Happy Halloween!!!

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family days

Oh yes, there’s more! Imma just put these up here cause they make me unbelievably happy. Luke lit up when he saw this mass of feathers on his head and I just got such a kick out of him toddling around with that giant hair. So worth all the pricked fingers trying to find that dang needle amidst the mess of blue fluff. I’m so behind on sorting through my pictures so let’s just start with Halloween and perhaps skip over the bit of me turning 30 last month and then while we are at it, move on to the fact that IT’S ALMOST CHRISTMAS!!!! ;) I got so excited last night realizing that well, now that Halloween is over, it’s basically THE HOLIDAY SEASON!!! And since I was basically in grinch mode last year HELLO NO SLEEP AND SOME SORT OF HORMONAL THYROID DISEASE, I’m very much looking forward to experiencing all the cheer I missed in the rage that was last Christmas ;) Anyways, Halloween was so dang fun this year. I made the simplest costumes of all time and the kids actually didn’t cry the entire time they were in them – they didn’t rip the stickers off immediately and the wigs held together for the most part so I’d say it was some sort of a spooky miracle! Behold! 750 photos of fluff! I’m seriously struggling with decision making these days so you can’t possibly expect me to choose one!


^^This one may be my favorite cause he’s literally rubbing his eyes and it was just the cutest thing :):)

In case you were wondering, the girl that will not let me touch her hair ( :'( ) would only tolerate such frivolity for so long – hence the excessive pictures of the man in blue. I swear I don’t have favorites ;) But while we are at it, here’s one more :)

Despite not ever receiving one trick-or-treater while living here, we decided to just try our street. I’m so glad we did cause we met so many of our neighbors and everyone was so friendly! Also, Abbie was so shy and scared to go (despite the promise of candy) but by the last house, she was telling me “come on, mom! we got to go knock on the door!” I hope she understands our neighbors won’t always be handing out candy…. what a strange holiday! haha. Anyways, I was so proud of her and so happy that we have so many nice people on our block :) who knew! Happy Halloween! AND HAPPY HOLIDAY SEASON! sorta.


CA >> TN >> KY >> IN >> IL >> CA

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terrific trips

^^How cute are those two walking through the airport? WE MADE IT! We flew with one spinning, screaming baby and a thank-the-Lord-quiet-toddler across the country, drove up up up from state to state and finally made it to visit Greg’s family for the first time in way too long (sorry guys!). We had the best time!

^^They were really into looking out the window before we took off. You guys LOOK! WE ARE LITERALLY FLYING THROUGH THE AIR!!!! Nothing. :/ One day they’ll see the wonder of it all ;)

^^Greg has been looking forward to using his new headphones on a flight for the longest time. So when I saw him hand them over to his daughter cause hers kept falling out of her ears, I might have just fallen in love with him all over again :) it’s the little things :)

First stop was Tennessee to see Greg’s friends from way back when. They just had their first child and Abbie could have not been more excited!

She got my smothering gene.

We got to explore Nashville on a cold blustery day which was quite fun ifIdosaysomyself! There was delicious barbecue and some killer music for a Wednesday at 1pm and these kiddos loved dancing in the street. I sorta adore this picture Greg took of Luke even if my camera did feel like being blurry that day.

How can you not love that face <3
ONE DAY I will get a picture with my kids where they are actually looking at the camera. One day.
She’s a music girl. They both are really. Luke starts clapping immediately when it comes on and this girl just loves to dance. It’s safe to say they loved this town :)
We got some coffee in a little shop where Abbie came with me to the bathroom and cheered SO loudly that MOMMY! YOU ARE DOING IT!!! YAY MOMMY!!! Can you tell we’ve been potty training?? Anyways, that was funny and slightly embarrassing considering I’m sure everyone in the shop could hear how well I was doing at using the potty ;)
^^One day, guys.
Thanks for having us Caleb and Shannon! Your daughter is beyond adorable and has sparked the baby fever in one little persistent girl ;) WE LOVE YOU!!! Now come to California!
These pictures are trash but the drive was just so dang pretty, I couldn’t help myself!
I LOVED driving through Kentucky! I don’t know why but I thought it would sorta be real dry and ugly but it was gorgeous and GREEEEEEN! And we happened to stumble upon the BEST friend chicken and frosty beer and mamma mia I was so happy and full!

