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mmmm meals

Greg took the kids and left me for the morning with the instruction not to clean so naturally I have no idea what to do with myself. So here are some pictures from yesterday! I just love Thanksgiving. You just can’t beat that food and the smells and family and all the things. It’s such a glorious holiday. And we have so much to be thankful for… I always hate that question – what are you most thankful for this year!?  I always feel all this pressure to come up with a really good answer and start ranking and scrutinizing all my available thanksgiving answers to come up with the very best one which, you know, ultimately leads to feeling not thankful at all and really critical of perfectly wonderful things! My thanks seem to always come down to the five “f’s” : Faith, Family, Friends, Flowers and Food… which essentially just sums up Thanksgiving, so really I’m just thankful for Thanksgiving ;) Some pics from one of my most favorite holidays!

I’m going to try to hide the embarrassing amount of flower pictures amongst others but really they were just so pretty, I couldn’t stop! And to think, this is my narrowed down selection…

This guy <3 I love his inside out shirt and big smile. I still get so excited when I hear him come into a room :) He makes me all sorts of happy.

Everyone’s a big fan of Papi over here :)

That sweet face <3 Ughhh I adore how she asks how baby's doing every morning… even if she did tell me she didn't want a baby brother anymore and to KEEP HIM IN YOUR TUBBY! when she was mad last night ;) I love to hear her sweet prayers. I love to see her explain things so gently to her brother. And I love that she's all sorts of passionate even if it makes me want to pull my hair out 95% of the time. She's a force to reckon with and she is wonderful.

And then there’s this kid. How can you not love a boy playing with his trains in upside down fairy wings?

You didn’t even notice that extra flower picture, did you ;)

Luke ALMOST, almost, made it to dinner, bless his heart.

My Thanksgiving plate is never very presentable. Really, it’s a just a giant picture of greed but look! Flowers!

Really wish I got a better picture of this one cause she was just so dang cute wanting that giant drumstick for herself, but camera malfunctions and an intense desire to devour the substance on the plate above are to blame.

But perhaps among the things I’m most thankful for this year, is this cozy place we get to call home. Feeling exceptionally blessed and thankful. Hope you all had a good Thanksgiving! AND NOW AND NOW AND NOW IT’S CHRISTMASTIME!!!!!!!

Halloween & Florida (cause I’m feeling random)

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terrific trips / the daily life

Aaaand mostly cause those are the only photos I’ve taken lately…

Ohhh Halloween… I always feel the guilt creep in about two days before and go through the internal dilemma of whether or not to actually do something this year… will the kids even wear the dang costumes… do I really want to have that much candy in my house cause well let’s face it, the lady with zero self control is always the one that ends up eating it in large amounts… what to do what to do!? But then I get an idea and feel like I must make it happen. This year it was old people. It seemed so funny in my head. I figured we could probably scrounge up oldish people clothes and pour flour into their hair and call it a day… this is how my mind works. I see now, Abbie is at the stage of probably wanting to pick her own costumes and be a beautiful princess or something of the like – I figured this when she was wailing at the top of her lungs “I DON’T WANNA BE AN OLD WOMAN!!!” in the public restroom when I was telling her why we had to hurry up and get home. Next year, sweet girl. Next year you can be a princess. Thanks for humoring me for these first four halloweens of your life :) They finally got really excited about them when they both realized they got to wear makeup. Dream. Come. True. For both Abbie and Luke ;) Some pictures!

Abbie got really into the sour old woman character. She was cracking me up! I found out I wasn’t all that original when I went on Facebook the next day and saw that four of my friends had their kids dressed up as old people. Who knew it was such a popular costume!? Oh well, they were so cute running up to our neighbors doors and saying TWICK OR TWEAT before it was even opened. I love love love those kids of mine :)

And thennnn we were off to Florida! Ok, I’ll be honest, I didn’t really want to go because I have so much to do before this baby comes and I am just in a constant state of overwhelmed-ness and basically am just a big heaping pile of need and tears. BUT. I’m SO glad I went… I can’t even describe how good it was for my soul! We had the BEST time seeing Greg’s family and getting to celebrate my mother-in-law turning 80! I just can’t believe that – she looks so amazing! But we stayed right on the beach and the kids had the best time playing in the ocean and ahhh it was just lovely. Sure love that family of mine over there on the other side of the country.

I feel like traveling with kids will be easy… never. But all in all, they did pretty good and watching them FINALLY get excited about taking off was worth it all :)

We got in real late and woke up to this… I just laid there and smiled :)

Greg . even . touched . sand . JUST LOOKIT THAT DADDY WITH HIS KIDS! How can that not make your heart happy!?

This baby is sitting sooo low I feel like I need to carry my belly around with both hands. We went to the grocery store and I feel like people were jumping out of my way… am I really that big already!? Cause I still have two more months…

I dunno… something about seeing other people love on your kids warms the whole dang soul. Their cousins were SO amazing with them. Seriously, so thankful.

I notice most of my pictures of my kids these days are of them sleeping… I think the Lord made kids have to take naps so the parents wouldn’t accidentally kill them. I have found my bucket of love for my kids fills up tremendously when they are sleeping. Oh look! Do you see how fondly I’m talking about them? …they are sleeping now ;)

Oh look, more! But those little skinned up, missing nail, sweetest hands <3

The day Greg found out he got to wear his mothers face in public all day ;)

But look how cute everyone is!

^^When you ask her to smile these days…

I really feel like we could become that yachting family. I really feel it.

And that’s all I got because I am lame about taking pictures these days! BUT ALSOOOOOO

We came home and someone had started in on our deck!!!!! So pray that they get it sealed back up before the supposed rain coming on Wednesday! Hasn’t rained for how many months and….. ;) BUT YAY YAY YAY!!! I just love when things are happening. I feel like we are so close to being done with this and then we can just have a baby and CHILL OUT for a while danggit! So excited.

Oh and here’s my front porch cause my new numbers came in the mail today and it finally feels completed :) Ohhhhh it feels good to be out of my funk. So many exciting things happening! AND NEXT WEEK IS THANKSGIVING!!!! Hope you all have a wonderful one! From someone who struggled with thankfulness all last year, choosing to be grateful despite our circumstances is the best medicine I can think of :) But danggit it’s hard sometimes! Here’s to trying to see the positive, together :) Love you all!

