Spiders and Steps

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date night

We live on a hill which is wonderful because it means almost everyone gets a view of the bay. This also means I should be in shape by now. I am not. So, yesterday I decided to take advantage of the famous Sausalito steps and get this booty into summer shape. This idea led to wheezing. But! I should be in shape in no time. I’m just sure of it!! At least they are pretty and at the bottom is the most peaceful lapping of water. I went down there to just sit a while and it was so serene. I wondered why I didn’t do this everyday. This must change.

When Greg finished work we went to town for an evening espresso. It was the most GLORIOUS evening – the perfect temperature and not too many people out and just gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous. Since we were down there… and the oven was soooo hot to heat up for dinner…. and we were both getting hungry rapidly…. naturally we decided to get an appetizer and mayyybe a cocktail at The Spinnaker which is a real nice elderly people restaurant right on the water. So, pretty, but not great food. Second time around, lesson learned. But! It was a gorgeous night and we had a lovely walk and got to see the sky turn pink and it was just warm and magical.

^^I made a friend

^^I made a friend

^^mush mush mush

And then we came home to this.

It was HUGE. It splattered.

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