I just love how much she puckers up :)
So when you’re a Christian in Kentucky, you go see the Ark ;) And so we did. With an hour and a half till closing. Somebody didn’t plan the drive time correctly and my goodness it is large! but the good news is, we missed all the lines, it was practically empty and we had the best time even if we did have to basically run through it to see the whole thing!
Abbie was slightly terrified at first cause when you walk in all you can hear is animal noises and she sorta had the ‘what the’ face plastered on for the first bit, but then she seemed to really like it. She said woah! that’s a big big boat! when we were pulling up. I got strangely emotional walking through hearing the rain and such but that’s not really new news in my life these days cause HELLO hormones! but all in all we had a real good time. I hope Abbie remembers it forever and ever. Is that asking too much? ;)

Then it was off to Indiana to finally finally finally visit Greg’s family! I must say, it meant so much to me to see everyone welcome these kiddos and just love on them even though we don’t get to see you very often. They just seemed so happy and you guys welcomed them so warmly so thank you! It happened to be Greg’s brothers 50th birthday which was so much fun. There was a party. Everyone could make it. This was the first time all those siblings have been together since our wedding!
THERE WERE THUNDERSTORMS!!! Abbie was sometimes a fan, sometimes not so much ;)

We got to meet up with some more of Greg’s hometown friends and their little girl! Abbie, sweet child. She needs more friends her age. She just lights up around anyone her size that might be willing to play with her. I love that little girl more than I can say :)

Greg showed me around Lafayette and it was so beautiful. I know you mid west folks don’t consider this Fall quite yet, but this California girl was beyond happy with the hint of changing seasons!

Greg kept saying, “now what exactly are you taking pictures/videos of?” ;)

It was so so good to see all of you! And to my dear mother in law who slept on the couch for a week :'( I’M SO SORRY! but thank you for putting up with us and not saying anything about the crying babies all night every night and for feeding us and loving us and and and. We are very blessed to have such a wonderful family on that side of the country. Just wish we could see you more! trip-63
And then it was off to Chicago to fly on home! There was less crying, just a touch more sleeping, and all was well. trip-64

Camping with chillens Round 2

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terrific trips

We tried our hand at camping with littles again! It was so dirty! It was so fun! I seriously had the best time. The weather was glorious and the smells were all I could hope them to be and the lake was stunning and I am so glad to be sleeping in my own bed again but I also can’t wait to go back :) Some pictcha pictchas to document!

^^Just try to find Luke’s feet. And this is after lightening the photo…

These girls were SO cute together – holding hands and jabbering away about who knows what. Abbie LOVED having a buddy around, poor friend-deprived child.

This hammock. I think we need one STAT because I’m fairly certain they would have stayed in there all day if we had let them. Think of the sanity this lady could acquire. JUST THINK OF IT!

We finally found the dog beach for Belly dog! He was that happiest guy for those couple of hours :)

Those people. I love.

Their relationship. I’m so jealous.

Aaaand these are the pictures I get with my kids :/ ;)

^^This was definitely one of my favorite moments of the trip/my life. I took the kids back to the tent to get their nap in but as nature would have it, it started to thunderstorm. Bentley was SO nervous but Abbie just went up to him and held him and kept saying “It’s okay Bentley, I’m here, I gotchu. I’m here, it’s ok!” It was the sweetest thing :):) and Luke just thought the storm was the funniest thing. No naps were had but it was so dang fun. I LOVE STORMS. WHY DO I LIVE IN CALIFORNIA??

The camping ensembles. They are my favorite.

^^You know it’s been a good day when all three of your kids are asleep at the same time *insert HALLELUJAH hands*

There was an outing to other pretty places!

^^We wonder why it’s difficult to make friends… ;)

And went to see a meadow and some horsies. Many horsies.

^^She says her favorite animal is a horse right now so her face was pretty priceless when she saw them. I freakin love that girl.

And I may be biased but I think this boy is the cutest boy in the world. CUTEST. boy.

Some rear ends for ya.

