8 months!

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12 months of Noah / Luke Blane

We have a tooth! We have a tooth! Definitely started writing this earlier today when there were no teeth but sure enough, Greg was feeling around tonight and out popped a little sharp tooth! And there’s that familiar pang that is associated with all the lasts.. last first tooth :’) I’ll just go do a couple soft sobs in the corner over here. Oh this boy is such a sweetheart! He is sticking to his belly crawl, loves his paci more than anything and will eat all his food and yours if you let him. I say it every time but my goodness we love him! I was just putting him down for his nap today and he was just lying there giggling and cooing away, all dream baby like, and I just thought how good God is to put such a cheery little soul into a family of ALL THE HORMONES all the time :) Hands down my favorite thing he does is putting his binky in his mouth with such vigor. Sometimes I’ll be nursing him and he’ll see it out of the corner of his eye, pop himself off, reach over and snatch it up with such determination and gusto, it’s hard to stay offended by his preference. It’s so dang cute! I sorta wonder if he’ll skip the normal crawling stage cause he goes everywhere on his belly… it’s all scratched up and red… ugh… but he can get up at least one stair on it and seems to have no interest in using his knees. BUT THE CRAWLING STAGE IS MY FAVORITE! More soft soft sobs… Anyways, I’m sure he had loads of new things this month but this momma brain is tired. Mostly I remember the sweetest little boy who has captured our whole family’s hearts. We sure love you lil Noah! You are such a blessing.

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