Halloween & Florida (cause I’m feeling random)

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Aaaand mostly cause those are the only photos I’ve taken lately…

Ohhh Halloween… I always feel the guilt creep in about two days before and go through the internal dilemma of whether or not to actually do something this year… will the kids even wear the dang costumes… do I really want to have that much candy in my house cause well let’s face it, the lady with zero self control is always the one that ends up eating it in large amounts… what to do what to do!? But then I get an idea and feel like I must make it happen. This year it was old people. It seemed so funny in my head. I figured we could probably scrounge up oldish people clothes and pour flour into their hair and call it a day… this is how my mind works. I see now, Abbie is at the stage of probably wanting to pick her own costumes and be a beautiful princess or something of the like – I figured this when she was wailing at the top of her lungs “I DON’T WANNA BE AN OLD WOMAN!!!” in the public restroom when I was telling her why we had to hurry up and get home. Next year, sweet girl. Next year you can be a princess. Thanks for humoring me for these first four halloweens of your life :) They finally got really excited about them when they both realized they got to wear makeup. Dream. Come. True. For both Abbie and Luke ;) Some pictures!

Abbie got really into the sour old woman character. She was cracking me up! I found out I wasn’t all that original when I went on Facebook the next day and saw that four of my friends had their kids dressed up as old people. Who knew it was such a popular costume!? Oh well, they were so cute running up to our neighbors doors and saying TWICK OR TWEAT before it was even opened. I love love love those kids of mine :)

And thennnn we were off to Florida! Ok, I’ll be honest, I didn’t really want to go because I have so much to do before this baby comes and I am just in a constant state of overwhelmed-ness and basically am just a big heaping pile of need and tears. BUT. I’m SO glad I went… I can’t even describe how good it was for my soul! We had the BEST time seeing Greg’s family and getting to celebrate my mother-in-law turning 80! I just can’t believe that – she looks so amazing! But we stayed right on the beach and the kids had the best time playing in the ocean and ahhh it was just lovely. Sure love that family of mine over there on the other side of the country.

I feel like traveling with kids will be easy… never. But all in all, they did pretty good and watching them FINALLY get excited about taking off was worth it all :)

We got in real late and woke up to this… I just laid there and smiled :)

Greg . even . touched . sand . JUST LOOKIT THAT DADDY WITH HIS KIDS! How can that not make your heart happy!?

This baby is sitting sooo low I feel like I need to carry my belly around with both hands. We went to the grocery store and I feel like people were jumping out of my way… am I really that big already!? Cause I still have two more months…

I dunno… something about seeing other people love on your kids warms the whole dang soul. Their cousins were SO amazing with them. Seriously, so thankful.

I notice most of my pictures of my kids these days are of them sleeping… I think the Lord made kids have to take naps so the parents wouldn’t accidentally kill them. I have found my bucket of love for my kids fills up tremendously when they are sleeping. Oh look! Do you see how fondly I’m talking about them? …they are sleeping now ;)

Oh look, more! But those little skinned up, missing nail, sweetest hands <3

The day Greg found out he got to wear his mothers face in public all day ;)

But look how cute everyone is!

^^When you ask her to smile these days…

I really feel like we could become that yachting family. I really feel it.

And that’s all I got because I am lame about taking pictures these days! BUT ALSOOOOOO

We came home and someone had started in on our deck!!!!! So pray that they get it sealed back up before the supposed rain coming on Wednesday! Hasn’t rained for how many months and….. ;) BUT YAY YAY YAY!!! I just love when things are happening. I feel like we are so close to being done with this and then we can just have a baby and CHILL OUT for a while danggit! So excited.

Oh and here’s my front porch cause my new numbers came in the mail today and it finally feels completed :) Ohhhhh it feels good to be out of my funk. So many exciting things happening! AND NEXT WEEK IS THANKSGIVING!!!! Hope you all have a wonderful one! From someone who struggled with thankfulness all last year, choosing to be grateful despite our circumstances is the best medicine I can think of :) But danggit it’s hard sometimes! Here’s to trying to see the positive, together :) Love you all!

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