The last time I took the kids to go see some horses, Abbie was obviously so excited but Luke :) I’ve never seen him hang on to me so tight. He’s a pretty brave n tough lad but he seems pretty aware these are pretty big animals :D his finger warmed up to them this time :)

Did you know my momma had horses growing up? She was a horse girl! I love to see her gently stroking them when she thinks no ones looking :)

Greg and I are in the matching hats stage of life. Wish us well.

There was a Saloon. Greg was so happy.

And then down to the river for picnics and whining dogs!

He’s just the sweetest most content little guy. How do I keep him One forever!? I love One.

This kid and her faces :D

She saw daddy put some on his face and wanted in on that action. How can you not love every little thing she does!? Innocence. There’s just nothing like it.

AND THIS BOY. He is the most tender ice cream licker I’ve ever seen. I could watch him all day. I sorta really like my kids.

And then we lucked out and got to take a spontaneous ride on Papi’s boat!

Fish were caught! Impressions were made! Abbie is still talking about how Papi kissed the fish ;) She also informs me daily that when she is three, and a big girl, she will catch a fish too. Also, she will see Spiderman when she is a big big girl. These are her life goals thus far.

Till next time, Pinecrest! You were awfully fun!


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12 months of Luke / family days / Luke Blane

More importantly ^^these^^ pictures are DONE ;) definitely was picturing a smiley finish but alas, such is life. We had the best time celebrating little man last night. I still can’t believe it’s been a year and I still can’t believe he came out a boy! HA! Boys are so great. This one in particular. He’s so sweet and so dang mellow and undemanding. I think he knew all this was for him and he was just so cute and smiley. Ahhh I just love this lil man.

What better way to say good morning birthday! than with a candle in your melon! ;)

^^Bentley: “they forgot my birthday….”^^ ;)

Abbie only wanted to be in the picture if she could be upside down. She has opinions.

^^And this is where Abbie chose to put her watermelon, moments before guests arrived… she also decided to cover herself and the entire bathroom in lotion, moments before guests arrived. Quiet toddlers are terrifying toddlers. Also, cabinets were being emptied moments before guests arrived. Many things were happening. Thank you everyone for not showing up early :D

^^this man… how can you not love him :D ^^

^^Just look at that standing, toddling baby! Here’s to hoping they’ll be best friends foreverandeverandever^^

^^I think he liked his pie :)

This is definitely one of those fraction of an inch moments where I CAN’T CHOOSE! He’s just so dang cute! :D

I’m telling you! They just don’t come much sweeter!!

Those little outstretched toes <3

The mens… testing the slide, tractor combo… this year should be fun ;)

Thank you thank you thank you to everyone who was able to come celebrate little Luke and for all who have been involved in his life and ours! This year has definitely been one of the more challenging and your support means the world to us. We love you guys! And dear little Luke, you are such a blessing and my goodness, my mind is overwhelmed with thankfulness when I think of what a gift you are to our family. We sure love you little man! Happy birthday, son.

Fourth of July and other delights

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family days / terrific trips

Whelp, it’s July. You know, THE VERY MONTH MY BOY WAS BORN A YEAR AGO [what. the. HOW.] and we moved into our little house TWO years ago! and I’m feeling all sorts of joyful to be living in this little town with my little family. We just got back from my cousins houseboat and then had Greg’s friends in town for a couple days, sooo playing catchup while everyone sleeps :) A few pictures below. as is customary ;)

THESE GIRLS. They are so sweet together! Cheeto faces and kisses obviously signal summer.

That girl. She has my heart.

Remember how last time, he was in my belly?!

BEST auntie that can get the boy that doesn’t sleep, to sleep. in a life jacket no less!

Some of the best cousins that ever were

I’m too old for tubing. Says my neck. That wouldn’t move the next day.lake-17lake-18

When you get back in the boat and your daughter has started a dance party <3

Three generations!

THIS GUY. I love him.

lake-25When your older sibling is a girl… you get to wear the pink puffs

lake-28lake-29Did I mention all my furniture has teeth marks on it?


lake-32lake-31I apologize but HOW do you pick just one!?

lake-43lake-45I’m pretty sure they are besties

lake-44That glorious moment when…lake-46


That form!

lake-53lake-54lake-56lake-55Our relationship these days ;) lake-57These girls! They were just so dear!
lake-59And then these two!
lake-61 Luke!

