My baby is half a year old! + a celebratory outing!

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12 months of Noah / Noah Phillip

HE’S HALF A YEAR OLD!!!!!! HOWWWW!?!? My oh my I love this little man! even if he was a fuss buss this month :) Oh my goodness he’s just so fun. Just the last couple of days he’s been working on sitting up and can do it like a pro now! I leave the room and come back and there he still is! I just love seeing that little square back from across the room, bless him. He learned to put his binky back in his mouth – just in time for me to take it away entirely ;) He’s been a rockstar sleep trainer… had to sort of postpone that because he got a little cold and I just didn’t feel right about starting when he wasn’t feeling great, but the last two nights this momma got her first two full nights of sleep. what. i mean. what. He’s the messiest eater! haha he’s making up for not spitting up by leaving my shirt entirely drenched when he’s finished eating. I’m starting to accept I will probably be covered in some sort of fluid forevermore. He’s also quite the little aerobic nurser. There are limbs flying, hands grabbing, booties bouncing. No wonder I’m soaked when we are done ;) Can I say he’s crawling? not really but he can sure army crawl his way around a room. He sees a toy he wants and he’s off! And if he isn’t working those arms he’s got a pretty good inch worm crawl down too! It’s basically the cutest thing I ever did see. Oh baby Noah, we sure love you. It’s all just whirling by too fast though! How ever do you slow it down?? Today I got to hang out with my sister and had the best time. Gosh I miss her! I’ve been wanting to take the kids berry picking for the longest time and finally got around to going! A few pictures below :)

I hadn’t been since I was a kid and remember getting yelled at for sitting on all the berries (never have been much of a fan of standing ;) ) but we had the BEST time! And my gosh are they delicious! Sorta wanna go back every week this summer ;)

Thanks for hanging out with us, Auntie Minnow! We sure love you! And happy half birthday, baby Noah! You light up our whole lives :):)

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