Things that make me happy

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the daily life

A while ago, the kids and I went on a walk that strangely represented life for me, right now. It was a gorgeous day, we went to my favorite place – the ocean, and somehow, everyone was so miserable it was almost funny. Lesson learned – always bring the stroller and MY GOSH I wish I had a stroller to carry me through this last bit haha. I keep telling Greg, I’m just done. I literally cannot handle any more. More renovation stuff, more people coming and going in my house all day, more screaming/crying/whining kids, any sort of decision ever, not to mention another baby AHHHHH… I’m so past my limit of being able to handle things despite being in such a lovely, beautiful time of life, that anything – ANY little dang thing will just make me burst into tears. I’m fun.

So anyways, here are my kids stopping every. two. feet to look at pebbles. Not the birds, not the ocean… dirt. There was so much crying, so much saying, I CAN’T DO IT ANYMORE! I NOT KNOW HOW TO WALK! CARRY ME!!! After asking over and over if someone needed to go potty, she realized she did need to 15 minutes into it. There are no potties out there. There were so many tears on not wanting to wear a diaper. There were tears over the treats I brought. There were tears over the wind and over not letting them get too close to the cliffs and being thirsty and heck no I didn’t bring water cause I thought it was a short walk! They both insisted on wearing their boots which came off promptly 3 minutes into this particular outing because their feet were hot and then their feet were hurting and then and then and then. So many things! Mostly, there was one step forward, two steps back and attempts to carry two heavy kids the entire way but literally my pregnant self can’t do it right now and all I wanted to do was sit down and cry right there with them cause we were in the middle of nowhere with no help or car in site.

And so I did. And it took I think 4 hours to go 2 or 3 miles. And that moment was so nice to sit with them but the rest of that adventure was h a r d. And that’s life right now. I’m trying to make time and enjoy my babies especially since we’ll only be the four of us for so much longer, but i’m not gunna lie – it’s been hard! Everything is taking so dang long and all I want is to have my house back and nest and snuggle my babes and make a mess in the kitchen without someone walking in and probably not judging but in my head they are and you know, constantly having to discipline your kids in front of other people is hard! it’s exhausting and it wears you out especially because you get in your own head so much and everyone raises their kids differently and it’s just hard (do I keep saying that!?) to always be on display and to not be able to go outside in your own yard cause other peoples stuff is everywhere and your very busy son gets into everything and anyways, I feel like we are close. We have to be, right!? It’s been over a year. And it’s difficult for me to get past that fact honestly. Because in my mind I keep repeating …four to five months… they said it would take four to five months…. and I have done everything in my power to keep this project moving forward and a couple weeks ago we went zooming past our one year mark. We are getting our house painted right now (yipppeeee! betcha can’t guess which color ;) ) and same thing. He said it would take three weeks and we are currently on week six. And the guy is moving as fast as molasses in the wintertime and I want to pull my hair out and do the dang thing myself. Not to mention, every single window is boarded up making our house mighty dark and depressing to be in, so I try to plan some outings but then the kids get sick and YOU JUST HAVE TO LAUGH because WHAT IS HAPPENING!?

Anyways, I don’t mean to complain… I’m so thankful for everything going on, I’m just beyond ready for it to be done. It’s been a long year. So in an effort to get out of my shlump, here are some things that make me happy :)
Umm, how can you not love them!? They’ve been so disobedient lately and just driving me to the edge but seriously, they are the best. One day I was on the floor crying (how unusual! ;) ) and Luke walks in and sees me, looks at me so confused, then raises his little pointer finger and runs off. He comes back with a dish towel and starts scrubbing my face. Ahhhh. I love that kid. He still doesn’t talk a whole bunch but he’s got a heart of gold. They both do really. Abbie can literally feel what you’re feeling. She is probably the most empathetic person I’ve ever met which makes it so hard to be such a mess around them so much lately, but hey. life’s messy and imperfect and the sooner I can come to grips with that, the better it all will be :)
And then there was that day we made some cookies and they both (all on their own) grabbed their camp chairs and scooted them in front of the oven to watch… and then cheersed their milk and my goodness I swear I can’t take the cuteness!
They are very into cheersing right now. They will not drink their drinks until they have cheersed everyone at the table but most importantly, each other, which often involves quite the stretch ;) it gets me every time :)
Something about this combo just looks correct. But start praying for this momma now if he’s gunna play football cause AHHHH injuries!

We had just come back from the store and always load up on tons of fruits and vegetables but had forgotten to get actual lunch stuff so I made a rainbow plate of sorts and Abbie just kept saying Oh my goodness momma, THANK YOU for making such a beautiful rainbow lunch! Thank you momma! Thank you! haha I guess I should be putting more effort into presentation these days ;) And they both ate the whole thing! So if you’re trying to get your kids to eat more fruits and veggies, try the rainbow… it’s magical, after all.

Sibby’s been slacking on the gopher front lately but she’s been doing a good job at making more friends…

We’ve been searching for venues for TAYLOR’S WEDDING!!!!!! Oh and yes, they couldn’t walk anymore here too and there was crying and screaming and drama. So much drama, guys.

They learned the joys of painting on themselves. This was the first time. The following times have been so much thicker and messier and no pictures were taken. So when mom decided to let them paint with oils, you know, the most toxic paint ever….
I was so surprised at how well they did! Proud momma.

Ok there’s been lots of painting cause how many things can you really do inside all day!? But I love how classic this picture is on how they approach life ;)

Greg and I even got a day date in there… dated July 15th…. and that might be part of the problem here ;)

Naps have been t o u g h lately so this was a bloomin miracle and melted my heart right into a puddle. Ahhh it’s so hard when they need one so bad but they just will. not. take one. Everyday over here ;) But anyways, they never fall asleep on me anymore so this was so special :)

Speaking of! This never happens anymore either! Greg keeps seeing these moments and saying, this might be the last time! I think he’s just making a game of it now and seeing how much he can make me cry ;)

Our bathroom is basically DONE! I just need to touch up the walls in a couple areas and scrape the floors of all my paint splatters and such but eeeee! it feels so good!

