Camp Happy!

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Just takin the days as they come now :) We couldn’t go up to our regular camping spot on account of it being the ever so lovely fire season so we took a trip to Gummy and Papi’s backyard instead. I was super enthusiastic about it. But really, mom named it Camp Happy and it certainly turned into such. We had the best time!

Just LOOK how happy my husband is to be setting up our tent on grass and not dirt! Honestly, it was rather wondrous! Our tent stayed clean, Greg and I didn’t fight over the appropriate level of dirty the kids are allowed to be in such situations, it was warm and beautiful and really who can complain about this outcome?

Mom made the yummiest sandwiches wrapped all cute-like in their little wax bags and strings. How can anyone stay pessimistic with such thoughtful touches :)

NOT TO MENTION BELLY!!! He didn’t have to be tied up the whole time and MY was he happy. He just loves when everyone is outside and together. And I just love when he’s happy :)

He’s a fruit dog. We rarely have any persimmons left cause he always jumps up to eat them. The other day I saw him grab a branch from our loquat tree and shake it to get those down… needless to say, he was mighty pleased to find that mom and dad had a lovely apple tree to help himself to, branches and all.

There were hikes!

And babies that kept missing their naps :)

There was even DANGER!

Dad taught Luke how to spit off bridges ;)

Abbie being Abbie ;)

Their were lovely dining experiences!

And games!

And stories around the campfire!

There was adventuring!

My little heart got its fill of otter love and pretty birds and glorious nature!

Then we forgot about nature and filled a whole trashcan with our lunch cartons.

And our kids played find the fry under the cup games all perfect-like at the table! And were so amused by the wooden seagulls!

Just try to find Noah amongst the little mens…

And there were more hikes and games to be played and foods to be had. It was all so lovely.

And then it was back home for baths and dinner with our little characters. Thanks, sweet hometown for being so lovely. And thanks mom, for committing to the camping trip and making it all so fun! We had the best best time with you guys!

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  1. Cinnypinny says

    Well the WHOLE THING was absolutely adorable!
    Imagine , the whole family camping outdoors in the backyard for a week – so glad you did it. What memories you’ve made.


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