Dad’s face ;)
lake-64Testing out diaper strength.

lake-63Seriously, how cute are they?


Thanks, Coz’s! We had the best time!

lake-76But then the next day was the Fourth! Which if you are American at all, is all things wonderful!

IMG_3807We went to a parade cause that’s what you do. There was meat a roasting on a float. Because Santa Cruz. Aptos, rather. lake-72

lake-74Hiiiii Mike

lake-73Did I mention he’s teething.

lake-75Hiiii dad

lake-77And then when the fog burned off, my baby girl, who hates all things water, turned into a daredevil pool goer – splashing and jumping and kicking all around! WHO IS THIS CHILD. I was so proud.


lake-80Luke, learning the ins and outs of the GT

lake-81“So you say 50/50”lake-83“Ah, I see!”

These babies <3 I just can’t get enough of them!

lake-86So Abbie is back to being all brave and such AND SO we may have gone on her first kiddie roller coaster and I was all sorts of proud of her! IMG_3855IMG_3834Summer, you’ve been mighty fine! Happy July everyone!


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12 months of Luke / Luke Blane

When he just won’t give you the smile he gives every other minute of the day ;) such is life.

^^Sister always ends up at the end of all these pictures ;)

WHAT THE HECK! WHERE DID THIS YEAR GO!? How is my baby boy almost a year old!? I know he still has a month but my goodness, I feel like eleven months is always more of a shock than twelve. It has just snuck in there somehow and caught me by surprise, both times! Anyways, this kid. I’m just so smitten by him and this month, well, it’s been a total game changer.

For one, I feel like I’m starting to feel normal parent tired rather than woah the walls are swaying tired. When Abbie was tiny, I went to the dentist and the lady that cleaned my teeth told me her son woke up every hour for a year. I remember thinking I could never do that. Abbie had her ups and downs with sleep but for the most part, she was fairly decent. Luke has shown me I can do things I never thought I could! Made me absolutely nuts in the head but hey! I feel like we have turned a corner ;) He’s napping pretty well and sleeping from about 7:30 till 4 fairly consistently till this last week where he forgot how fun 2am was. BUT he’s getting back to sleep pretty well instead of just screaming and needing to be walked around so that’s been nice. Now if only I could get back to sleep too, then we’ll really be cookin wiss gas!

He’s a water boy. I got him and Abbie a little kiddie pool for the hot days this summer and man, if I stick him out on the patio and don’t watch him, he’ll crawl right in, fully clothed, every time. It’s sorta funny, sorta WHY CAN’T I REMEMBER THIS HAPPENS EVETY TIME!?

He’s like a totally different baby! So sweet. So happy. Like, he was sweet and happy before but he’s just kicked it up a notch lately. Which makes me think he was just super tired before and trying his best? He would just zone out but was so sweet and mellow… and now he’s excitedly crawling everywhere, curious about everything, so quick to smile… he’s just the best! Aaaand I feel terrible.

He’s very into food *BINGO* and very into whatever you are eating.

He’s a stair master. I don’t worry about him at all anymore. He looooves going up to sister’s room and is very good about telling momma when he’d like to come back down. I love looking up and seeing his little head peering down at me with a big ol smile :):) FAVORITE.

Still such a momma’s boy! God must have known I needed that :) Abbie climbed into bed one morning and got between where he was soundly sleeping nestled against me …he woke up so fast and was SO mad till he worked his way back over and was immediately content. He makes my heart smile. BUT lately he’s been giving daddy lots of love. Whenever he comes home from work he excitedly crawls over to him, gets on his knees and raises those precious arms for giggly hugs. I don’t think I’ll ever be happier than when I see those babies love on their daddy. It’s the best.

He finally stood on his own for the first time! You cannot force him to do it. He only does it when he doesn’t realize he’s doing it. And he can take his merry time walking too. bemybabyforeverandeverandever

Speaking of walking, my dining room looks like an avant-garde painting all. the. time. Son loves to push those chairs ev-er-y-where. He has the best time causing disorder. Speaking of. Spice jars. Somehow he knows how to get into the cabinet and unscrew the tops. There were a couple days where curry was a very strong smell in our house. Bathroom cabinets are also rarely organized and toilet paper is no longer a friend to the roll.

