Sick days & the best (almost three month old) buddy I could ever ask for

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12 months of Abbie / Abigail Elizabeth

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetSigh, here we are again… another month completed. This one, I tell ya, she keeps getting sweeter and sweeter and has her parents simply smitten by every grin and twinkle. And she does twinkle. Her momma’s cold appears to have revealed itself as the flu, which is appropriate since we were planning to go on a little weekend get away tomorrow. We do not have luck with vacations. Our entire honeymoon, my beloved got to watch his wife hurling into buckets instead of enjoying the elaborate honeymoon he had been planning. Our first getaway we took as just the two of us, down to Big Sur, Greg threw his back out just moments before leaving. It appears this is just what happens, so why we didn’t think fever, chills, aches, etc would be accompanying us on this trip, I don’t know. Anyways, I’m just praying and praying that nursing does its magic and this girl doesn’t get what I have. Come on body! Do your fighting business! My momma and husband have been the very best care takers and this one, well, she’s been the bestest, happiest little snuggler. And she’s three months old tomorrow!

She’s a morning girl! And by that I mean, she’s so alert and SO smiley in the morning and ah! I hope that never goes away. Baby smiles, man. There’s just nothing like them.

If you were wondering, we have seen the thumbs! Although the fists (preferably entire fist in mouth) are still the preferred hand position, she’s letting those fingers explore the world a bit more, all the while keeping them thumbs in, but at least they can breathe a bit! Plus, she’s starting to grab my hand (consciously, subconsciously… I don’t know) but it definitely melts my mommy heart. I love her little hands and I can’t wait to see all the Lord has in store for them :)

She is a drooler… and a biter. Which makes me think maybe we are in the early stages of teething? Except that she’s still the happiest little thing and isn’t fussy in the least. Just know that if you put her up on your shoulder, there is the strong possibility that she will bite your collarbone. You have been warned.

She’s loooong. I love putting her in footed jammies because they just look so comfy and cozy but she grows out of them so quickly, it’s hard to keep up! The tall girl problems are starting early, my child.

She is so strong! She always gets complimented when we go out on how strong that little neck of hers is. Now she’s adding the strongest baby legs to the mix. I have a feeling she’s going to skip crawling and rush full speed ahead into walking ;) This one, she loves to stand. Her momma is the opposite. She’s able to roll from her tummy to her back and yesterday (!!!) she rolled from her back to her side to her tummy and looked both directions with her big wobbly head. Her arm was pinned under her belly, otherwise we’d be celebrating the official, big and mighty roll.

She is really starting to notice everything around her.. she love love LOVES the poster near her changing table and talks to it whenever we are over there. She loves that little mobile. She loves cereal boxes. But most of all, what will get her to smile any time, any day, is the baby soother app Greg found. It just has little cartoon penguins going back and forth and apparently some hypnotizing drug that mesmerizes her and gets her to smile the biggest smiles. It’s mighty adorable and therefore has become our party trick.

She is seriously the sweetest, easiest, happiest, smiling baby which I like to pretend is just because I’m the best mom ;) bahahaHA but then sometimes… the lip comes out. Right before she’s about to go sad on you, that lower lip makes an appearance and we can’t help but let it because it’s the cutest thing. Stand her upright and that frown turns upside down in a matter of milliseconds. Her emotions run very close together – she must be my daughter.

She’s the best and we love her so. Happy three months, little Abigail! You are one loved little girl!

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