The most dreamy bed and bath I could possibly ask for

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Here are a few snippets from when the Lord blew our socks off once again. I’m just blown away by how good He is to help us floundering people out and how He seems to care about the silliest details in our lives. Our renovation projects seem to follow the same pattern. We always have a hard time finding a contractor that is available… then we seem to run into one that has a small slot to do our project… and then our projects take over and make their lives absolutely miserable ;) I’M SO SORRY TO EVERYONE THAT HAS EVER WORKED WITH US! Renovations are hard and expensive and mentally exhausting but oh how lovely they are when they are done. I’ve been so thankful our house was functioning when we moved in – in this case, the ants and the mold and the doors that didn’t close were not ideal but living with all that for six years makes this new space so unbelievably dreamy and I’m so thankful that somehow He continues to provide and care for us through it all. So here are some pics of our little space that has become our haven :) 



Honestly, I can not describe the continued giddiness that accompanies waking up here… it’s really such a dream. Clearly first world problems over here, but I h a t e d our other bedroom – like even more than our nasty bathroom. Oh how I hated it. It’s kind of the reason we ended up doing this renovation in the first place… I may have refused to sleep in it altogether :] I’m not spoiled at all. But this. This is just so very lovely. It’s just crazy how everything worked out! Every. little. thing! I’m telling you, it’s just crazy how He helps us! Crazy, I say.


So there ya go! Our little slice of cozy in our mad mad house ;)

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