AND OUR KITCHEN IS BASICALLY DONE! Just waiting on one more appliance cause our ice maker never did work – long story – lots of ugh ugh ugggghhhhhs and I have to paint a couple more trim pieces and touch up some paint in there and then !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So if you’re wondering what we are waiting on, we need to build our step back out from the kitchen which meant we had to take out our sliding door in our bathroom and replace it with a window so the step wouldn’t hit it – so that got done and now we just need a step! But our guy is gunna take a couple weeks off and then come back and so we wait :) it’s what we do nowadays. And then after that, we built our kitchen to have a deck on top that would come off of the guest room. So we have to still demo that, put in the deck and make the window in that room, a door! AND THEN WE WILL BE DONE. …until the next project ;)


Luke made it to two before losing his nail… ugh it was sticking straight up yesterday but still won’t fall off and ahhhh it just gives me the creeps. WHAT DO YOU DO!?

He’s still the cutest dang kid.

These are horrible pictures but Greg made me the most phenomenal birthday dinner. He’s the best.

That cat has been throwing herself at Bentley who just does all he can to tolerate it but really, these situations are the best to stumble upon. They happen each night, much to Bentley’s horror <3

Before, middle, after! Ahhhh I can’t wait to throw my vine back up there and see her all shiny and newish :) not to mention being able to see out of my windows again! It’s the little things, guys. But this is very exciting for me :)

She’s been asking me to take their picture lately and I mean, how can I not! I just love those two <3

I told you, he’s been needing his naps!

My cousin birthed the most precious little girl! Greg gets emotional when he holds her bless his soul :):)

Seriously cannot wait to see these kids with their new brother. Cannot. WAIT.

Hehe – at my dads birthday party, we were placed next to a large table of women. There was cackling.

We went up to SF to pick up a new bed for Abbie and went home with a minivan. I have mixed emotions ;) I really loved my 4Runner but this new cat, I dunno, she’s got some fun features and not feeling crammed especially with another carseat soon, is pretttttttty nice :)

This was Abbie’s first picture where we were almost all in the frame! So proud :)

I’ll say it again, how can you not love her!? This was intentionally posed by lil miss herself.

Fall, you guys. It’s my favorite.


There was the fair, and pony rides, and heart bursting!

Greg sent me this picture. This was me as a child… I would always line my stuffed animals and baby dolls up and sleep on the very edge… now that I think about it, I still do that except they are real baby dolls ;) but seriously, this boy loooooves his babies and well, if I haven’t said it before, I really love him.

We weren’t going to go to the pumpkin patch this year cause we sorta just ran out of time and have so much to do come every. weekend. just trying to get everything done so it can just. please. be done! but we went to the one in town and the kids had the best time!

hehe I just love these pictures of Luke wayyyyy back there. He’s just sitting in the pumpkins. He has no intention of keeping up. Again, this was me as a child so… what do I expect?

Bless him <3

And last but not least, this baby. Honestly, I’ve been such a mess this entire pregnancy if that wasn’t abundantly clear – blame it on hormones, or the stressful stuff going on, or getting no sleep or whatever but I have not felt like myself at all and the sciatica kicks in at about 12 everyday and wrecks me from getting anything done for the rest of the day and I feel like someone is just saying REST DANGGIT but my determined little self keeps saying m u s t…..g o….o n. How ironic that this little one’s name is Noah which literally means rest. I’m so dang overwhelmed and have so much I want to get done before he comes but ahhh what a wonderful reminder to let go of perceived perfection and just be. I lie in bed for those three hours I’m up in the middle of the night every night and just dream about him and it’s really such a special time that I am trying so hard not to miss. I can’t wait to meet him despite being wayyyy in over my head already. THANK GOODNESS we have an amazing God that carries us and reminds us that little babies don’t need perfect houses or open windows or a finished step or a deck. They just need a whole lot of love and that’s something I have a whole lot of to give. So little Noah, we really can’t wait to meet you in our messy little world. You are such a gift.

Happy Tuesday!


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baby #3

Excuse me for the overload of basically the exact same picture… they just make me smile so dang much, I’m putting them here ;)

IT’S A BOY IT’S A BOY AND I STILL CAN’T BELIEVE IT! I am so excited to meet this little man but my goodness have I been in shock lately! Who knows why I have thought this baby was a girl this whole time but MY I was SO convinced… looking back now I see I ignored all the signs of boy like craving sauerkraut and having a low belly etc ;) anyways, when that blue popped out of the canon I can’t even describe the shock and confusion that went through my mind haha. We even had a back up cake that also said blue…. and I was STILL confused… I had to look at the card myself! AND STILL. Talk about denial ;) Lord knows Lukie needs a brother because he’s currently his sister’s dress up dolly.

I heard them snickering from behind the table and out they come, hand in hand in little tutus …
This pregnancy has been such a shocker since the beginning… we had been trying for a while and there were months we definitely should have gotten pregnant and let’s just say, this particular month, we definitely should NOT have gotten pregnant ;) but here he is! And that’s why the Lord makes me smile cause He’s in control and I’m not and His way is perfect even if it’s not what I would have chosen… but let’s be honest. I wanted four kids back to back to back to back – as in preferably nine months apart from each if that were even possible AND PRAISE JESUS that didn’t happen ;) Anyways, ahhhhh I’m just so excited about this baby! Here are some horrible pictures from the most wonderful night! I swear I watch that video of the reveal at least once a day cause it just makes me so happy! So bummed I didn’t get ANY pictures of Greg’s cool team boy and team girl cocktail/mocktail drinks but such is life. We had the best time getting to find out with everyone. I feel like I’ve been so self conscious with this third baby cause it’s like, your first – everyone is excited then second – YAY they get a sibling! and then third is like, ….oh….yay…. so naturally I figured no one would want to come but I’m so glad we have such amazing family and friends that are willing to drag themselves to our little party because having a full house makes my heart so unbelievably happy and have I mentioned I’m so excited about this little life and just just just just I love you all…. yada yada yada … hormones over here ;)

And yes, I’m still finding confetti. We can’t wait to meet you baby boy! Blessed, we are <3

Our First Family Vacation!