We have found the choking sound he makes is actually a game he’s been playing! If you make a choking sound, he’ll make one back! Now I know! He also loves to play toss with dad. If Greg tosses a ball up, Luke will do it back. This is all very exciting.

He’s pretty dang mellow but definitely has a dramatic side. When sad, tired, or angry, that head will be laid on the ground in utter frustration. It’s rather dear.

Speaking of that head, he’s the toughest kid I know. For example, definitely accidently flipped the hammock over and all of me landed on that tiny head… he was a little upset but didn’t seem to really mind. Sister lands on it all the time. It almost always has a bruise on either side of it from running into things. He fell and hit his lip on the tile the other day and it was all bloody, plus he had some scratches from momma not keeping up with manicures, and a pretty bad teething rash on his chin… he looked all sorts of abused but he never ever complains. I’ve never heard him cry for more than a minute when he gets hurt and seems quite content to just be snuggled. He’s just the greatest boy. Did I mention I love him?

Dearest Luke, I love how you sit on your knees, and smile so big when you crawl around with really high arms and loud hand slaps. You have serious fears of missing out and hate to be put down for naps but you’ve been doing so good about trying. I love how you dance to music now and fling yourself through the air not knowing if someone is going to catch you. Actually, let’s work on letting momma know you’re about to do the flinging and then both of us will have less bruises. Dear son of mine, I sure love you with all my heart and thank Jesus every day that he put you into our lives. Happy last :'( month :'( of your first year!

Luke gets a room

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home / Luke Blane

Sweetest boy. I don’t know where the time has gone but I realized I started his nursery forever ago and never finished it so a couple of potato stamps later, it’s feeling complete! There is this beautiful wallpaper that I have been coveting, that if your baby is posh and perfectly styled every day, you most certainly will possess. I obviously have a hard time getting these kids completely dressed every day so such extravagance is not for me. Enter potato stamp. That is: a potato cut into the shape you fancy, plunked into left over paint from your stairs and dispersed around the room. It was fun. It was cheap. It makes me happy to go in there now. Plus I still am holding out hope that these two will share a room someday so while I wait for Luke to start sleeping completely through the night, quick, quirky rooms just across the hall are my jam. For now it’s kinda fun to have a bit of a girly room for Abbie and a boyish room for Luke. Like really really fun. This room has been so many things – a storage room, an office, a playroom, a what the heck do I do in here room cause it’s T I N Y and such a weird shape. Supposedly it was built to be a yoga room but who has time for that? so for now it’s the ever morphing space that is currently this kids makeshift nursery. Behold! horrible pictures in a tiny tiny space!

Oh look! The bear I got for Abbie! Oh look! The picture that was up in Abbie’s room! Oh my! Is that my clock from childhood?? Such is the life of a second child :) But HEYYYY a baseball because BOY.

And yes I know girls can play baseball too. THIS WORLD IS SO SENSITIVE ;)


It was actually sorta nice that I waited so long to do this cause we could really see how we use this space. Currently, still working on establishing good sleeping habits which is going pretty well thankyouverymuch, but Abbie’s been loving coloring and playdough and stuff so it’s nice to have a little table close by that we can pull out when we need to. Also, my biggest challenge with two is figuring out how to keep a clean house. I’m definitely a let-the-house-get-horrifically-filthy-and-then-clean-it-like-a-mad-swiss-woman kind of girl which I’m learning definitely doesn’t work with kids and most definitely not with two + kids. So! I’ve been retraining myself to do a little each day which has helped my sanity tremendously. ANYWAYS all that to say, I’ve been trying to get advice from as many seasoned mothers as possible on how they handle it and one said she just throws all the toys in the kids rooms at night and nap time so their rooms were almost always messy but the house was clean and calm. You guys. This has revolutionized my life. Hence the baskets. Hence hence hence. I could go on and on about cleaning and kids but I’ll just go ahead and stop this right here. IMG_3564That flag is an excellent example of my brain at work. I needed something for above Luke’s crib cause I waited over a month for this antique watercolor to ship from England and it never came so a cool old flag was my next grand idea. I saw the flag. I wanted the flag. I did NOT want to wait again for another shop owner to write me back for dimensions. I estimated. I estimated so wrong. It wrapped around the wall. Thus, this is it’s new home. It looks like it was on purpose. It was not. lukesroom-4I don’t feel like these are showcasing the sheer enormity of this flag. It’s big. It’s rather awesome. I’m proud to be an American. Obviously.

