Three Months!

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12 months of Noah / Noah Phillip

Oh little man, how we love you so. Abbie and I were, oh you know, having a little musical listening party to Les Miserables the other day, and there’s that part that says, “to love another person is to see the face of God!!!!!” all dramatic and such. And me and my hormonal self thought OH HOW TRUE. If you only knew the thoughts I was having when I was pregnant with him – I was so dang low – but this lil guy! GOD IS SO GOOD! He gives you exactly what you need, right when you need it. When you think you can’t take on any more, he gives you a little man that lights up with the biggest grin whenever he sees his momma and LAUGHS and coos and does all the things she needed to heal her lil broken heart… I can’t say it enough, he’s just such a gift to me. And I don’t know why I always revert back to thinking God is out to get me or will pay me back for whatever I’ve done or thought or whatever but seriously… this kid is just one big smile of grace from Him and I’m so very thankful. So now that I’ve placed him on THAT pedestal, (I really do love all my kids equal… PROMISE! ;) ) this month was such fun! Little man started laughing and I cannot get enough! So far it has happened when: blowing in his face, biting his hand, and trying to fit his head through a shirt hole. We sound like great parents. But he gets the giggles every time and it’s the best. He loves being on his tummy and has rolled over a couple times! He found his hand to everyones cross eyed delight… and his foot.. and his tongue. He just quietly lays there and seems to take in the world around him. Loves being held up to look out the window, loves anything with some sort of contrast – his eyes get so big and he stares at it with such intensity :) he’s just the dearest! However, this month we did forget we had him… the kids were down for their naps and Greg and I could not figure out what was making that sound. We just figured Bentley was dreaming, but he never goes on for that long! haha sorry Noah! We did remember we had another child eventually! But ya! Still winning the most mellow baby award! Chins are still going strong – I’ve picked him up several times and looked and looked for where his binky went only to look down and find it was lost in his chins :D He’s the best. Happy three months Noah! So sorry we are celebrating it with a sick party… you’re still such a champ! We love you!!!


  1. Jennifer says

    Oh Hilly! You are hysterical! I laughed out loud at this! Thanks for sharing your wonderful family with all of us!

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    • CASEY! Our chickens are no more :'( do you still wanna come over? We have a sketchy trampoline situation and possibly some swings surrounded by large deadly holes…. this is why I never went into sales… but one day we’ll have chickens again! No worries if you are busy getting ready for baby, but one day I really do want to pick your brain on how you do it all!

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      • Oh my gosh I’m terrible!! YES I STILL WANT TO COME. I am due on Friday so how’s that for timing?! Haha, we can commiserate with one another because I’m pretty much not sure how it’s going to work ha!! And so sorry about the chickens :( Somehow you’ve still sold us on the rest of the options ;) Once baby brother is here, I think we’ll swing into a better rhythm and would please loveeeee to come by and spend some time!!


      • AHHHHH CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! I hope everything goes perfectly eeeeeeee babies are just the best :):):) and yes! Whenever you’re ready to venture out of the house, our dangerous yard situation will be waiting ;)


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