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terrific trips

^^How cute are those two walking through the airport? WE MADE IT! We flew with one spinning, screaming baby and a thank-the-Lord-quiet-toddler across the country, drove up up up from state to state and finally made it to visit Greg’s family for the first time in way too long (sorry guys!). We had the best time!

^^They were really into looking out the window before we took off. You guys LOOK! WE ARE LITERALLY FLYING THROUGH THE AIR!!!! Nothing. :/ One day they’ll see the wonder of it all ;)

^^Greg has been looking forward to using his new headphones on a flight for the longest time. So when I saw him hand them over to his daughter cause hers kept falling out of her ears, I might have just fallen in love with him all over again :) it’s the little things :)

First stop was Tennessee to see Greg’s friends from way back when. They just had their first child and Abbie could have not been more excited!

She got my smothering gene.

We got to explore Nashville on a cold blustery day which was quite fun ifIdosaysomyself! There was delicious barbecue and some killer music for a Wednesday at 1pm and these kiddos loved dancing in the street. I sorta adore this picture Greg took of Luke even if my camera did feel like being blurry that day.

How can you not love that face <3
ONE DAY I will get a picture with my kids where they are actually looking at the camera. One day.
She’s a music girl. They both are really. Luke starts clapping immediately when it comes on and this girl just loves to dance. It’s safe to say they loved this town :)
We got some coffee in a little shop where Abbie came with me to the bathroom and cheered SO loudly that MOMMY! YOU ARE DOING IT!!! YAY MOMMY!!! Can you tell we’ve been potty training?? Anyways, that was funny and slightly embarrassing considering I’m sure everyone in the shop could hear how well I was doing at using the potty ;)
^^One day, guys.
Thanks for having us Caleb and Shannon! Your daughter is beyond adorable and has sparked the baby fever in one little persistent girl ;) WE LOVE YOU!!! Now come to California!
These pictures are trash but the drive was just so dang pretty, I couldn’t help myself!
I LOVED driving through Kentucky! I don’t know why but I thought it would sorta be real dry and ugly but it was gorgeous and GREEEEEEN! And we happened to stumble upon the BEST friend chicken and frosty beer and mamma mia I was so happy and full!

I just love how much she puckers up :)
So when you’re a Christian in Kentucky, you go see the Ark ;) And so we did. With an hour and a half till closing. Somebody didn’t plan the drive time correctly and my goodness it is large! but the good news is, we missed all the lines, it was practically empty and we had the best time even if we did have to basically run through it to see the whole thing!
Abbie was slightly terrified at first cause when you walk in all you can hear is animal noises and she sorta had the ‘what the’ face plastered on for the first bit, but then she seemed to really like it. She said woah! that’s a big big boat! when we were pulling up. I got strangely emotional walking through hearing the rain and such but that’s not really new news in my life these days cause HELLO hormones! but all in all we had a real good time. I hope Abbie remembers it forever and ever. Is that asking too much? ;)

Then it was off to Indiana to finally finally finally visit Greg’s family! I must say, it meant so much to me to see everyone welcome these kiddos and just love on them even though we don’t get to see you very often. They just seemed so happy and you guys welcomed them so warmly so thank you! It happened to be Greg’s brothers 50th birthday which was so much fun. There was a party. Everyone could make it. This was the first time all those siblings have been together since our wedding!
THERE WERE THUNDERSTORMS!!! Abbie was sometimes a fan, sometimes not so much ;)

We got to meet up with some more of Greg’s hometown friends and their little girl! Abbie, sweet child. She needs more friends her age. She just lights up around anyone her size that might be willing to play with her. I love that little girl more than I can say :)

Greg showed me around Lafayette and it was so beautiful. I know you mid west folks don’t consider this Fall quite yet, but this California girl was beyond happy with the hint of changing seasons!

Greg kept saying, “now what exactly are you taking pictures/videos of?” ;)

It was so so good to see all of you! And to my dear mother in law who slept on the couch for a week :'( I’M SO SORRY! but thank you for putting up with us and not saying anything about the crying babies all night every night and for feeding us and loving us and and and. We are very blessed to have such a wonderful family on that side of the country. Just wish we could see you more! trip-63
And then it was off to Chicago to fly on home! There was less crying, just a touch more sleeping, and all was well. trip-64

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  1. Oh I just love your posts!! So much fun! The ARK looks incredible, seriously. Also, I had no idea the midwest would be so green; thunderstorms I would expect and how I love love love a good one :) And you guys rule at trips!

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