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the daily life

Here are my children feeding each other beads. Luke definitely swallowed at least one. I’m winning at parenting. This is life right now. Abbie wears an evening gown of some sort all day every day, and Luke never leaves his pajamas. He hates footies (and socks) but they just look so dang cozy, he keeps ending up in them. I hate that I’ve been too busy/not in a state (hardy har har) to record all their happenings cause gosh danggit it’s going by too fast and I know I will miss all of it when it’s done. So here’s the now. Bad parenting and all. But their precious little relationship. I so hope that will keep growing. Abbie dragging Luke all around the house, him either squeeling with delight or annoyance – either way it’s always loud and crazy and although there are definitely days I wish I was alone in a cave, the mess is so beautiful. To hoping I can always see that *raises not so imaginary wine glass ;) * Cheers!

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