving heart was bursting amongst the ever present moan of CAAAAARRRYYYY MEEEEE!

Abbie keeps talking about how remember when we went on that reallllllyy long hike (I think we might have only gone for mayyybe 20 minutes) but it was certainly memorably long ;)

This was probably one of my favorite parts of the trip even if it was short. I just loved all the twists and turns and gosh it was gorgeous. Obviously these aren’t doing it justice so just believe me :]

Someone was happy to get out of his baby carrier :):)

His sweaty little head <3 it was so hot!

Aaaand post nap faces :)

We even got some rain on the way home!

And then we were off to celebrate something else probably! Maybe Tay and Josh being married for a WHOLE MONTH! There is always a reason to celebrate ;)

Hehe Abbie just barely made the cut ;)

Oh his little sleepy hands <3

You gotta watch mom – she feeds the baby all sorts of things ;)

And then sometimes you’re nursing and all of a sudden it starts pouring… so people try to cover you with small towels ;)

Some people handled the sudden downpour better than others ;)

But back to these two <3

The scariest thing about raising boys. The bringing of the bugs…

His little back :)

They finally got to eat something out of a coconut!

Oh Hawaii, you were lovely! And happy birthday momma! Happy anniversary mom and dad! Happy Father’s day, you two! Happy one monthiversary Abbe’s! And happy something to me ;)