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terrific trips

Well I guess we’ve gone camping as just our family but this was like a real stay-in-a-hotel-and-such family extravaganza! And we had the best time! I must say I was equally looking forward to and dreading this trip for quite some time. Something about 10hrs up and 11.5hrs back + eating most meals out with two squirmy hooligans is enough to give me the hot sweats. BUT they did amazing. Seriously… it was probably all the prayers I was begging strangers on the street to pray for us but by jove, they probably cried an hour total of the entire car riding experience – from Santa Cruz to Eugene to Seattle to Cannon Beach and over to Portland and back. That’s a lot of cooped up ness and they were seriously baby rockstars. And Luke, bless his soul, had to sit in his carseat for that first leg on his very special 2nd birthday. We sang him happy birthday as many times as we could fit in and despite being strapped in all the live long day, he really seemed to get that that day was a special day just for him. We made it up to Eugene in time to get him a cake and celebrate in the hotel with my folks. OKAY I said this was just a family trip but the first part was for my cousins wedding… AND THEN we broke off on our own and explored all them beautiful green states. So there.

Of course I brought hats. They are hands down the best part of kids parties. In my humble opinion :D

This kid got like 15 different types of balls and ball games. HA! They were actually really fun to play with in the various parks we found and it really seemed like Luke knew this was all for him despite his sister opening all his presents. He’s just the dearest boy. I love him so much.

^^This is the face he makes if you ask him to smile for the camera. Ya. It’s the best. Please don’t ever change little man!!!

Abbie was a flower girl….

I was fairly positive she would freak out and start crying but that’s why Dani was the backup! But then… at the turn down the aisle… there was some loud wailing coming from that precious face (mind you my kids have a fun trick that if one starts crying, the other will also) so Abbie starts doing her blood curdling scream of sadness and then I hear Luke going off and then Dani says heck no I’m not going down that aisle and MY BRAIN YOU GUYS… it just doesn’t function all that well these days. I cannot make decisions and it drives Greg crazy but here I was all alone staring at the aisle with all those people waiting. Naturally I became the flower girl and thoroughly embarrassed myself and family forever more. MOVING ON.

But seriously, my cousins and these babies filled my whole soul up. They are so sweet with them. THANK YOU!!!

Also, little girl dresses. <3

This is my dad’s cousin. He married my mom’s sister. And my grandma married my grandpa and my grandpa’s sister married my grandma’s brother and you thought I was joking when I said we had a close family. It’s all legal I swear.


Uh ya he was in heaven with ALL THOSE BALLS TO PLAY WITH in the trees! ;)

We are immaturely amused by flower crowns

Congratulations Lizzy and Joey! Wishing you a lifetime of happiness and adventures!

Then we were off to Seattle! We definitely listened to the Sleepless in Seattle soundtrack and pretended like young Tom Hanks was just around the corner at all times. I’ll tell you what. I’ve never seen so many people wearing backpacks as I did in Seattle. Like everyone! And their mother! Found that sorta amusing ;) and practical! Anyways, the Space Needle. Wasn’t going to go up it cause I heard it was real expensive and such a touristy thing but HEY I have no problem being a tourist and we had some time to kill when we got there and it didn’t seem that busy and MY GOODNESS it looked cool! Like, it doesn’t look all that neat in pictures, in my opinion, but in person, it’s a really cool structure! I loved seeing it everywhere plus it made it a whole lot easier to orient oneself. Anyways, we decided to pay the tourist fee and head up. And then it began.

You guys, Abbie. I love her to bits but she is afraid of life right now. Either that or she’s just stubborn and doesn’t wanna do things she doesn’t wanna do. And she did NOT want to go up that. We were getting the major stink eye from erryyone around us for good reason. She’s quite loud :/ but I just knew if we could get up there, she’d see how cool it was! But they wouldn’t let us up… or refund our tickets haha. So being the frugal lady I am and not wanting to waste ALL the tickets, I took Luke up and honestly, it was one of the highlights of my trip. IT WAS SO GORGEOUS! SUCH a pretty day and the light and THAT VIEW and there weren’t all that many people up there and I just so wish the other half of my family was there with me. But, it has these glass walls that lean outwards. And something about seeing my baby boy leaning back over the city was making me a little weak in the knees. Plus those tiny gaps that he kept reaching his arms through… okay ever since I went sky diving back in college, I’ve had a bit of a fear of heights. I dunno why it came on suddenly but I was definitely getting a little queasy watching him despite the beauty and excitement of it all :D

Aaaand I totally forgot to take pictures of the actual view for Greg. Wife fail. I was so focused on Luke not falling out of the imaginarily large crack! Plus I thought for sure he’d go up after me but apparently my view salesman skills aren’t up to par. Anyways, my tourist self totally recommends it if it’s a nice day and not too busy :D

And then we had the best pizza picnic below where the kids could run and play and Abbie could tell me 100 more times how NOW she really wants to go up the “Pace Needo” and NOW she’s really brave. This continued for the rest of the trip because well, you can see it wherever you go as a constant reminder of the fun that could have been ;)
Honestly I really liked Seattle. We’d turn corners and there would be giant water park feature things or live music or something going on and the weather was so pretty (as I hear it is all year long! ;) ) and we just had a really good time! And THEN AND THEN that night we put the kids to bed and watched Sleepless in Seattle IN SEATTLE and my romcom loving self was so happy ;) Never realized what a creeper she really is in that movie but I still love it.

The next morning, since Greg didn’t get to see the view, I had heard Kerry Park had a spectacular one as well and according to Google, it was less than a mile away! They didn’t mention that lil walk was entirely uphill. San Francisco is well known for having crazy steep hills BUT NO ONE MENTIONED Seattle has hills that rival those! Bless my dear husband for pushing that stroller the whole way up. I think my buns are still burning.

They have the CUTEST neighborhoods around there! When we could see through our sweat and catch our breath, all the houses were just so adorable with the most incredible views. Naturally all the ones we liked were 5 million + . I’ve noticed this is my range for houses I like in any area ;) I should probably get a job.

