9 months!

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12 months of Noah / Noah Phillip

^^cried through this whole shoot. Greg tried to help. Results pictured.

Lil man turned 9 months old while we were away hence the posting overload! I gotta do it whenever I have the time ;) He was such a sad boy this month! What with the teeth coming in, the high fever, vomiting, and roseola, he’s been properly clingy and oh so sad. Right now he has the softest little cry that just breaks my heart cause it sounds like his voice is gone or he just has no strength to let out a bellow :( but! he’s still the sweetest lil man that we love so much. We are up to two of the cutest teeth I ever did see, a hand that loves to be up and often dancing, and a boy that is standing whenever we go to get him out of his crib. He loves to be held and cries each time we put him down now. Loves swings, is very fond of his daddy and adores his siblings (although looks very very nervous when they want to carry him around) Still sticking to his army crawl, we’ve seen a couple practices on the knees and then a quick drop back to the belly. His outfits are filthy always. Thanks goodness he’s our third child. He and Sabrina have a special bond which is the dearest thing. Obviously. He loves to eat all the rocks, gags on everything and has started the good ol head butting/clawing/pinching all the skin but his cheeks make up for everything. NOAH PHILLIP you are the sweetest and we love you and your fussy month self so much! Happy nine months lil man! SOMEONE TELL ME HOW TO STOP TIME ALREADY!!!

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