This is how we picnic

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IMG_4365Isn’t it glorious?! What is it about eating the simplest of meals outside amongst majestic, magnificent, marvelous nature and yes on china plates, that feels so wonderfully festive?? Picnics are one of my favorite things ever so I’m so glad we didn’t have to miss this one despite having some good ol Braxton Hicks all. night. long. the night before :) She’s just practicing and practicing in there. Do you see this basket? Greg’s sister got it for us for our wedding and it may have, hands down, been our favorite most unexpected present. We get it out and show it to everyone who wanders unknowingly into our little house. It’s so cool! It comes with everything possible to have a delightful picnic – plates and utensils and wine glasses and mugs and a thermos and napkins and tupperware and a tiny little cutting board and each thing! We are so proud. Anyways, it was such a wonderful, wintery day and so gorgeous to drive up the coast and find a little spot to munch and gaze. I love picnics and I love this family of mine. Happy New Year everyone! It’s probably gunna be a great one :)



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