My spunky little four *sniff* month old

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12 months of Abbie / Abigail Elizabeth

My my I love this girl. I’ve totally become that mom that’s completely enamored by their child… an embarrassing amount. So let’s talk about her, shall we?

I love the way she’ll carry on conversations with me. I love how she feels safe with me and will fall asleep on my shoulder. I love how she kicks her legs and gives me the biggest smiles when I say hi. This motherhood thing is really the biggest privilege I’ve ever experienced and I’m eternally thankful. Sometimes I worry she will be the only one we’ll be blessed with but then I think, my goodness! What a blessing she is! She is the sweetest, dearest, little child I’ve ever met and has stolen every bit of my heart. And tomorrow she gets dedicated to the Lord and I seriously can’t wait to see what He has in store for her life.

She’s a little daredevil! She loves when we hold her upside down and LOVES to be tossed in the air. I remember the first time I tried that little trick, she gave me the biggest smiles and giggles, I couldn’t wait to show my parents. I found my dad and said, “watch this!” and tossed her proudly in the air. She got the most terrified look on her face and looked absolutely miserable. And I felt like the worst parent in the world. Here she was, barely holding her head up and here I was tossing her about. Best. Mom. Happy mother’s day to me. But really, she loves it. See. And that isn’t even a good representation of the happiness that occurs.

She’s such a spunky little thing. She’s really come into her own awesome personality this month and I’ve just loved watching it develop. She loves to smile at strangers but then she gets shy and turns her head into my chest which is, obviously, adorable. It’s guaranteed to make any onlooker smile. And that makes this momma so happy. We just go around the world, making people happy. We are the best kind of humans. I like to include myself in such goodness.

Her voice. It’s the sweetest. It’s soft and lovely and so endearing. But then sometimes it can be loud. Usually at inopportune moments but that’s just part of life and I love it. She loves to yell and she LOVES when you yell back. We have yelling wars. They are my favorite. If you speak her language, she’ll give you a smile. The smiles are what I live for.

SHE IS STARTING TO REACH FOR THINGS! And it’s adorable. It takes ALOT of concentration and she makes very slow and deliberate movements but it’s really amazing how you can actually see the wheels turning. She doesn’t quite get how to grab what she reaches for, you know, because the thumbs are still in and you just try to pick something up with no thumbs! Greg tries to explain to her that thumbs are what make us special and she might as well use them so hopefully she’ll listen to her daddy and open those hands up. They are the most wonderful of hands.

She THRIVES on attention. Oh my goodness, she lights up when someone gives her their undivided and gives shouts of protest when they turn away. It’s mighty adorable… for now.

She’s started to perform a variety of dinosaur noises. We were scared at first when we heard such sounds coming from that sweet bassinet of hers, but now they are normal. Her preferred noise of choice from you though, is a low scary growl. Again, it happens because we live for the smile. It’s the best smile.

Her hands are usually in her mouth, she is constantly pulling on her ear, hates her carseat, kicks me over and over to wake me up to get milk, and still can spit up a bucket, but man, I can’t imagine a better child. She’s just the best. I really think she’s teething because she loves to bite anything near her. And she has the best biting face. You put your finger out there and she’ll launch for it, bite on with those wonderful gums of hers, and throw her hands back behind her head in a Gromit we’ve forgotten the crackers! moment. It’s the best. Especially the shake face that comes with that combo.

Happy four months little girl! You’ve blessed us more than you can ever imagine. We love you to the moon and back!

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