A Dedication

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Abigail Elizabeth

abbie“Children are a gift from the Lord; they are a reward from Him.” –Psalm 127:3

Boy do I ever get that now! And this is after being unloaded on with that sweet sweet smell of regurgitated sour milk all on my face and in my hair, cause holding her over my head brings the biggest smiles. I’ve tried to wash it out, but the smell magically lingers. And I will continue to chance it every time, knowing it can and probably will happen again, because her smile melts me. She’s started this new thing when she nurses, where she pulls off abruptly (which, might I say, is not the most comfortable feeling in the world) but then gives me the biggest gummy smile with moon eyes included. Ahhhhh! Kids man. They make life better than I could have ever imagined. Every time I hear that someone has lost their child, or even can’t have children… I can’t even describe the heartbreak I feel for them. Sometimes I get the scary feeling that we’ll lose her and my mind kinda shuts off. As if it can’t even handle that kind of sorrow. But the wonderful thing is, we have a great God. And although there is so much in life that I don’t understand, I know He is good and in that, I can rest. So this weekend, we dedicated this precious little girl to Him, knowing He has each one of her days carefully numbered and each one is a special gift. What an honor to get to be her momma and help her become the little lady He designed her to be.

IMG_2904I spent all morning making sure she wasn’t going to be channeling her inner Dwight again but something happened on the way from the pew to the stage and well, there you have it. Center part. Oh well ;) She still got some awws from the audience. Most of all, it meant so much to see my family taking up a whole long aisle, in support of this little girl. To have so many people in her life that love and care about her is the best gift I could ask for.

Naturally, we threw a little party.IMG_2891

All I wanted for Mother’s Day were some pink peonies, so to ensure I wouldn’t be disappointed, I made them her decorations.. heheheh. All of my favorite flowers, just for me! I shouldn’t have! ;) When my sister was little, she dressed up as a princess for Halloween. A lady answered the door and asked her, and which princess are you? And she answered, I’m the princess of the Lord! So, obviously a princess cake had to be part of such a party :) IMG_2901
Greg gave her the sweetest blessing. I love hearing that guy talk about his little girl. I just love it! And there was much feasting of casseroles that never set up, champagne cause well, it’s us, and holding of the one who will probably never know how loved she truly is :) IMG_2896 copyIMG_2892IMG_2900abbie-2
We love you Abigail Elizabeth! You are such a gift.

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