39 Weeks

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text - 39 weeks

Hey guess what! This is the year my daughter is going to be born!

How far along? 39 weeks

Weight Gained: Sigh.. 32.5 lbs. And this is about the time I curl up in a ball and ask my husband to come console his giant wife.

Symptoms: Sciatica has come back with a revenge once more. I’m getting a taste of what I’ll look like when I’m an elderly woman. On top of the spasms that make me halt and let out involuntary grunts, whatever is going on down there makes me feel like she’s going to fall right out if it widens any more – either that or my legs are going to unhinge or something. Oh and lots of Braxton Hicks! I like those. They make me feel like something is happening even if we do go for three more weeks :) I’ve noticed I’ve succumbed to the waddle at several points throughout the day. I’m a sight.

Movement: Still kickin’ happily around! Taylor and I found out that if we treat my belly as a bongo, she really moves around… please don’t report me.

Food cravings: Please see total weight gain. I would say anything and everything.

Food aversions: Please see total weight gain. Obviously not.

Sleep: Some nights are still great and I don’t wake up at all! Others, mmm, not so much.

Stretch marks? No

Belly button in or out? In but the top has popped out a bit.

Miss anything? Not really

Mood? Pretty good… slightly more irritable but not nearly as bad as me on dun dun dun the pill ;)

Maternity Clothes? I’m a little blue that I didn’t get to welcome in the new year in a party dress. None of my maternity clothes dazzle :'(

New baby items: Her stroller finally came!!! And it’s AMAZING. It even turns into her first tricycle, bike AND car. Not really, but we like it. We also finally got her a baby book at the urging of her dad :) I think it’s adorable because he’s purely an internet man. Paper is a thing of cavemen, but he saw mine from when I was a babe and was determined to get her one. Kinda precious, I’d say. I’m a little intimidated by it because the first page starts with “When your parents met we…” and “Why having you felt important to us…” What do you say about such things? I don’t want to fill it out wrong!!!!

Exercise: We took Bentley on a walk to get him use to the stroller (he’s most definitely terrified of all things with wheels). Hence why this blew our mind sockets. Just lookit how good he is. Just lookit.

Best moment of the week: I loved our picnic up the coast. That was positively dreamy.

Looking forward to: Seeing Little’s face this week! Just kidding. Sometime soon though! Every day is a day closer and that’s exciting :D

Happy New Year!!!! It’s probably going to be the best one yet :):)


  1. Ashley says

    Getting so close! Don’t be so hard on yourself for the weight gain. Easier said than done! You’re body is doing something so amazing.
    And your not crazy– we did a lot to help prepare our fur child for the arrival of our baby– including sneaking a baby blanket out of the nicu with his scent on it so we could ‘introduce’ them. It just shows you’re a great mom taking care of all of her babies. <3


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