Happy Birthday Noah!!!

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12 months of Noah / Noah Phillip

The sweetest – and I mean the SWEETEST boy turned one yesterday! Just thinking back to how depressed I was his whole pregnancy… and I mean, we are talking a verrrry dark place – to be gifted with the cheeriest little soul…. he’s just the biggest hug God could have ever given me and I’m so thankful for him. So anyways, a few pictures from this celebratory day! I know I’m probably projecting entirely but he really did seem to know all this was for him :) just loookit!

Special banana breakfast for my banana loving boy…

The celebratory hands started a goin…

Wouldn’t be a birthday without a meltdown or twelve :)

^^I love these pictures cause it looks like Luke’s holding him hostage with his water gun…. I don’t know why that would make me so happy :/ guess it’s just cause he’s real cute RIGHT!? RIGHT!?

AND THE PEEK-A-BOO!!! This kid.

Greg and his beautiful mommy :)

The progression of opening a present as the third child… the struggle to get it out…

Excessive excitement from all who surround…

An attempt to play…

Aaaaand brother ;)


Always trying to keep up, bless him

I feel like Ray must only be shown in black and white, right? the steam! the expert soup pouring precision! ;)

He did seem to enjoy wearing his little crown ;)

^^You know he’s Greg’s son cause he’s the only baby I know that prefers to eat with a fork. Clean children are alarming..

How cute is my sister :):) she should always have a hooray sign behind her, in my opinion

Most mellow kitty in the world :)

Thanks to everyone for coming to celebrate our little man! We love you!!! And thanks to Uncle Dot for taking pictures :):) Hooray! IT’S THE WEEKEND!!!

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