Abbie turns THREE oh and hiiiii New Years

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Abigail Elizabeth / family days

So, I think I’ve really just been holed up, trying to survive this renovation. I’m so dang stressed, I’m getting bumps and rashes all over my arms, poor Greg comes home from work so happy and is instantly hit with the presence that is me and my goodness I just can’t wait to be done with it. If you think I’m joking, here is our cheese plate for our New Years party.
I’ve clearly given up on all things life.

Anyways, in other less depressing news, let’s go back to new years which is a marvelous memory because THIS YEAR I GET A KITCHEN THAT WORKS. I can’t even express how excited this thought makes me.
For Christmas, Taylor’s boyfriend gave me what I like to call “friendly lights” cause they just make any patio oh so happy and I mean really, do unfriendly people possess such joyful luminaries? No. Since my patio is covered with said renovation things, they obviously went up in our living room to show our guests how friendly we are and distract them from the cheese plate.
Just look at that precious little back shoulder combo. Little girls are just the dearest.

Aaaand this is pretty typical. Why she’s suddenly into bottles again? Who knows… I’m thinking it has something to do with the one on the right there. It’s so amusing to me how early the sibling rivalry and games start. And it goes both ways – the boy who is silent and toddles from here to there like a slow drunken sailor, can all of a sudden possess the swiftness of a master ninja if he sees something of hers that she loves and he knows she won’t let him have. It is amusing ;)
This is Sabrina. She lives outside now. I don’t wanna talk about it. You guys, so much poop in our life. From everyone and everything. How does everyone in the universe know my washer is not hooked up right now!? HOW!?

But then came baby girls birthday!



We really wanted to take her to a little horse riding lesson for her birthday but the weather didn’t allow such wonderful ideas to come to fruition soooo naturally we went bowling. As all people do when their first idea doesn’t work out.

This kid was so dang cute clapping for everyone <3

Also, all she asked for was a pink cake and a dance party. This cake is not pink. She noticed. THEY ALWAYS HAVE PINK CAKES. BLAST YOU YEAR OF NO OVEN! I thought carrot cake would be sweet cause that’s what I baked Greg when I found out she was coming. She didn’t get the sentimentality either. I thought I could easily find some bunnies to be all cute like on top. I went to four different places… guests were arriving… no bunnies. So into the cake went her brand new toys. She was so confused as to why they were in there. She’s a very practical girl ;)

I got her a tutu which saved me a little. I forgot the slippers… I am learning so many things.

Papi demonstrated how to ride the horse. She was confused why it didn’t have a body.

And there was pizza and a whole bunch of things I didn’t make (which really just means one plate of sad limp vegetables) because remember my brain does not think to think of other people on account of being in my first-world-survival-mode. I’m so fun to be around these days ;) Bless that husband of mine. BUT THEN she was playing so nicely in the front room by herself and we put her favorite song on… those lil eyes lit up and she exclaimed “I HAVE TO GO PUT ON MY PRETTY BLUE DRESS!” And away she pranced to put on her proper dancing attire and led the night in the sweetest little dance party. Bless my family for putting up with all this. It warmed my whole dang soul.

Happy birthday to the sweetest little girl I know, who daily holds her mess of a mommas face between those sweet little cupped hands and whispers “it’s okay momma! It’s all going to be okay!” I sure love you, Abigail Elizabeth. Happy three.

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  1. Cinnypinny says

    Oh my gosh!!! So very sweet. What a precious little girl you have raised. And the pictures!! ( Oh, so, so cute! )

    This is SO funny to me: “She lives outside now. I don’t want to talk about it.”


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