7 months

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12 months of Noah / Noah Phillip

THIS BOY IS SEVEN MONTHS AND HE’S THE SWEETEST THING!!! Seriously, I’ve never met a happier more mellow baby. Sometimes I see glimpses of normal baby and the terror hits. I don’t know how to handle normal baby anymore. I’ve been utterly spoiled. People stop us on the street and say, “oh oh ohhh! that baby just smiled at me!” and we pretend like they are really special “NO WAY! Awwww!” but really he just spends his days filling people’s souls with joy. The most magical thing happened this month – he slept through the night all night, every night…. and for some reason I’ve never been more tired but my goodness once I catch up on my sleep, how lovely will this new skill be!? He’s getting louder! Looooves chattering away over there, exploring all sorts of frequencies, but still has the sweetest lil voice there ever was. He loves his siblings. I get the excited kicks when I go to get him in the morning, but they get the big smiles. Their love for each other makes my heart so happy… especially when the rest of the day is filled with more bickering than I could have ever imagined. Fun ages. fun. ages. He’s my lil buddy and I just love him so very much. Happy 7 months lil man! You are a wonder!

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