Once upon a time there was a baby who liked baths – 11 months!

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12 months of Noah / Noah Phillip

That baby is no more. Poor buddy! Despite the pictures, he really is still the sweetest thing! My little man turned 11 months yesterday! I can’t even either believe it! WHERE DID THE TIME GO!?!? He is such a joy MY GOODNESS I can’t stop staring! The cheeks! The little chin! The curls that are coming in at the nape of his neck! THOSE EYELASHES! Not to mention the most edible tummy and foots and waving hi and bye hands. He’s such a dream baby and I love him so much. He’s a little monkey and would live on a diet of solid bananas if you let him. Actually I could be wrong but I do think nana was his first word. Followed by DAH! for dog… and cat.. and dadada for dad and mamama for the melting mother over here. Sometimes he’ll carry on full conversations with you with loud inflections and concerned looks included. It’s the best. He’s stood a total of two times on his own and loves when you walk him around the room. Hands down my favorite thing he’s done recently is, I laid him down in his bed, he got all snuggled in and I see his little hand pop out and the fingers start to flap in a waving motion… so tired but still managed to wave goodnight. I didn’t describe that very well but it was really cute ok?? He still lights up around all music, loves to reach up and play the piano, loves to watch his siblings running round and round him and is drawn to the stairs faster than you notice he’s gone. I’m just not ready for the baby stage to be over :( but then again… :) Noah, you are one loved little man. So so SO glad God put you in our family! Happy 11 months sweet pea!

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  1. CinnyPinny says

    Yes, Yes, Yes All too true! It does go by SO fast. We LOVE him so much and he has been a real blessing in our lives as well (All your beautiful children!)


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