lukesroom-12Oh the mobile :) You know I love to make little things for my kids. There was a storm. There was driftwood gathering. There was this idea in my head. It was much more cute in there. Those dang white sails just don’t show up! One would think, change the color? But no, I think, stick em in my cup o coffee. It didn’t do anything. They remain white and boring. Ah well, I tried. One can only do so much. lukesroom-14

And that’s about it! I think it’s cuter in person but maybe that’s just my excuse for please don’t judge me! I tried. I shoulda coulda woulda found out the gender and finished before baby’s arrival but whatchu gunna do. Little Luke, we sure love you. You deserve the fanciest wallpaper in all the land but thanks for being so cool about mommy’s budget ideas. And sweet Abbie, thanks for continuing to go in here and exclaim “I like it!” over and over again. You guys sure make your momma happy :)

Back when Abbie got a nursery!

Happy Father’s Day!

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family days

This guy. These videos don’t even hold a candle to how amazing of a dad this guy is. I wish I had a record button on my eyeballs cause the interactions between this marvelous man and his babies is simply the best and I always ALWAYS miss it whenever I try to record anything. BUT since I’m a sucker for all crappy home videos and can’t bring myself to delete anything, we’ll just keep em comin ;) cause he’s an amazing dad. It brings me so much joy to see how much he loves our little ones and to see their relationships growing. Sometimes my heart just feels so full it could burst! Happy Father’s Day, beloved. I’m so glad I get to do life with you and this little family of ours. You make us all feel so blessed. We love you!

And if you wanna weep enormous amounts of tears because Abbie was this itty bitty only last year, you may click here.

Ten Months

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12 months of Luke / Luke Blane

Haha he is NOT into these pictures anymore. Nevertheless my boy is ten months old today! And what a sweetheart he is. Feed him, clean him, give him the smallest amount of sleep and he is one happy clam. If by some chance he happens to actually be crying, pick him up and all is instantly right with the world. I just love this kid so here’s a month in review:

You know this boy is not terribly vocal. Not much (if any) babbling or cooing or anything of the sort. Just a series of grunts and quiet laughs. BUT THIS MONTH he spoke and that little voice was definitely worth the wait. So so so sweet. Actually last month he said his first word of “Bla” but this month he said “dada” and I’ve definitely made him say it one too many times so that he never wants to say it again but it was really sweet while it lasted. It’s like he felt like he could contribute to the conversation. You’d ask him to say it and he’d get a shy little smile and say dada and look so proud of himself. Best. Boy.

You guys. He sneezed and there was no snot. It occurred to me that this is sorta the longest stretch he hasn’t been sick in a while! Well minus the beginning of this month haha but the last couple of weeks have been so nice!

He got one more tooth and is currently working on another. That little tongue is almost always out feeling the newfound lump. It’s dear.

Loves water. Loves baths. Loves pools. Does not hold his breath like they say he will when you blow in his face. There has been much water swallowing.

Loves to be flung about and sat on. Which I suppose is good because those are sister’s main forms of getting him to smile. This is so funny to me because he’s so mellow otherwise but somewhere beyond that placid exterior is a boy who loves adventure! …or abuse?

He has no intention of learning to stand on his own but sure thinks it’s funny if you try to force him to do it.

He can’t go down stairs but loves to go up them! I never really worried about Abbie going up and down the stairs here cause she kinda got the concept pretty quickly – but Luke, the dear…. he will go up them alright but then you know how he likes to take frequent breaks… he’ll just sit back and down he goes, so the whole stair situation in our house sort of terrifies me right now. Luckily he’s starting off slow so if I ever catch him sneaking up there, he’s only ever made it to the second or third step unsupervised :)

He’s starting to love real food! Another food motivated child! Hooray!

