Weekend With The Welty’s

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family days / mmmm meals / wedded bliss

Greg and I love having people up to our house – I’m not sure if it’s because we are starved for human interaction or just have a pure love for hosting or maybe a bit of both but we were so stoked to have my parents up this weekend. We spent the day frantically running around town looking for these special coupe glasses we loved and thought would be so special to present our delicious cocktails in, but had to return home defeated as no store carried them. (No mothers, we did not think to call ahead). Luckily, mom and dad were late to arrive and we were able to get the house into a presentable state and get most of the hors d’oeuvres made. We do love to eat. And drink. And be merry. Oh, and Greg is the best help of probably all living husbands. He cleaned and cleaned with me and even swept the front patio and is just, well, amazing and wonderful and and and…

We were both sweaty and hot by the time mom and dad came but I just love hosting with him. It brings us both so much joy : )

We ate and ate and Greg made really good Caipirinhas. Then we went for a lovely stroll around the block and through town to work up yet another appetite for more feasting at our favorite fish restaurant in Sausalito.

We had NEVER seen a line this long here.. especially at 8:15pm…

Anyways, they have hands down the best fish and chips you’ll ever have in all of your days living.

Then on Sunday, we went down to town to have a scrumptious hash and eggs breakfast right on the water. It was SOOOOO HOT. Probably the hottest day I’ve ever experienced in Sausalito. Since he’s been working from home, Greg’s been missing his work commute on the ferry so we took it over to Fisherman’s Warf to spend the day wandering about with the tourists.

^^This dog can sleep anywhere

^^This dog can sleep anywhere

It’s kinda fun to do the touristy things when people come to visit. We saw a pretty neat-o submarine and a missile…

And then wandered down tourist central to find some champagne and perhaps some crab cocktails.

Weeeeee found some! Naturally, we followed that up with some ice cream that melted very quickly on this hot day..

And headed back to this place we call home.

I just dropped Greg off at the airport cause he had to fly out to LA for work. I left feeling so very blessed to have such a wonderful, loving husband. I am so SO lucky. And then I came home to this hidden under my pillow..

He’s dear. I love being a Nettles : )

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