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I suppose all my posts from here on out will be catchup posts ;) I’m currently trying to find activities that can be done from a lying down/ hacking up lung position. My voice left me last night and has been replaced with something that one might expect from a demonic man, causing Greg to beg the question, “tell me truthfully, have you welcomed Satan into your heart?” Not kidding. He’s so freaked out by me right now. So, we type and leave the newly discovered super deep voice to those in my immediate presence. Greg went back to work on Monday so naturally it would make sense for our entire family to be sick on this here first week of me soloing this mother of three business. And so life goes… But BEFORE I explored my vocally masculine side, Greg and I celebrated six years of married life and TEN years since the day we met! He surprised me with the most-gorgeous-rings-that-I’ve-totally-been-coveting-for-probly-forever-but-never-thought-would-happen-splurge-gift-but-he’s-the-most-amazing-spoiling-sort-of-man-and-I-should-never-tell-him-my-splurge-gifts gift.

There was so much wine… so naturally so much sleeping.

At one point the accents came out but we couldn’t seem to commit to one so our server must have been mighty confused. Aren’t we special to think we are actually that convincing…. even WITH varying accents?? Special indeed.

I finally had a moment to celebrate my sisters ENGAGEMENT! We got to have the most fun sister day and got massages and stayed at a fun hotel and went out to dinner and all the things! I thought it would be brilliant to walk into town for dinner with a baby, during the biggest storm of the year – everything that could flap was going sideways! I got the giggles and a cramp in my side. We both got severely soaked. But there were cordials and little glasses of port and tea so we could embrace our elderly selves by a fire when we got back to the hotel. And the breakfast the next day was SO good! I had the best time.

Unfortunately our leisurely morning was cut short because we were hosting Superbowl that day and Greg was trying to wait till morning to deliver the bad news that our whole garage had flooded the night before and could you please come help shovel and such cause everything smells like sewer and people will be here any minute!!! Last time we had a football party, a rat died in the wall and stunk up the whole house. It must just be a thing. With football comes a strong smell. Anyways, it really makes me feel for people who lose everything in floods or other sorts of disasters… this wasn’t even our main stuff or our house but I still cared about everything out there and so much of it was ruined :( ah well… stuff comes and goes, eh? Could probably do with less of it anyways :)

This was after hours of shoveling sewer filled mud out – it came up a foot and was literally a centimeter away from flooding Greg’s new car! So despite loving the rain normally, ever since then, we both get major panic attacks when we hear it coming down hard in the middle of the night… but hey! about this rain this year… it just keeps coming eh? Oh no, I’m becoming one of those people that complains about the rain we so desperately need.

But then Superbowl!!! Thanks everyone for humoring us and coming to our silly parties… I just love when our house is full :]

These are the things I’m discovering about three kids. Never nurse the baby when you just got the second out of the tub and dressed and there is still a full tub of bathwater. I’m learning.

He’s cute :)

Kitty snuggles <3

The kids saw me give Noah a bath in the sink and thought it was the coolest thing, so…

These kids sure love Mr. Mark. They are gunna be so sad when he’s gone! Abbie will sit out there and talk to him for hours, call his wife, eat his lunch… He’s pretty sweet with them.

Her outfits, man. They are my favorite.

This kid always jumps into the room with a HIYA! He’s all boy and I love him!

When your siblings KNOW you’ll love this toy if you. just. look. at. it!

She da bess Gummy. I just think my momma is the prettiest :)

We finally finished our deck upstairs!!!

I LOVE being out there! I invite everyone to come see it. Oh thanks for delivering my mail, would you like to see my deck!? NOW IF IT WOULD ONLY STOP RAINING SO I CAN DO NOTHING AND JUST SIT UP THERE ALL DAY!

^^Pretty typical things – Noah on the counter, fast asleep… Greg being the best dad… and all the baby smiles!!!

Just your basic dog pile :)

His little tuft <3 The only place his hair actually grows :)

^^not so typical but cute nonetheless… gotta remember the times when they weren’t screaming and violently tossing things at each other ;)

When he smiles in his sleep <3

Bentley’s still the best dog! Are these random enough yet?

Lory finally got to meet her newest grandbaby!

Abbie and I went on a little mother/daughter date to go see Bella in the Lion King! Wore the tall shoes, paid the price. We arrived huffy and puffy but she hasn’t stopped talking about it since!

Sat like this in wide eyed wonder the whole time :) precious girl.

There were ice cream days!

And ocean days!


I wanted to wake up early to surprise the kids with those sneaky leprechauns turning all our breakfast green but Abbie got so freaked out by the supposed leprechauns, Greg had to eventually spoil the fantasy. He also told her about Santa. Just kidding.

Look how giant our kitchen is ;) thank you again to everyone coming to MY FAVORITE PARTY OF THE WHOLE YEAR! I just love St Patricks day but mostly I just love being with you all :)

And thank you to my dear mother and sister in law for flying all the way out here to visit your lil CA family! We miss you!

My aunts threw Taywhad the most spectacular shower!

I can’t believe she’s getting married in just over a month!!!! Josh sure hit the jackpot, lucky sonofagun.

Guess what!? Naps are still oh so fun. This guy fights me till the cows come home, whatever that means, and then always ends up crashing right before dinner. Exhibit A. Ah the bliss of childhood.

Exhibit B.

Abbie saw the sweetness and wanted to join in ;) He’s so lucky he’s cute :):)

Oh look another sleeping baby picture. I still think she’s the most wondrous human. She’s so beautiful with those rosy cheeks!!! I must be her mother.

My future looks bright with all these sneaky babies and their can-get-away-with-anything smiles.

Always helping where needed ;)

I mean seriously. Their faces. I just can’t get enough of them!

She wants to be a dancer so bad. We picked careers for our kids the other day.. Abbie was obviously a dancer or artist of some sort, Luke was an architect, and Noah was a high school guidance counselor, bless his soul. ;)

I can always tell whos mess it is.. Luke is surprisingly neat and orderly for having all that energy and Abbie’s stuff is sort of just strewn about. Something about seeing that boy play so carefully with his trains just melts me <3

S U N please come again!!! Also, why does Bentley look so photoshopped?? He’s lost his shadow. Just call him Pan.

And that’s a wrap! Thanks for following along with our simple little life :)


  1. Jenny says

    What a bright spot this is when it arrives in our mailboxes! Thank you for taking the time to share with all of us who love your family soooo much!


  2. Taylor Abbe says

    I just re-read this post – I meant to comment on it way back when! But MY GOODNESS how you spoiled me, Hilly… That was the most special sister date I could ever even imagine. My little heart just bubbles up with so much joy thinking about our adventure in the storm and that cozy place and all the special things and that whole day… I felt SO pampered and blissful :) You are the most amazing sis and your thoughtfulness and generosity and love just blow me away. I sure love you Boo!


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