My Little Bonnet Boy

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that dog Bentley

He made it!! This little munchkin left a confident young lad and returned with a bonnet and an ashen rose colored sash. I must say, the color is quite becoming on him!

IMG_7844 copy

^^unassuming sweet boy ^^slightly more defeated but still oh so sweet

He is finally starting to adjust to this new way of life. He has found it to be very helpful in holding toys..Having an excuse to watch tv on the couch with mom and dad..And even sleep on their bed!I get the giggles every time I look at him. Really because most of the time, he’s running into something and not understanding why… but at least we always know where he is! We are bad parents.. using our son for endless hours of entertainment.

I do feel bad when he gets stuck in the standing position and thinks he can’t go forward. He just stands there, miserable and whimpering : [ But the vet said he did really well and that he is the sweetest boy! I love our vet cause she loves our dog. I saw her sneak a kiss after giving him a shot once and I beamed with pride that MY boy was deemed desirable to kiss ; )

^^who wouldn't want to kiss this goof

^^who wouldn’t want to kiss this goof

So thanks all who prayed for him! We love and miss you all!


  1. He is SUCH a silly boy! Truly used to do that same thing-just stand there. He does look sad in a confused sort-of way…which only makes it precious to me! Love you guys.


  2. says

    You did not say he was undergoing this event. Glad he is so sweet.

    Happy Saint Nicholas Day! This was a very special day when Greg was young!




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