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8 months!

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12 months of Noah / Luke Blane

We have a tooth! We have a tooth! Definitely started writing this earlier today when there were no teeth but sure enough, Greg was feeling around tonight and out popped a little sharp tooth! And there’s that familiar pang that is associated with all the lasts.. last first tooth :’) I’ll just go do a couple soft sobs in the corner over here. Oh this boy is such a sweetheart! He is sticking to his […]

7 months

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12 months of Noah / Noah Phillip

THIS BOY IS SEVEN MONTHS AND HE’S THE SWEETEST THING!!! Seriously, I’ve never met a happier more mellow baby. Sometimes I see glimpses of normal baby and the terror hits. I don’t know how to handle normal baby anymore. I’ve been utterly spoiled. People stop us on the street and say, “oh oh ohhh! that baby just smiled at me!” and we pretend like they are really special “NO WAY! Awwww!” but really he just […]

WOOPOMAN turns three!!!

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Luke Blane

MY BOY LUKE TURNED THREE!!! Oh my goodness this kid is always surprising me. He is a bundle of energy – just constantly moving. Even when he gets close to give you a hug or a kiss he sorta shakes a little, bless him. He is all boy with a tendency to wear dresses. He loves his sister more than anything and doesn’t want to do anything without her and is game to do whatever […]


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terrific trips

I feel like we’ve just been going going going this whole year, maybe longer! what with a new someone joining our family and then all the birthdays and guest after guest after guest and TAYLOR GETTING MARRIED and all the events that go along with that, and my goodness I’m so tired. But Hawaii was officially our last planned thing and ahhhh it feels good to be able to slow down – both on vacation […]

5 Months

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12 months of Noah / Noah Phillip

Five months with the sweetest baby boy. He’s been exploring nights of no sleep whatsoever, has forgotten he can roll both ways, and is starting to express strong frustrations with not being able to make his hands do exactly what he wants them to do but MY GOODNESS he’s as sweet as they come! Chattiest little man… often run in cause I think he’s crying/screaming/etc but no… just loudly chattin away! His eyes are starting […]

4 months with Mr. Smiles

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12 months of Noah / Noah Phillip

I couldn’t even get any more faces cause he wouldn’t stop smiling! He sleeps, he smiles, he smiles, he sleeps. He drools. He rolls over. He coos and chatters and squeals and smiles and smiles and smiles with those lil moon eyes. He thinks diaper changes are hilarious. He’s all sorts of wonderful. I had the hardest time tearing myself away to put him down last night cause he was cracking up over everything! But […]

The Kitchen Post

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Oh boy, where to start, where to start? Alrighty, I will do my best to not be a grumbly old lady, nagging about this and that because honestly, as hard as this project was, I am so thankful for it. I walk in and remember so many miracles that happened and see His hand everywhere – where things just happened to work out or where He provided money at just the right time when we […]

This year thus far

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the daily life

I suppose all my posts from here on out will be catchup posts ;) I’m currently trying to find activities that can be done from a lying down/ hacking up lung position. My voice left me last night and has been replaced with something that one might expect from a demonic man, causing Greg to beg the question, “tell me truthfully, have you welcomed Satan into your heart?” Not kidding. He’s so freaked out by […]

Three Months!

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12 months of Noah / Noah Phillip

Oh little man, how we love you so. Abbie and I were, oh you know, having a little musical listening party to Les Miserables the other day, and there’s that part that says, “to love another person is to see the face of God!!!!!” all dramatic and such. And me and my hormonal self thought OH HOW TRUE. If you only knew the thoughts I was having when I was pregnant with him – I […]