He has a pretty good sister-in-law

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family days

Weekend, weekend, why are you so short? I really feel like the world would generally be a better place if we worked four days and had three day weekends every week. The people would be so much happier.. we’d probably be lookin at world peace. Just sayin. Here is how we spent our weekend: IMG_3102

It’s my favorite. But also, for Greg’s birthday, all he asked for (HA… all…) from Taylor, was a home cooked meal (she’s rather exceptional) and this weekend she delivered. And the best part of this tricky scheme was that we all got to enjoy it! And it. was. AMAZING.
IMG_3103 IMG_3104 IMG_3105
^^and this is how you know he is enjoying his food^^

And now I would like you all to tell my husband how much better these pictures would be if they were not taken with a phone but with a new (and not dropped) camera :):):) I’ve been having major camera envy the last couple of months (well probably about 13 to be exact ;) ) and he said the camera in my new phone would be better but it’s not …but I’m still thankful! and not complaining! because let’s just remember the images camera phones used to produce… ya…. we’ve come a long way… but back to the matter at hand… spending a small fortune on a lovely new camera would be money well spent, right? I mean, it’s not like we are saving for a house or anything right now… heheh we went and looked at some houses this weekend… the search has been… intriguing :) maybe more on that later. Maybe not ;) And if you were wondering, that girl is still the most precious of littles! And if you were also wondering, that dog is still real good. Actually he’s the worst. I love him so. But here’s the full video of that girl laughing because I can’t stop watching it and if I ever lose all my pictures again, which, let’s face it, will probably happen again in my lifetime, I have to know I can find it somewhere :) Happy Monday!

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