If you could only hear the sounds

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family days

We have a little slideshow that plays family pictures when our apple tv is on, and the other night Greg and I were just sitting there watching it go round and round, listening to music and I thought, my goodness I really haven’t taken many pictures lately cause I’m tired and lazy and sometimes just wanna enjoy the whole dang experience doggonit but I sure do love looking back at all these times I would most certainly forget had that picture not been emblazoned in my mind. So this is now – lots of feet in the face, lots of personal space being shot to hell ;) but lots and lots of the sweetest giggles you ever did hear and so much heart bursting I can barely stand it. These people are my everything.

This girl <3 they don't come much sweeter!

^^HIS LITTLE SMILEY EYES. I. just. can’t. take. it.^^

^^YOU GUYS THAT FACE. He gets away with freakin everything because LOOKIT.

And one more of Bentley being dominated ;)

HEY! The kids are napping, the dishes are DONE… I KNOW. (If you’ve visited me lately, you know this is a rare occurrence and a modern day miracle…) maybe I’ll just keep posting away and play catch up ;) get ready for a potential bombardment!

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  1. Cinnypinny says

    SO, so, so cute! The whole family looks positively joyful! What a great daddy.
    (Bentley looks pretty sweet too, covered in a blanket with a kitty on top of him!) That dog!!


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