^^That face!!! <3

AND ALL THE HYDRANGEAS IN EVERYONES YARDS! It’s like they actually get rain.

We had such a fun time finding the playgrounds around these little neighborhoods. I love seeing the kids so happy :)

I did make the mistake of sitting in one of those ^^ myself. With no one around. Omgosh I started laughing and I couldn’t get off. Tears were shooting out of my eyes, my glasses were sliding off my face, and my hands were full so I couldn’t hoist myself out. I was a sight. I feel like Greg always finds me in these sorts of circumstances. Somehow he still loves me ;) My dizzy, giggly self was awfully thankful.

^^When you ask her to pose…

They sure thought those pink chairs were awfully cool.

My personal favorite bit of the Seattle portion of our trip was going to the lighthouse at Discovery Park. There was almost no one there and it was just so peaceful and slow and lovely. The kids loved throwing stones in the lapping waves and it was just one of those tranquil moments I’ll always remember in my mind.

I loved how much water there was up there! Are they considered lakes or is it still the ocean? Either way, I loooooved it. It’s everywhere! You go over one hill and there’s more water on the other side! And it smells like the ocean but feels like a lake and it’s perfect.

We thought we might as well check out the market while we were there but honestly, I don’t know if it’s being smacked in the face by little hands 1000x a day but I get people overload quite easily these days and that was a lot of people.

What’s this you say? Oh, just the line for Starbucks. I told Greg, WHO would want to wait in that line!? And he said WE DO! Insert inward screaming noooooooooooo! But we made it! And got our coffee made at the very first Starbucks store so, *official tourist*

^^And this is my son drinking straight black coffee and saying mmmmm as always. He’s all man.

^^Greg took this fabulous picture of me right when a guy ran up and said “THERE’S A RAT IN YOUR STROLLER! IT’S HEADING TOWARDS THE BABY!” So we grabbed the kids, tipped it over, stuff was going everywhere and sure enough. Hiiii rodent. Greg was like, what’s the big deal… we have like a million of those in our house. But really, how creepy. How long was it in there and what if we had folded it up and put it in our car!? The guy said, “welcome to Seattle…” and I felt just like Amy Adams on Enchanted… “thank you!” a little kindness goes a long way even if it was meant sarcastically ;)

Later that day we drove our car right onto the Ferry and went over to Bainbridge Island… can you tell we were avoiding the city?! But honestly, we had so much fun. Anywhere the kids can run and not have to be perfectly still and quiet at all times, I’m a big fan of.

AND THEN THE NEXT DAY – I clearly seem obsessed with this movie but we were there RIGHT!? So, on our way out of town we might have stalked that lil houseboat in the movie. It was hard to see and i’m not even sure it’s the right one ;) (I think it’s that one on the end below) But it was kinda fun seeing where they filmed Sleepless in Seattle and see how unrealistic the scene is where she stops her car in the middle of the roaddd!? cause there’s really no shoulder… Come on. They made it look like such a quaint little house boating community. Probably the same way people think my house is clean the majority of the time. Hardy har har.

And then we headed to Canon Beach on the most gloriously beautiful drive… and even got a little rain!

We were looking at the weather and it was like sunny, 80’s/90’s the whole time and we were bummed it wouldn’t feel correct you know? But honestly, so glad it didn’t rain the whole time cause we would have had a hard time doing anything let alone walking around town! And that the kids weren’t freezing. These are all good things.

Can you tell they were excited to get out of the car!?

^^This one is one of my favorite pictures cause I was like, where’s Luke?! And then I spotted him back there ;)

Look at that precious little face. JUST LOOKIT IT!

Baby squats, man. I’m slightly obsessed.

Not to mention those precious little people together <3

LOVED Cannon Beach. Wish I could have had some beer but HEY. Still was pretty fun :) And it was surprisingly warm! Definitely was expecting that to be one of our colder days but it was mighty lovely down there. Sorta reminded me of Carmel looking over at Pebble Beach. But then those rocks. Can’t compare anything to those glorious rocks :)

And then we were off to Portland where Greg got to wear this awesome giraffe robe that still gives me the giggles! We ordered room service cause we are just uuber luxurious and the kids were SO happy for all of three seconds.

Real life.

But then we finally got to celebrate Luke man properly! I love this picture cause asked me to take it and went over and posed just so. He’s just so dang dear. I love him. Have I said that already?

We went to the Portland Zoo and LOVED it. You could see so many of the animals pretty close up and it was just so beautiful, not too big, and just kinda perfect for that day.

My favorite was seeing the cougars cause I don’t think I’ve ever actually seen one in person. But we do have those where we live (didn’t tell the kids that ;) ) so it was just kinda crazy to get to witness up close!
And the Vultures. Those were crazy too. Oh and the bald eagles! And of course the elephants. OKAY I LIKED THEM ALL. I do love animals :)

^^Success ;)

The next day I wandered out to find us some crazy Portland donuts.

I wish I could have captured their squeals on camera when I surprised them with such a breakfast but I never get any of the good stuff on film BOOOOO. Sooooo no one tells you those fruit loops are mighty stale, but I guess it was worth the experience. I like me an ordinary glazed donut (sprinkles if I’m feeling fancy) so I’m probably not their target client ;)

Then we were off to the falls to ward off the inevitable diabetes that would soon be overtaking us. The hike I pictured was really just a walk across the street but it was still so beautiful :) And then we were off to find some Salt & Straw ice cream to make ourselves feel really good! Naturally we avoided the city again cause *lines* and *people* ;) and ended up at Lake Oswego which again, was so cute!

hiiii Greg

And then the kids found a splash pad that they HAD to strip down and go in. My kids are slightly terrified of water so I was surprised they showed any interest at all and I was certain they definitely wouldn’t be getting wet. I was wrong. But they had the best time and that made us mighty happy.

^^when you ask them to not drink the water

The next day called for new donuts which again, so good but just gimme an ordinary donut! ;)

There was a trip to Powell’s where I envisioned us each picking out a special book but really was just me frantically grabbing all the books Luke was hurling from the shelves while Greg leisurely looked at first editions of Lord of the Rings ;) It ended faster than anticipated but was followed by the most delicious brunch and just exploring around the city!

