It’s Christmastime!!!!

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the daily life

Can you hardly even believe it!? Did anyone else think that last week in November was the looooongest week ever!? It just went on and on…. but now December is here and we can officially celebrate all things festive! Greg and I even got to sneak away for a mini babymoon before our last little one gets here! I realized there is a reason they say don’t go on such trips in your last month… there was much restless leg syndrome and so much sciatica and all things pain but it was still so nice to get away. We even got most of our Christmas shopping done! We were looking at one of the books in the hotel room of castles in Europe and were thinking how nice it must be to live in such a gorgeous place.. and then started looking around and realized here isn’t so bad ;)

Really, can’t complain.

The festiveness!!!! It just makes me so happy! So much good food and games to mimic our kids cause my goodness we are nerds and apparently don’t know what to talk about anymore. Greg had me cracking up so hard over his Abbie impressions. Just thinking about it makes me smile. Anyways, it’s always good to get away with that guy :)

When we got back, we decided this was the year we should chop down a tree. I’ve never actually chopped one down and it sounded all sorts of fun.

Just look how fun. We should have come for the swings and seesaws and left for the lot tree ;) both kids were so tired and whiny and I kept finding them strewn about, resting their supposedly aching muscles.

Ha! I had no idea how big that place would be and how much of not the type of tree I wanted there was. That was a good sentence. So we walked and walked and dragged and carried and hoped no one would get lost in the forest of green and eventually just decided this year would be the year for the sad but sweet tree and started to saw the next half decent one we laid eyes on.

Greg keeps telling me it’s the saddest tree he has ever seen but I have grown quite fond of it. All in all, we got at least one tree chopping experience and the memories are already starting to warm in my mind ;)

And then came the decorating. Bless those children.

Luke was SO proud every time he got one on the branch. The same branch. Every time. I tried to wrap my head around each and every ornament getting broken and despite dying on the inside as they were flung here and there, I’d say it was rather successful!


We’ve been doing lots of baking and snuggling and have pretty much burned through every Christmas movie possible and it hasn’t even been a week but my body is done with the moving at this point so it’s been so nice to slow down :)

^^When you are just done with the holiday baking ;)
I hope you’re all having a wonderful holiday season so far! We are officially 37 weeks next week so I have all sorts of reasons to be excited and expectant :D cannot wait to meet this babe! and drink that Manhattan ;)

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