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And by lately, I mean a few hundred pictures from the last year or so ;) And this is without taking many pictures these days! But I’m already forgetting so very many things so here’s my attempt to sort through the highlights.

We miss these wonderful people so very much… they were off to their next adventure in England (like a year ago, ha!) so obviously fish and chips and pictures of the queen were in order to send them off properly.

I remember this being an especially good night cause it was the night I :’) found :’) out :’) I :’) was :’) going :’) to :’) be :’) an :’) auntie :””’)

There was Florida, where we had the best time visiting friends and family and getting eaten by one million bugs. IT’S SO TROPICAL! I loved it! Minus the bugs.

Abbie was cracking me up with her costume Gummy Lory gave her :) It quickly became a favorite that didn’t come off!

Did you know Auntie Jen is an incredible pool player?? Teaching all her tricks to the boys :)

Wasn’t planning on it but Disneyworld was calling :) so glad it worked out cause I had the best time with all those people there.

Luke went on space mountain!!!! Still so incredibly proud of that crazy brave boy.

So very fun and SO VERY magical. Darn them.

There were lunches by the sea

And baths for all

Mostly we just had the best time relaxing and visiting some of our favorite people. We miss you so!

We got really into chess. I can’t keep up with Greg anymore so I’m reduced to playing with a five year old. It’s sorta the best :)

I threw on the ugliest outfit to run outside but moments later was joined by the sweetest little twin. It’s my favorite thing… she sneaks away and reemerges with shockingly similar clothes that never cease to make me smile. I love her to bits.

SOMEHOW we ended up here again. WHAT IS HAPPENING!?!

I’m starting to crave fancy food. Dear me.

Clearly, we fit right in with society.

But you only turn 40 once so… happy birthday, you old man. We love you!!!

There was a very foggy day… obviously, memorable ;)

When all your trees start to lean on their own :'( THOSE DANG GOPHERS! This was the year they went to town on every single one of my trees… literally EVERY ONE I’ve ever planted had their root systems STOLEN from them! but but but! I dug what was left of them up, put them all in gopher baskets and so far, this spring, they all put out a few leaves to tell me they are trying! The rollercoaster your heart goes through with such hobbies! Goodness!

There were Thanksgiving hikes with the cutest of pregnant ladies :)

AND THEN!!!! AND THEN!!!! It was Christmastime!!!!

Noah turned three! BUT HOW!?!

Obviously the Hulk was there. I love that he loves the Hulk because he is him. Sweetest boy until he’s not, and then hide everything you don’t want destroyed! One time, he went over and pulled a plant out of the ground! He’s scary. But we love him. From a distance. ;)

Don’t you just love little kid friends <3

Abbie turned SEVEN!!! She’s still six in my mind though… for some reason… can’t…. process… such… high… numbers…

I think these were from the day Noah was officially potty trained :’) I had a quick cry using up the last diaper and haven’t missed it since! GOD BLESS TOILETS and kids that know how to use them!

I just think she’s the cutest thing <3

We celebrated NINE years together!

Bentley remained in his rightful place. Whenever Greg would give me a hug when he would get home from work (back when he went to work ;) ) Belly would wiggle his way right between the both of us each and every time. So glad nothing has changed :)

How can he expect me not to act like a child when I am spoiled in such a manner?

Cause again, I just think she’s the cutest! Tutu at 2:22 on 2/22/22 :)

Remembering sunny days and baby teeth and homeschool sessions that don’t end in everyone crying :)

And then there was Valentine’s day

Noah’s face <3

Love was in the air for all! We had the brilliant idea of trying to recreate the Julia Child’s Valentines party from Julie & Julia… I cooked for nine hours straight only to have everything cook down so small you got a sold three bites. Maybe that’s how the french stay so slim? It was cold. I was hungry. Definitely woke up in the middle of the night and cried cause ugh it just took so long and was so bad! And I was so hungry! But the company was great and I’d do it again in a heartbeat :)

There’s been lots of trying to convince the kids that their backyard is great. Go play.

Yes I make them play in ties and coats. Just kidding. Abbie lives for dressing her brothers ;)

Abbie finally got her dolly. I love her so much.

There was St. Patricks Day and a party that I took zero pictures of!

There were beach days in spring and ice cream and tea parties!

There was passover!

And finally, there was Easter. I have been wanting to host Easter for NINE YEARS! Carrying around this Easter menu I ripped out of a Williams Sonoma catalog many moons ago. But we’ve always been moving or under construction or SOMETHING so I was so happy we got to finally do it – and that the weather felt like cooperating! It was so lovely!

Taywhad brought the CUTEST appetizers!

There were melting baskets!

And Gummy’s that didn’t care because newborn snuggles <3

LOOKIT SHE!!!! She is perfection.

It was my first event bouquet that I gathered entirely from my yard. It’s always been my goal. I’ve never been so proud. JUST LOOKIT IT IT’S SO PRETTY!!!! DID I MENTION I WAS PROUD even if it is a little melted from the sun :D

We attempted to take a totally normal picture.

Concluding that it can’t be done!

Well, IIIII had a marvelous time! Is there anything better than good company and good food? I can’t think of anything. Aaaand with that, I am officially caught up ;) Thanks for coming along on our boring but happy journey! We love you guys!


  1. I just love these posts so very much… Thank you for taking pictures throughout the year and capturing all these special memories, Hilly! I sure love you and am always so amazed by how much beauty and creativity pours out of you!!


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