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Don’t you just love the city at Christmastime? I do :) I love to go up there this time of year hoping it will be especially festive …which it wasn’t …but we still had the best time! Abbie’s been begging to go ice skating recently and I was all geared up to watch Greg take his daughter around the rink till he switched up the game and said that I in fact would be the one precariously holding up a wobbly child on sharp blades and slippery ice. All good days start at the ocean so that is where we began.
The winds were a blowin and MY GOSH it was cold but by golly it is December and I’m so thankful for just the slightest chill in the air! I hate hot Decembers. Except the last couple of days when our heat was not hooked up… it would have been nice to have some freakishly warm nights then ;)

^^When your baby doesn’t want a booster seat or high chair and orders her own meal and looks like a proper ADULT :’) :’)

I’m just so proud of this little lady for trying ice skating and being so big and brave! We went around three times and my back is still recovering. My goodness it is hard to balance and help someone else balance. We were a sight ;)

Aaaaand we looked like this most of the time.

This is my favorite picture Greg took ;)

BEST BOY. Sat all day and didn’t complain :) Sweetest lil guy!

And all of a sudden she’s a giant girl :'(

The rest of the day was filled with chasing bubbles and perusing shops. It was delightful :) I just love this lil family of mine.

When you try to get the bubbles like your big sister but you’re strapped in a stroller ;) heheh Hope you all have a very merry Christmas!

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  1. Taylor Welty says

    This post made me get a little choked up… See’s toooo BIG! No Abbie nooooo!! You sure do have a pwesus family… I’m so glad you got to enjoy some Christmas festivities together :)


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