A few from Thanksgiving

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Because it’s one of my most favorite days of the year! Just lookit these babes all snuggly in the morning watching the parade from on top of their brother

And because I clearly can’t get enough of these faces..

Or these little heads..

They are my favorite. Also, Fall flowers are my favorite so let’s take a quick pause to look at 292 pictures of these beauties!

I felt like making a cornucopia this year… my crafty self keeps emerging and taking me by surprise :/

GOSH DANGGIT I LOVE FLOWERS! Now if only they’d actually grow in my yard, my pocketbook would be much more happy :) pocketbook…

God bless people who don’t mind being smashed in our lil dining room :):) I can’t tell you how much I love holidays with everyone together

His first Thanksgiving and all alone! ;)

And the sweetest little kids table ;)

Now if this doesn’t look like the most correct picture in the whole world :):) someone please tell them to start making these STAT. They are tired of hearing my nagging.

And then the next day we obviously went tree hunting!

And decorated!

I like the way he rolls. Gimme some food, a chair and a pinecone and you can decorate all the things yourself ;)

^^he kept his backpack on the whole time, dear boy

She took her job very seriously, bless her.

OHHHHH if life was exactly how it looked in the pictures… but I’ll just put these here cause sometimes my momma heart needs to pretend they are always like this ;)

^^I told you I was feeling crafty..

Noah figured out there was free food on the tree.

^^When you try to flee the scene but the evidence is stuck to your foot

Judging from Josh’s feet, I’m thinking he took this but it was just the sweetest thing to find on my phone. They just love their auntie cinny pinny <3

Not to mention their Gummy! THE FACES THE FACES I JUST CAN’T TAKE IT!!!

It’s the CHRISTMAS SEASON!!! Merry Christmas!!!

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