Happy Halloween!!!

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family days

Oh yes, there’s more! Imma just put these up here cause they make me unbelievably happy. Luke lit up when he saw this mass of feathers on his head and I just got such a kick out of him toddling around with that giant hair. So worth all the pricked fingers trying to find that dang needle amidst the mess of blue fluff. I’m so behind on sorting through my pictures so let’s just start with Halloween and perhaps skip over the bit of me turning 30 last month and then while we are at it, move on to the fact that IT’S ALMOST CHRISTMAS!!!! ;) I got so excited last night realizing that well, now that Halloween is over, it’s basically THE HOLIDAY SEASON!!! And since I was basically in grinch mode last year HELLO NO SLEEP AND SOME SORT OF HORMONAL THYROID DISEASE, I’m very much looking forward to experiencing all the cheer I missed in the rage that was last Christmas ;) Anyways, Halloween was so dang fun this year. I made the simplest costumes of all time and the kids actually didn’t cry the entire time they were in them – they didn’t rip the stickers off immediately and the wigs held together for the most part so I’d say it was some sort of a spooky miracle! Behold! 750 photos of fluff! I’m seriously struggling with decision making these days so you can’t possibly expect me to choose one!


^^This one may be my favorite cause he’s literally rubbing his eyes and it was just the cutest thing :):)

In case you were wondering, the girl that will not let me touch her hair ( :'( ) would only tolerate such frivolity for so long – hence the excessive pictures of the man in blue. I swear I don’t have favorites ;) But while we are at it, here’s one more :)

Despite not ever receiving one trick-or-treater while living here, we decided to just try our street. I’m so glad we did cause we met so many of our neighbors and everyone was so friendly! Also, Abbie was so shy and scared to go (despite the promise of candy) but by the last house, she was telling me “come on, mom! we got to go knock on the door!” I hope she understands our neighbors won’t always be handing out candy…. what a strange holiday! haha. Anyways, I was so proud of her and so happy that we have so many nice people on our block :) who knew! Happy Halloween! AND HAPPY HOLIDAY SEASON! sorta.

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