And then came 12 more hours in the car and the most wonderful feeling of being h o m e . I love home :) Happy Thursday one and all!

Have I mentioned we are pregnant??

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baby #3

Tell me that’s not the most precious face you’ve ever seen!? I’m so dang excited about this baby. Freaked out of my mind, for sure, but WAY more excited than I can possibly express. We just got back from the best family vacation last night and I’m telling you, I am totally the lady that thinks along the lines of: we have two perfect, healthy babies already …of course we are due for the baby with no limbs and severe mental illness etc. This is just the trail my brain loves to travel. So ya, I guess I didn’t realize how worried I’ve been this whole time till I saw that precious face and ALL THOSE LIMBS and just started crying the happiest tears right there in the office. We crossed the Oregon border and this kiddo just started kicking up a storm so I’ve been getting the best kicks all week long along coupled with the best news today that everything looks perfect and AHHHH I just can’t. Every time I think about the fact that we get to do this crazy thing all over again I just get giddy. I feel so lucky and so blessed and so dang excited. And I’m just going to ignore the fact that I’m so overwhelmed already and plod right on along because WE ARE HAVING A BABY!!!! Due January 4th… well today he said it looks more like a December 31st due date but let’s just try to dodge the holidays shall we? Here’s a lil video so you can see just how precious in action <3 seriously so in love already. And these kids, man. They are mighty adorable and equally as excited. I just can't wait!


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the daily life

Yesterday we baked cookies. We danced and I cried from being so dang tired all the time. I googled answers to my tiredness and all was better ;) Yesterday we ate dinner outside amongst our rubble. It was the first meal I made in our almost done kitchen that was pretty dang delicious ifidosaysomyself. Yesterday was good. Today I shrunk my new curtains four inches. Let’s look back to yesterday.

His thing right now is saying “DAT HEE!!!” – well that’s what it sounds like but he’s really saying “catch me!” and he runs away squealing. I just feel so bad for people who have no interest in having children. Despite parenting being the hardest job on earth, those squeals MY GOSH there’s just nothing like them! Makes every brain frying day 100% worth it.

We stacked blocks on Bentley’s head.

And Abbie’s.

And Luke’s. Seriously, someone come get me out of my house. I’m going insane.

Some meals just make me fall in love with food all over again. I still remember the duck I had up in Napa the last time we went. AHHHHHHH. This one might not be much to look at but it had hints of fall magic in it that made made my mouth go POW. It gets a picture.

Greg took Abbie out to the apple trees to pick the “tiiiiiny litttttle apple” she so desired. Luke saw…

He stood there for the longest time, knowing if he ventured out, the prickly burs would hurt his feet so he ran and got his boots. Isn’t seeing their little brains figure something out just the coolest thing?? I sure love that son of mine.

^^His face when he got to copy sister :):) Ps I can’t wait for a giant water heater to not be in every shot ;)

And then they quietly wandered over to their chairs like little old people ;) doesn’t our yard look lovely haha … next project! = to not look like a hoarder of all recyclable materials.

Happy Thursday one and all! IT’S ALMOST THE WEEKEND!!!!

An attempt at catching up

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the daily life

Oh hi again! My goodness it’s been a while. I honestly have no idea where to start cause looking back on my bajillions of photos, so much has changed and happened and and and. But let’s start here cause these are some of my favorite pictures of Luke and I never got a chance to post them and now there’s absolutely no reason to except that I love them and my dang computer keeps telling me it’s full again so onto here they go ;) Feel free to never read this because it’s about to be the longest post of all time.

^^this was like the first time he actually sorta posed for me and it was just cracking me up. Plus, what’s more cute than a naked boy on a bike!?

I sincerely apologize if i’ve already posted some of these and yes these are from LAST summer hahah that’s how behind this lady is but I have high hopes of getting back on track this year ;)

So much trampoline fun. That sucker is proudly in the ground now. So many bee stings later, its one of the few things I’m supremely proud of ;)

He really is the best dad.

^^I don’t miss anything about our old kitchen except …. that step and stoop ….and I didn’t even really like it but I have so many memories of my babies sitting on it and I must say, it did make me a little sad to see it go… BUT onto new memories and I must say, so far they have been oh so lovely. Wooden plank leading to our back door and all :)

^^His poor swollen ear… The bees loved Luke too. I think he got stung like three times that week? Poor lil guy.

There were beach days

And so many home depot days

And then Fall began to poke it’s pretty lil head out :)

And then renovations started.

You guys, as excited as I am about this new space, I’m not gunna lie – it has been H A R D. If you are thinking of redoing your kitchen, laundry room and main bathroom through the holidays and sick season with two little kids, MAY I SUGGEST DON’T. Not one bit of it has been easy. I’ve been such a pain to be around. I know this because each of my family members has come to me separately and mentioned something along the lines of perhaps practicing gratitude :) and I AM so so grateful! but stressed out of my freakin mind. I’ve gone to the doctor twice for heart issues that, you guessed it, come back to stress stress stress stress. Every time a bill came in the mail, I’d just break out in hives and start itching my head incessantly. HA. I’m a bundle of fun. SO. Here’s the best we could come up with for a makeshift kitchen:

Cute, right? Yup, that’s our master bathroom. It was the only sink situation we could think of and then for bigger pots (because that sink truly is tiny) we thought we could wash them out in the shower. Hardy hardy har. Dishes took me about two to three hours every day whilst the kids reeked havoc on the house. Whoever lived in our house before us must have been very short because all the counters are unusually low. This particular counter hits me about mid thigh so any amount of time doing dishes k i l l s the back. Hence I frequently put them off. This led to so many ants and so many sleepless nights cause the stink was so bad. haha.
^^you know somethings not working when…. aaaand this is what it looked like the majority of the time. Everything got tossed in there. It was very very hard to navigate around and I was in tears most days :) and this was a good day.

Moving on! Luke was mighty adorable. He has LOVED watching the guys. The whole demo period, it took everything to tear him away!

We cleared out the garage and I had my own cheer team!

