School has begun!

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We are all VERY excited, clearly, to be starting school again. We have a FIRST grader!!! A KINDERGARTENER!!! And HEY we’ll call him a preschooler AKA participating in the art of distraction ;) Goodness as intimidating as it is to homeschool, I can’t adequately express what an honor it is to get to teach them. The conversations I get to be a part of just melt my heart. We have our Voice of the Martyrs calendar up to remind us to pray for the persecuted church, and ahhhh something about a little voice praying so earnestly for the pastors in Tajikistan is overwhelmingly precious. Hearing their memory verses take root in their hearts is so special …Lukie telling me he doesn’t have to be afraid because the Lord is with him :’) it’s just really really good and 100% worth all the hard. So, super excited about this year. Last year was a good warm up and I feel much more prepared for how to prioritize and get out of my own head. So, here goes nothin!

Reading has been fun to teach (and I mean that in the most sarcastic way possible) but it’s been so encouraging that over the summer she hasn’t forgotten everything she learned last year since I never did get all those practice books I was planning on getting :D ahhhh it’s just so cool to see them learn and figure things out and LUKE! I thought he would be really tough in school but he has been rising to the occasion, super eager to learn, seems to get the math concepts and phonics so well and ughhh he’s just blowing me away. I definitely sound like I’m bragging and truly, I am so proud of them, but this is just coming from a place of complete former terror and now relief ha! We’ve been having a lot of fun :)

As sad as it is to be leaving the baby stage, it is really so cool to see them grow up and become more capable – like being able to fold their own clothes! and play an instrument! and bake without getting flour absolutely everywhere! I’ll just say it again, it is such an honor to be these guys mother. They have already taught me so much more than I ever could teach them :)

Happy school year!

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  1. Taylor Abbe says

    This is just the most precious post! I loved reading each thing :) And BOY are those kids so big! I can’t wrap mine mind around all this!!!


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