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Turns out Greg and I have been married for five months tomorrow and have already had lots of adventures, most of which we are forgetting rapidly. Blast you memory! So, we wanted to start this lil journal to remember the fun of our newlywedness and keep in touch with our friends and family as we move from here to there. Life has been soaring by – we moved up to this house of preciousness in Sausalito and have been in dream land.

Greg recently got offered an amazing new job in LA and has currently been working from home but we’ll be making the move down there at the end of the year. So for now I am treasuring the beauty that is Sausalito : ) This weekend was wonderfully lovely.. Friday nights are date nights so naturally Greg took me to a zombie movie.. I. HATE. zombie movies. But this one wasn’t sooo bad and it was nice to get out. Plus, Greg always makes a cocktail beforehand just like his parents did so I always have that to look forward to… he is THE BEST at the cocktails. They are delicious!!

Also, I knew he loved me cause he put on the Beach Boys while we sipped, which he hates but I love cause it reminds me of summer. On Saturday we went for a hike up Mt Tam which I love to do except we had a pesky bee swarming us which made it kinda miserable. But it was still gorgeous and I got to spend the whole day with my love so I was happy.


In other news, it’s been gorgeous summer weather for weeks and weeks but the last three days have been oh so cozy and rainy. I’ve loved it. We’ve been enjoying stayin inside and watching movies and things. Until next time – I’ll try to keep this updated frequently! I hope you are all doing well. We love and miss you so so sooo much!!!

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