These are the places I find my daughter. I freakin love how weird she is :)

^^Swing pictures – I just can’t get enough of them :):)

^^Also my entire family on our stoop. It warms my whole freakin soul. Am I saying freakin a lot? My vocabulary and all mind sockets have plummeted in the last couple of months.

^^Alrighty. Their little relationship has full on blossomed and it’s the sweetest thing! They’re always hugging (and then tackling) and chasing and loving on each other. There’s plenty of screaming and crying and whining too but for the most part, they are just the sweetest. Luke looks up to his big sister SO much and wants to know where “Abbayyy?” is at all times. They are my favorite. So before you think all we do over here is giggle on swings and hug all day long, NO. My kids have been on a steady diet of cereal and TV for the last 8 months. All my good parenting has gone swiftly down the drain and I’m gunna have to work so hard once we get our house back, to get their brilliant lil minds working again. I am ashamed. But I’m just trying to survive over here so I’ll just give myself heaping amounts of grace thank you very much ;) Between all the decisions needing to be made, the mountains of dishes that would breed in there despited using paper plates, and the big ol saws outside that Luke what gravitate to like a fly to a lite, we stayed inside for a good portion of the time watching the same ol things over and over and over. I’m looking forward to outtings.

These are the majority of my pictures… but how cute are they all snuggled up together?

And here are some flowers to show there were moments when I tried.

I turned 30. This is the only picture I have from the sweetest surprise party Greg threw for me. I was actually surprised. It was a miracle. He planned the most amazing trip in Napa but then Napa started to burn so we had to postpone it till our anniversary which was just as fun :)

Then there was thanksgiving. I’m remembering it fondly now but if I really reach back I remember Abbie (supposedly) taking a nap in my parents room, but actually trashing it. Red wine everywhere. I believe there were other things too but this is a good reason to wait this long to post pictures. It looks so lovely! ;)

^^Their little table <3

Taylor fell in love :D

And we attempted another family picture.

This family of mine. They are my everything.

She’s all sass. I must say I love being a mom. But someone asked me a couple months ago if I loved motherhood and honestly I had a hard time saying yes. Life has been kickin my booty lately and it has just been hard. I swear there are days when no one stops crying and the freshly cleaned house becomes a hazard zone in a number of seconds and I just wanna quit. But thank goodness for new days and the sweetest husband and forgiving kids. So so thankful for it all.

Isn’t she the prettiest when she’s sick? Those rosy fever cheeks! Let’s talk about sicknesses. My kids were steadily sick from November to probably March. I’m not huge on medicine – I tend to turn to food as my first defense against sickness so it was definitely hard to not have a functioning kitchen for those couple of months. I remember simmering my chicken bones all night for a nice bone broth and I had about 3 hours left in the morning, so I made some coffee and promptly blew out all the power in our bathroom/kitchen. I rushed to the next room trying not to ruin my simmering stock and promptly blew out the power in the rest of the house. This happened quite frequently. We learned we had to disperse all our plug in cooking gear in different rooms to keep the lights on cause there were many days and nights with no lights. The roaster was in Lukes room, the fridge was in the dining room, the hotplate was in the bathroom and if you needed to plug in something new, my goodness, good luck. It doesn’t sound that hard but it got so old so fast, forgetting and not having power for a couple days. So thankful for outlets.

These were taken the day before Luke broke out with what I thought was chickenpox so we were quarantined for a week or so while it ran its course. I think it ended up being hand foot and mouth disease except that he got like one on his hand and one on his foot and millions everywhere else. But they never got itchy – they seemed more painful so I’m thinking that’s what it was. Abbie got it after him but not as bad. So there was that, there were the colds – there had to be at least 10 colds, there was the week where everyone was projectile vomiting out of the blue, I decided to get my wisdom teeth removed during demolition because i’m the smartest human, Luke and I got a wonderful case of the stomach flu – every morning I would pick him up out of his crib which would just be COVERED in poo, our only working bathroom was upstairs during that fun episode so… stories there ;) and let’s all remember, no washer or dryer. The cats. THE CATS. Didn’t like using their litter box and it got nasty. I got a corneal ulcer which turned my lovely bright house into a den from hell, Bentley ran away – like to the pound, and lastly I had a horrific cough that pulled my entire chest muscle out and although that was over six weeks ago, STILL hurts when I cough or sneeze. It’s been fun. I’m sure i’m forgetting things but man, for a while there it was just like, what next!?
But you guys, CHRISTMAS!

^^right before dad would come home, the couch would turn into a playground, the ornaments would go missing, and the presents would be snuck into. But you just gotta love em.

It was so nice to escape to my parent’s house of coziness when ours was cold and torn apart :)

Christmas morning with kids is the best. All of Christmas with kids is the best, really.

I don’t know why more people don’t go to the beach in December. Fall and Winter are my favorite times to frequent such places.
Supposedly we need another child? Is this a thing? Also, Abbie haha

I just love how he sits on the stairs :)

^^My most favorite thing <3 <3

So that little trip Greg was planning in Napa? That crazy man took me back to the French Laundry cause I was pregnant last time we went and I didn’t get the full experience ;) He’s nuts and I’m pretty dang lucky.

There was even an attempted hot air balloon ride!

Luke tried his hand at plastering

And painting

And house cleaning

The Lord gave me such peace about everything here. I was seriously struggling if that hasn’t been abundantly clear in this post and my goodness am I thankful for such a loving, patient God. He is such an incredible provider – not only financially when I can’t seem to find a way up, but just in everything. He is so so good.

^^Not kidding. SO so excited about every. little. thing. Like walls.

This was when OUR WALL OPENED UP after, what, four months of being closed off? It was like Christmas morning all over again. Every single little thing that has happened has made such a big difference. Not kidding about the obnoxious excitement over everything.

^^When your soap falls out of your car and the top breaks for the millionth time.

So many laundry days… I looooved when Greg would come with me because two kids alone and piles and piles of laundry is a mother of a workout

Greg braved our scary kitchen situation and made this for me on Valentines day. That guy blows me away! He just whips this stuff up and all of a sudden is Mr. Handyman. He fixed the toilet the plumber couldn’t figure out and installed a bunch of our lights and basically anything I ask if he could do it, he actually looks into fixing it and figures out how. OOOOOO BOY! I’m mighty impressed.