He slept twelve hours one night. I see hope. I know I’m sleep deprived cause my mom gave me a book on a sleep training method and just reading it sorta made me cry happy tears at the thought of getting some rest eventually. Haha! who knew it was taking such a tole. He’s been going down pretty easily. Still cries every time but the duration is getting shorter! The first couple of times were three hours. Three. Hours. That is exhausting and discouraging and those little fast breaths once he actually falls asleep are so heart wrenching! But now we are down to about 20 min max and usually closer to five. So that’s good I suppose. And no rocking or shaking required! He’s been doing a pretty consistent nine to ten hours at night which have been amazing. Now if only my body wasn’t still waking up for the one, two, and three o clock nursing calls. One day I’ll sleep again ;) So nights are looking a bit more hopeful. Naps are still a joke. He takes two twenty minute naps a day and will not budge on that. But the thing is, he’s SO happy all the time. Abbie would definitely get fussy or start running into things or whatever when it was nap time but this kid, he’s just freakishly happy on such a little amount of sleep. So, we are still working on that one. Anyways, all that to say, thank you to those who have been praying for us! I so appreciate it!

He loves when dad comes home, loves his sister, has the goofiest laugh and the sweetest smile, still is the most tolerant kid I’ve ever met and is definitely a momma’s boy. Little Luke, we sure love you. Happy ten months!!!

Just another photo dump

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the daily life

Wouldn’t it be nice if each of these posts didn’t have three thousand photos to sort through ;) anyways, life lately:

^^Ooooh if I could only remember these little details forever… the chubby wrists and dimpled fingers and and and^^

Abbie’s become very interested in painting which, you know, makes my mommy heart soar …and feel all sorts of terror as I look around at my once white house. But I still love to look over at this little site.

There was Easter. We colored eggs. Most of the cups looked like this.

The Easter Bunny actually mustered up some baskets. How sweet of him to stuff them with books and impressionist artist memory games! The kids were thrilled….
But egg hunts were a hit!

That man and his son <3 Luke went through a little phase of falling asleep immediately on Greg. It was the sweetest.

Never did get that picture of them in their Sunday best. So here’s an end of the day shot ;)
There were some wonderful park days with dad

And baking days

And moments where you walk in to this cuteness
There were beach days
And the best days that start with breakfast AND ocean AND dad HALLELUJAH

And days to go look at God’s amazing giant trees
And Grammy days
And lots of days at home

And lots of mischief

Conspiring in action!
But oh look they’re cute. :)

Some days are really hard so we take pictures. And then I remember how much I love being their mom :)
There was that one time I took Luke to urgent care cause I was convinced he had something stuck in his throat what with three days and nights of the strangest cough and looks of pain and struggling …only to have them tell me “he’s fine – he simply has his first cold – is this your first baby??” I’ve become that lady. Sigh. No sleep seriously screws up your judgement and instincts. I’m blaming that. And hardy har har… first ….cold…. ;)

There were days to Callistoga

WITH date nights!!!
And more days at home

And more days at the beach

Hehe I just love their precious scowls :):) But really this is what that particular outing really looked like.
The joys :) I think I horrified an Asian couple by taking pictures at a moment such as this but I found it so amusing :D Greg says I need to work on my humor. One day I will fit in.
Oh ya! There was mother’s day!

Greg let me order two entrees because that was not nearly enough pasta, and it was the most lovely outing!

This was supposed to be my mother’s day picture ;)

There were pool days
And days where your baby is determined to devour other helpless infants.

And then there are days when your husband comes home and says pack your bags, I’ve booked you a room at a hotel and you are going to go get a good night sleep. And you burst into happy tears and get the heck out of there. Because this kid man, I love him I love him I love him but he does. not. sleep. And it is ROUGH. So I just fell in love with my husband all over again with the utterance of the word LEAVE. :)

Naturally I remembered everything for a wonderful night away except my pump. So guess who still had to get up in the middle of the night and early early morning to try to keep those suckers from bursting. Live and learn. Or don’t because you’re too sleep deprived to remember anything anyways ;)
And then there are the sweetest moments scattered about each day and I so wish I could remember them all ^^ does this remind you of the boy version of Abbie baby?? :):)

Life is so full and hard but all sorts of wonderful and I’m just so thankful this little family is mine. So so thankful. Happy WEEKEND!!!