Camping with chillens Round 2

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We tried our hand at camping with littles again! It was so dirty! It was so fun! I seriously had the best time. The weather was glorious and the smells were all I could hope them to be and the lake was stunning and I am so glad to be sleeping in my own bed again but I also can’t wait to go back :) Some pictcha pictchas to document!

^^Just try to find Luke’s feet. And this is after lightening the photo…

These girls were SO cute together – holding hands and jabbering away about who knows what. Abbie LOVED having a buddy around, poor friend-deprived child.

This hammock. I think we need one STAT because I’m fairly certain they would have stayed in there all day if we had let them. Think of the sanity this lady could acquire. JUST THINK OF IT!

We finally found the dog beach for Belly dog! He was that happiest guy for those couple of hours :)

Those people. I love.

Their relationship. I’m so jealous.

Aaaand these are the pictures I get with my kids :/ ;)

^^This was definitely one of my favorite moments of the trip/my life. I took the kids back to the tent to get their nap in but as nature would have it, it started to thunderstorm. Bentley was SO nervous but Abbie just went up to him and held him and kept saying “It’s okay Bentley, I’m here, I gotchu. I’m here, it’s ok!” It was the sweetest thing :):) and Luke just thought the storm was the funniest thing. No naps were had but it was so dang fun. I LOVE STORMS. WHY DO I LIVE IN CALIFORNIA??

The camping ensembles. They are my favorite.

^^You know it’s been a good day when all three of your kids are asleep at the same time *insert HALLELUJAH hands*

There was an outing to other pretty places!

^^We wonder why it’s difficult to make friends… ;)

And went to see a meadow and some horsies. Many horsies.

^^She says her favorite animal is a horse right now so her face was pretty priceless when she saw them. I freakin love that girl.

And I may be biased but I think this boy is the cutest boy in the world. CUTEST. boy.

Some rear ends for ya.

The last time I took the kids to go see some horses, Abbie was obviously so excited but Luke :) I’ve never seen him hang on to me so tight. He’s a pretty brave n tough lad but he seems pretty aware these are pretty big animals :D his finger warmed up to them this time :)

Did you know my momma had horses growing up? She was a horse girl! I love to see her gently stroking them when she thinks no ones looking :)

Greg and I are in the matching hats stage of life. Wish us well.

There was a Saloon. Greg was so happy.

And then down to the river for picnics and whining dogs!

He’s just the sweetest most content little guy. How do I keep him One forever!? I love One.

This kid and her faces :D

She saw daddy put some on his face and wanted in on that action. How can you not love every little thing she does!? Innocence. There’s just nothing like it.

AND THIS BOY. He is the most tender ice cream licker I’ve ever seen. I could watch him all day. I sorta really like my kids.

And then we lucked out and got to take a spontaneous ride on Papi’s boat!

Fish were caught! Impressions were made! Abbie is still talking about how Papi kissed the fish ;) She also informs me daily that when she is three, and a big girl, she will catch a fish too. Also, she will see Spiderman when she is a big big girl. These are her life goals thus far.

Till next time, Pinecrest! You were awfully fun!


  1. Lory Nettles says

    Looks like a very wonderful time for all. Those memories will remain forever, esp for the adults!


  2. What a blast! I’m inspired, your babes seemed to do so well! OK AND.. I noticed someone is reading ‘No Drama Discipline’ and this someone would be so curious to hear your thoughts! If that was your book, that is ;)


    • Haha it was so much fun! They did great minus one little man refusing to sleep the entire time but HEY – one bad sleeping child is wayyyy better than two bad sleeping children ;) and YES! Have you read it? I’d love to hear what you think… so far what they are saying resonates with me and how I’m wired – you know really understanding the situation and the child before jumping into correction… and maybe when they are older and better able to express things it’ll really come into play but I dunno sometimes it’s just like, NO you cannot push your brother down the stairs!!! and it’s hard for me to calmly address the situation when it’s sorta a life or death issue ;) if that makes sense. I will say, I was getting very reactive with my discipline of Abbie and it’s helped me slow down and understand her more and I’ve definitely seen a difference in her behavior but a couple situations I’m just not sure what to do about. That probably didn’t make any sense ;) Anyways, did you like it? And congratulations congratulations on baby number 3!!!! So excited for you!


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