South Carolina!

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We had such a fun time in South Carolina! Greg got to hang out with his buddies who haven’t all been together in ages, the kids got filled up on friend time and I had the best time just looking around at all the pretty and watching everyone laughing and playing so freakishly nicely together :)

We stayed in the most gorgeous house by the beach! It was so dreamy to wake up in such a pretty room… so dreamy in fact that when I saw all these pillows at target, I had to buy them for my own bed! It’s like taking home a souvenir sea shell except more bulky.

The first morning we were there, the owners friend dropped by a *small* spread of three different types of bread, a delicious quiche, fruit, bacon, sausage, croissants, homemade jam… ALL THE THINGS! Is this Southern hospitality because I definitely would have chucked a bag of coffee beans on the counter and called it a day. I heard they were up since 4am baking! I tried to take a picture, but Luke :)

Luke’s daily play with Noah time. IT’S THE SWEETEST!

Luke would get so nervous when Noah would get close to the pool. He’d jump out so fast and drag him by his feet away from the danger. BEST big brother. Sure love those lil men.

Love the differences of pool entrances :)

Abbie was a lil dare devil doing all sorts of tricks into the pool! Couldn’t believe how far she’s come with her swimming!

^^first back flop. There was screaming.

I could watch them playing together all day <3 currently putting the parrot they found, back into its natural habitat :)

HOW CAN YOU NOT LOVE HIM!?! I do. I do so much.

Things you don’t want flung at you.

Can’t tell you how many pictures I have of Luke, far off in the distance, playing by himself. He’s the sweetest little boy :):)

Fittest family in the world. I feel like I’m getting in shape just looking at them!

East Coast oceans man, they’re so dreamy! Warm and lovely – could have stayed there all day!

But then the pool :)

Favorite site <3

These things make me smile. Kids.

^^the face of a boy who just pushed his sister into the pool

^^seriously SO proud of this girl! She went from swimming no farther than 2 feet from the side of the pool to diving down 8 feet to get toys and things! I think she sprouted fins.

^^when you don’t have a pack and play and he only will sleep in confined spaces :):)

^^when you spend your vacation practicing your letters <3

Just love his little smiley eyes

Even if he’s in the hold me 24/7 phase of life :)

I saw this sign and assumed the collard greens were good. I was wrong.

So nice having people around who loved holding babies :)

I’m gunna keep trying them. People say they like them! I’m determined to find out why. I WON’T REST TILL I FIND A COLLARD GREEN RECIPE I LIKE! If you have one, send it to me :)

At least Noah liked Luke’s mac and cheese. I swear those kids would live on carbs and cheese if we let them.

They like their little brother. I like them.

When no one wants to walk and you only have one stroller for the baby.

Aaaaand back to the pool. Because it be hot.

He told me he was bat man.

Boys play differently than girls. Are we still allowed to say that?

Abbie loved having another girl to hang out with <3 sweetest.

Dass a lot of kids. Best trip with everyone though! So relaxing and fun.

Look I was there too. We tried.


The next day we had a late flight and went exploring. Stumbled upon a doughnut shop. All I wanted was a glazed doughnut. What I got was heaven in my mouth. Seriously we were so bummed all they had were cake doughnuts BUT they were made to order, fresh, hot and freakin amazing. I’m literally salivating right now.

Found a little park to get some wiggles out. Greg has so many wiggles.

Abbie turned into an angelic being.

Looked over and Noah was just happily kicking away. It’s just the best thing to look over at!

One day she’ll figure out the monkey bars…

Can you even either handle that face!?!?

Stumbled upon a fort!

Taught the kids a lil something about cannon safety.

Hiiiiii lil family up there!

Got a yummy lunch with the BEST street corn.

Greg tried to take just one picture of me. Said I move too much.

^^when you come to a gate and are asked to pose.

Tried out Charleston again. We were pretty underwhelmed with our first visit but we tried out a different section and MY GOSH it was pretty! OCEAN AND GORGEOUS OLD HOUSES AND HORSES AND PARKS AND TREES! I made Greg drive round and round cause I couldn’t take in all the pretty the first time. Plus it was too hot for walking ;)

^^he doesn’t like holding dirty babies ;)

Apparently he’s pretty popular here.

So many bad pictures BUT IT WAS SO PRETTY!!!

And then we headed to this oyster and fine poultry bar for a phenomenal last meal!

Didn’t realize I crashed their date.

Poor Noah… one day you can eat real food with the rest of us :)

BEST oysters. BEST fried chicken. And apparently they claim it pares well with champagne… I like fried chicken. I like champagne. I did like the excuse to put them together.

South Carolina, you did not disappoint! Hey babe, let’s fly across the country with all our kids again next week, k? Pray for us pray for us pray for us!!! ;)


  1. Cinnypinny says

    Looks like you all had a blast!
    I was JUST there – in June – S.C. coast and
    Charleston! Isn’t the water great?
    The pic. with all the kids lined up – adorable!!


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