We had an outing

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Abigail Elizabeth / wedded bliss

IMG_5124Actually we’ve had several outings but this one was farther than 15 minutes away so it was kind of a big deal. Yes, we went to our beloved cheese shop. We hadn’t been back since we were first pregnant and didn’t know it yet – hence why we ate and sipped on all things pregnant ladies should not have (and whoops – the bad mom points started early with this one). This time there was cheese and wine and the most delicious salami and a happy little baby that I just love showing off. We got to use her new stroller and listen to the crowds gather and say “ohhhhh how old!?” and we beamed and answered with pride, “two weeks” and then we would get high fives for getting out of the house so very soon. IMG_5149
I swear we know more places to go but man you guys, the cheese… the cheese keeps calling. So that is where we seem to keep finding ourselves on our days off. Plus our good friends were spontaneously in town and WHAT you’ve never been!? seems to be a pretty good excuse to creep back in like the creepers we are. And! I mean, a cheese shop located so close to the ocean surrounded by charming houses for me and beautiful cars for Greg? Come on. IMG_5125b
Just lookit that guy with his daughter. That’s enough to melt any heart. She’s such a little bug. We love her. If you couldn’t tell. In other news, Greg and I have been married for a whole two years now! Naturally, we didn’t plan anything again but I did wake up to this adorableness made with love by that man mentioned above. IMG_5144
I’m a severely spoiled lady.

And in other news, my little girl has gotten her first case of baby acne. I’m only mentioning it to point out the amount of self control I have been exhibiting to not pick at it. I like to bring things back to myself. But seriously, this need-to-pick disease runs in my family so I’m a bit unnaturally proud of said self control. And clearly, there hasn’t been too much going on in this neck of the woods so I shall leave you with this video that I personally feel captures this portion of parenthood perfectly. Love you all! Happy Monday :) (revision: Tuesday! HA mom brain)

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