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Sweetest boy. I don’t know where the time has gone but I realized I started his nursery forever ago and never finished it so a couple of potato stamps later, it’s feeling complete! There is this beautiful wallpaper that I have been coveting, that if your baby is posh and perfectly styled every day, you most certainly will possess. I obviously have a hard time getting these kids completely dressed every day so such extravagance is not for me. Enter potato stamp. That is: a potato cut into the shape you fancy, plunked into left over paint from your stairs and dispersed around the room. It was fun. It was cheap. It makes me happy to go in there now. Plus I still am holding out hope that these two will share a room someday so while I wait for Luke to start sleeping completely through the night, quick, quirky rooms just across the hall are my jam. For now it’s kinda fun to have a bit of a girly room for Abbie and a boyish room for Luke. Like really really fun. This room has been so many things – a storage room, an office, a playroom, a what the heck do I do in here room cause it’s T I N Y and such a weird shape. Supposedly it was built to be a yoga room but who has time for that? so for now it’s the ever morphing space that is currently this kids makeshift nursery. Behold! horrible pictures in a tiny tiny space!

Oh look! The bear I got for Abbie! Oh look! The picture that was up in Abbie’s room! Oh my! Is that my clock from childhood?? Such is the life of a second child :) But HEYYYY a baseball because BOY.

And yes I know girls can play baseball too. THIS WORLD IS SO SENSITIVE ;)


It was actually sorta nice that I waited so long to do this cause we could really see how we use this space. Currently, still working on establishing good sleeping habits which is going pretty well thankyouverymuch, but Abbie’s been loving coloring and playdough and stuff so it’s nice to have a little table close by that we can pull out when we need to. Also, my biggest challenge with two is figuring out how to keep a clean house. I’m definitely a let-the-house-get-horrifically-filthy-and-then-clean-it-like-a-mad-swiss-woman kind of girl which I’m learning definitely doesn’t work with kids and most definitely not with two + kids. So! I’ve been retraining myself to do a little each day which has helped my sanity tremendously. ANYWAYS all that to say, I’ve been trying to get advice from as many seasoned mothers as possible on how they handle it and one said she just throws all the toys in the kids rooms at night and nap time so their rooms were almost always messy but the house was clean and calm. You guys. This has revolutionized my life. Hence the baskets. Hence hence hence. I could go on and on about cleaning and kids but I’ll just go ahead and stop this right here. IMG_3564That flag is an excellent example of my brain at work. I needed something for above Luke’s crib cause I waited over a month for this antique watercolor to ship from England and it never came so a cool old flag was my next grand idea. I saw the flag. I wanted the flag. I did NOT want to wait again for another shop owner to write me back for dimensions. I estimated. I estimated so wrong. It wrapped around the wall. Thus, this is it’s new home. It looks like it was on purpose. It was not. lukesroom-4I don’t feel like these are showcasing the sheer enormity of this flag. It’s big. It’s rather awesome. I’m proud to be an American. Obviously.

lukesroom-12Oh the mobile :) You know I love to make little things for my kids. There was a storm. There was driftwood gathering. There was this idea in my head. It was much more cute in there. Those dang white sails just don’t show up! One would think, change the color? But no, I think, stick em in my cup o coffee. It didn’t do anything. They remain white and boring. Ah well, I tried. One can only do so much. lukesroom-14

And that’s about it! I think it’s cuter in person but maybe that’s just my excuse for please don’t judge me! I tried. I shoulda coulda woulda found out the gender and finished before baby’s arrival but whatchu gunna do. Little Luke, we sure love you. You deserve the fanciest wallpaper in all the land but thanks for being so cool about mommy’s budget ideas. And sweet Abbie, thanks for continuing to go in here and exclaim “I like it!” over and over again. You guys sure make your momma happy :)

Back when Abbie got a nursery!


  1. Aunt Sara Payne says

    Absolutely adorable! Great ideas! You could sell that mobile anywhere and make $$$!


  2. I adore your nursery! What beautiful little touches. Love the simplicity, yet there’s so much warmth and coziness to it all. I quite like the view from those windows as well.


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