Happy FIVE! + Disneyland

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Abigail Elizabeth / terrific trips

Last week my baby girl turned FIVE! I cannot believe we have a five year old. She is the sweetest big sister, absolutely brilliant – seriously I wish I had her memory, passionate about all the things, feisty, oh so feisty… and yet, has the sweetest most compassionate little heart. I love her so much. How often do you turn five, right?? So, Disneyland. Obviously. Because I went when I was five and was absolutely terrified so why not have my daughter experience the same on her birthday? Seriously… what is with Disney? Almost every ride had a dark, scary element! Ha… anyways, we had such a fun time and mostly just loved celebrating this little lady. I’m shamelessly stealing everyone else’s pictures because again, this lil blog is my visual memory and I forgot all about cameras and such ;)

^^I gave the better looking Mickey pancakes to the kids, OK? In retrospect, definitely would have headed down the night before and gone on her birthday… apparently, “it’s your birthday, let’s travel today and go tomorrow!” isn’t as exciting to peoples of this age ;)

^^sort of adore she tucked her sweater in <3

^^side note: cannot wait to not have to travel with three car seats :D And now some pics from the happiest place on earth!

All my Disney dreams came true – got to take her to the Blue Bayou last minute, which I thought was the COOLEST thing when I was a kid… pretty sure it was what got me interested in hospitality design :] got to see my husband nerd out over all the Star Wars things, got to see her face light up just like I hoped it would when she got to meet the princesses! and I even got to ride most of the rides with that lil beebee of ours! It was just lovely. And ya, the princesses. I DON’T KNOW WHAT IT IS ABOUT THEM BUT THEY TURNED US ALL INTO BLUBBERING MESSES. Had the hugest lump in my throat every time, dang them.

Such a treat to get to go with my whole family. Happy heart, over here :)

And let’s just throw this in here cause those boys in the bath bring me an equally ridiculous amount of joy … despite the tremendous amount of water exiting the tub..

And then it was off to see the Klein’s and their new baby girl! So glad that we have our kids all married off. Abbie and Luke were arguing over who got to marry Jacob and Luke was so sad Abbie snatched him up first because they are BEST FRIENDS… until he realized Olivia was still available ;) this kid. I’m sure he’s terrifying to new mothers cause he is just a trembling blur of excitement most of the time EXCEPT around babies… he’s so tender! He kept sneaking over to her and reading her stories and giving her the sweetest kisses on her head. Goodness I love him <3

Anyways, such a fun time. So thankful for such wonderful family and friends that made it all possible. And so SO thankful for that precious little girl I get to call mine :) happy five, Abigail Elizabeth! We love you more than you’ll ever know <3

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