Guuurls Day

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family days / mmmm meals

It’s sunny again today but yesterday morning was absolutely dreamy.. it was rainy and un-rushed and oh so lovely. Best of all my sister and mom came to visit. Greg was sweet enough to go visit dad for the day so I could spend some time with them. He earned extra points for stocking the fridge with a mini champagne bottle and “festive” sparkling waters.. it’s the little things ; ) He’s pretty great. I am so so blessed my family gets along with him so well. He’s pretty amazing though so… what’s not to like! We had a really cozy day.. We got some chowder down by the water and then came back to the house to watch ridiculously girly movies and cook and bake. We made some pretty delicious homemade pot pies and I FINALLY got to use my mini pie dishes we got for our wedding. We got some pretty sweet stuff for our wedding. We were seriously blown away by peoples kindness and generosity. I think the reason our house is so dreamy to live in is because of all the love shown to us by our family and friends. Almost everything we have was given to us by someone we love and that makes it extra special. I especially love nice kitchen tools – I can go in Williams Sonoma and just hang out in there for hours touching everything I can, so to cook in a kitchen where I’m in love with even the spatulas, welp that’s a dream come true. God sure did bless us and we are so so thankful. Happy hump day!

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