And we have a nine month old

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12 months of Abbie / Abigail Elizabeth

IMG_0458This feels like a big deal. Is it a big deal? My baby girl is nine months old tomorrow! She’s basically like a little person! …that has opinions and screams and throws tantrums! (she obviously got that from her father… everyone knows I’ve never spoken above a whisper…) She’s a master of fighting sleep and if you dare to pick her up, she has no intention of EVER being put down. This is my nine month old and ohmygoodness do I love her.

She’s developed this wonderful new habit of pinching you while falling asleep. This is basically my worst nightmare. I’m terrified of creepy small children during sleeping hours. Just throw in some dark water and you’ll have all my greatest fears in one place.  Many a night have been spent trying to fall asleep to being pinched repeatedly with those strong baby hands. Not kidding. She’s got a death grip.

Speaking of death grip, she has learned skin is a completely appropriate material to cling to while being carried. And don’t let go. Don’t ever let go. She holds on like it’s nobody’s business.

I mentioned tantrums have started. Those are fun.

She waved for like a day, learned to clap (but ha! how did you guess?… not on command) and has caused her parents to revisit sleep training google searches. Saddest. Day. She was the best sleeper – like since the beginning she’s been awesome. And then her mom thought, my poor baby is teething! I will comfort her so she knows she’s always safe with me. And now we have a thrashing baby that no longer sleeps through the night but most certainly has mastered taking up an entire king size bed. Oh ya, and no teeth. We are on our way to summoning the good sleeper within her so stay tuned! ;)

Ya, those teeth… I’m convinced they are in there snickering at me.

She will go out of her way just to crawl over Bentley (who is being the BEST big brother in the whole entire world). And can I just mention this crawling…. oh my. There is so much purpose behind it. I just love watching her crawl all around lifting those arms SO high and straight, babbling to herself as she goes. She’s on a mission guys and it is adorable.

Also, she’s just started lifting her arms up to be carried. Umm, so that doesn’t get any cuter. Sure, I’ll carry you foreverandeverandever!

And then she took me up on that statement. There was a solid two weeks this month where you could not put her down without her screaming her head off. Go ahead, sit right next to her. It means NOTHING. She must be held and that is FINAL. And people ask me why I’m still not finished painting…

She will eat anything! And that makes this foodie momma sooooo happpyyyy…… until I caught her eating rocks, handfuls of dirt, dog food, and mmm dog poop. Let’s rein in this adventurous palate of yours, sweetie.

Bentley’s water bowl is a treasure trove of fun!

Writing this all down, it’s starting to sink in why I’m so tired all the time ;) She’s a little handful but boy do we have fun together! I seriously cannot imagine better days or a more fulfilling day job. She’s a snuggler, a sloppy kisser, a massive giggler and will sit quietly contemplating the biggest thoughts. She’s the most special creature I’ve ever known and I know I say this every time but I feel so freakin blessed to be her momma. Sweet Abbie, I hope you know how much your daddy and I love you. I hope you never lose this curiosity for the world around you and never ever stop exploring. Happy nine months sweet girl!!

^^a little Abbie in action to brighten your day ;) ^^

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  1. Jennifer says

    Aaahhhhh! Happy 9 months little Abbie! What a great post Hilly! Made our day!

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