WOOPOMAN turns three!!!

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Luke Blane

MY BOY LUKE TURNED THREE!!! Oh my goodness this kid is always surprising me. He is a bundle of energy – just constantly moving. Even when he gets close to give you a hug or a kiss he sorta shakes a little, bless him. He is all boy with a tendency to wear dresses. He loves his sister more than anything and doesn’t want to do anything without her and is game to do whatever she is in the mood to do. He is a l o v e r constantly doling out kisses and sweet little remarks of encouragement. He just like a month ago went from hardly talking at all to full on sentences. He loves trains. He loves Paw Patrol. But for some reason, asked for a Superman birthday. Did you know Superman isn’t in anymore? I looked for napkins. I looked for figurines. He’s not popular in the stores, guys. WHAT IS A WORLD WITH NO SUPERMAN!? Ah well, we made it work. He is a bringer of the biggest deep breaths of patience and a joyful, bursting heart, within the same hour ;) He’s my boy and I love him so dang much. A few snaps from his day of celebration!

^^Abbie showing him around to each decoration as if on a house tour haha she’s so bossy but we love her <3

^^PIDO MAN!!! BAD MAN!!! *and instantly spread around*

^^Noah, victim of balloon attacks <3

^^The look of a kid trying to be excited about clothes on his birthday…

^^When the lady in the store asked if you wanted them wrapped and you took the easy way out but then realized she stuck allllll his presents in one bag ;)

^^hasn’t worn a dress since ;)

^^or anything else for that matter…

^^hehe Abbie ;)

^^I could watch him playing by himself all the live long day <3

^^so typical ;) “oh were you singing to me? … cause you’re competing with my new tractor…”

^Greg’s not too big on fruit… ;)

^^we are working on smaller bites. but not on your birthday :)

^^I just think he’s the cutest superman that ever was.

^^Annual measuring ceremony!

^^And then we headed down to ride some rides! I wondered on the way down why we don’t go to the boardwalk much… and then I remembered.

An hour later, we found a parking spot.

^^when your parents are screaming PULL UP PULL UP!!!! but you never did figure it out ;) he wanted to ride the red one cause “it flies…” ohhh you dear boy.

^^the reality of why the pictures are so bad :]

^^ahhh a day of health. look at that water ;)

Oh my goodness, this boy is a DAREDEVIL! He giggled so hard on the little kid rollercoaster and loved this dropping one! Made me so happy!

^^Let’s not forget this dear little junebug!


^^Me and cakes man. I have a special gift for making a very special cake… my first attempt took three trips to the store and ended up being over whipped whilst I tried to put up all the falling down streamers in record time. It rose and sunk into an inedible depression. Insert the bakery and the sad sprinkle decorations atop. All he wanted was a superman sprinkle cake. Not sure what that means but he ate it and Abbie could just barely make out an S so, SUCCESS ;)

Ohhhh Luke, we sure love you. Happy birthday bud! You light up our lives!!!

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  1. Cinnypinny says

    ( my goodness but you take great pictures, Hilary)
    Luke! You’re 3 years old!!


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