Two Months!

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12 months of Noah / Noah Phillip

THIS BOY THIS BOY!!!! I can’t get over it… he’s just the sweetest! I had the flu last week and Greg took the older kids and I got to just stare and giggle with and smile at this little man all week and it was FLU HEAVEN! I’ll be working on my computer with him on my chest and feel someone looking at me and sure enough, I’ll look down, and there’s little man, doing his best to hold that little wobbly head up, looking so much like the sweetest little worm, with the smiliest moon eyes. AHHHHH! It’s just the cutest thing to look down upon. The smiles! The smiles! He gives them out freely and it is bliss! He loves when you whistle, or sing to him, or help him stand, or you know, blow on his face. That’s a new discovery but it gets a big smile every time. He did learn to spit up this month but still baby boy, you got nothing on your siblings so can’t complain :) He’s still so snorty, and has the deepest grunts when he’s mad. Ha! he either wakes up so happy or with one loud deep bellow! Either way it’s the funniest thing and he’s still so easy to calm down when he’s mad at you so know, although I see him perhaps approaching more normal baby status with the occasional fussiness and such, month two man… he was still dream baby status. He just has the sweetest temperament… hates being left alone but if you just place him in the room everyone else is in, he calms right down and goes to sleep. I just love him and love how he compliments our family so well. The kids are still over the moon in love with their new baby brother and are learning ALL about sharing and the happiness and hardness that goes with it ;) This kid is a trooper and just calmly lays there as they loudly work out their space and time with him. So many kisses on the head. SO many faces a millimeter away. He has signs of being very ticklish, he kicks when he’s happy, he HAS YET TO PEE ON ME bless his soul. Anyone with boys knows this is a big deal. He has major hand jam.. and toe and finger jam too but man, those suckers never get aired out and it’s so hard to pry the contents out of them! The hairs get wrapped around each finger and they start going blue and ahhhhh. CLENCHED. FISTS. But we are so in love with you baby Noah! Lucky family over here :)

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