So many forts!

This is typical… she’s in his crib, she asks me to put him in there with her… I come back to this. Sneaky lil gal.

St Patricks Day was a bittersweet holiday cause it was supposed to be the day everything would DEFINITELY be done haha. A big party was planned. Sigh. Ah well. I have the best sister and she threw our little family a st pattys lunch bash to cheer us up. Bless her!
There was even a rainy day in there.


The outfits are my favorite. She is passionate about what she wears. Which is usually a lot or nothing at all ;)

^^When we rescued Bentley from the pound :[ So as I was sobbing in my car realizing we might not find him after driving around the neighborhoods, I hear this little voice in the back seat: “it’s gunna be okay momma… take a deep breath… Lord! Please help momma feel better!” My goodness children are a gift :)

That one time they slept together all snuggled and such <3

Easter was another holiday I was looking forward to hosting :-P instead I completely forgot about eggs AND baskets so, points for me there. Thanks goodness for Gummys.

Hey look! I finally found a place for my broken fish!

Her first all-by-herself-mani-pedi!

Banana Split Dates!!!

The :’) day :’) my :’) washer :’) and dryer :’) went into the same room :’) :’) no more snakes or scary neighbors!!! I might be more excited about this than my kitchen. Fa reeeeel.

But then the oven. You better believe we’ve been baking.

and baking

and baking

It’s been so dang fun.

The kids don’t even know how to handle a new waste basket…

How Abbie feels about being clean ;)

The clean pictures! The clean pictures! They are so rare!

When your little girl ASKS you to take a picture of her :D in your dress..

Not to mention, this kid.

Seriously, having a kitchen again has lifted my spirits so much. I consider myself a fairly easy going person but man. I had no idea how hard that would be. Still not done but so much closer!

So here we are! Whew that was a lot. HA! Happy Tuesday! Is it still Tuesday??


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the daily life

Here are my children feeding each other beads. Luke definitely swallowed at least one. I’m winning at parenting. This is life right now. Abbie wears an evening gown of some sort all day every day, and Luke never leaves his pajamas. He hates footies (and socks) but they just look so dang cozy, he keeps ending up in them. I hate that I’ve been too busy/not in a state (hardy har har) to record all their happenings cause gosh danggit it’s going by too fast and I know I will miss all of it when it’s done. So here’s the now. Bad parenting and all. But their precious little relationship. I so hope that will keep growing. Abbie dragging Luke all around the house, him either squeeling with delight or annoyance – either way it’s always loud and crazy and although there are definitely days I wish I was alone in a cave, the mess is so beautiful. To hoping I can always see that *raises not so imaginary wine glass ;) * Cheers!

Abbie turns THREE oh and hiiiii New Years

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Abigail Elizabeth / family days

So, I think I’ve really just been holed up, trying to survive this renovation. I’m so dang stressed, I’m getting bumps and rashes all over my arms, poor Greg comes home from work so happy and is instantly hit with the presence that is me and my goodness I just can’t wait to be done with it. If you think I’m joking, here is our cheese plate for our New Years party.
I’ve clearly given up on all things life.

Anyways, in other less depressing news, let’s go back to new years which is a marvelous memory because THIS YEAR I GET A KITCHEN THAT WORKS. I can’t even express how excited this thought makes me.
For Christmas, Taylor’s boyfriend gave me what I like to call “friendly lights” cause they just make any patio oh so happy and I mean really, do unfriendly people possess such joyful luminaries? No. Since my patio is covered with said renovation things, they obviously went up in our living room to show our guests how friendly we are and distract them from the cheese plate.
Just look at that precious little back shoulder combo. Little girls are just the dearest.

Aaaand this is pretty typical. Why she’s suddenly into bottles again? Who knows… I’m thinking it has something to do with the one on the right there. It’s so amusing to me how early the sibling rivalry and games start. And it goes both ways – the boy who is silent and toddles from here to there like a slow drunken sailor, can all of a sudden possess the swiftness of a master ninja if he sees something of hers that she loves and he knows she won’t let him have. It is amusing ;)
This is Sabrina. She lives outside now. I don’t wanna talk about it. You guys, so much poop in our life. From everyone and everything. How does everyone in the universe know my washer is not hooked up right now!? HOW!?

But then came baby girls birthday!



We really wanted to take her to a little horse riding lesson for her birthday but the weather didn’t allow such wonderful ideas to come to fruition soooo naturally we went bowling. As all people do when their first idea doesn’t work out.

This kid was so dang cute clapping for everyone <3

Also, all she asked for was a pink cake and a dance party. This cake is not pink. She noticed. THEY ALWAYS HAVE PINK CAKES. BLAST YOU YEAR OF NO OVEN! I thought carrot cake would be sweet cause that’s what I baked Greg when I found out she was coming. She didn’t get the sentimentality either. I thought I could easily find some bunnies to be all cute like on top. I went to four different places… guests were arriving… no bunnies. So into the cake went her brand new toys. She was so confused as to why they were in there. She’s a very practical girl ;)

I got her a tutu which saved me a little. I forgot the slippers… I am learning so many things.

Papi demonstrated how to ride the horse. She was confused why it didn’t have a body.

And there was pizza and a whole bunch of things I didn’t make (which really just means one plate of sad limp vegetables) because remember my brain does not think to think of other people on account of being in my first-world-survival-mode. I’m so fun to be around these days ;) Bless that husband of mine. BUT THEN she was playing so nicely in the front room by herself and we put her favorite song on… those lil eyes lit up and she exclaimed “I HAVE TO GO PUT ON MY PRETTY BLUE DRESS!” And away she pranced to put on her proper dancing attire and led the night in the sweetest little dance party. Bless my family for putting up with all this. It warmed my whole dang soul.

Happy birthday to the sweetest little girl I know, who daily holds her mess of a mommas face between those sweet little cupped hands and whispers “it’s okay momma! It’s all going to be okay!” I sure love you, Abigail Elizabeth. Happy three.