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12 months of Luke / family days / Luke Blane

More importantly ^^these^^ pictures are DONE ;) definitely was picturing a smiley finish but alas, such is life. We had the best time celebrating little man last night. I still can’t believe it’s been a year and I still can’t believe he came out a boy! HA! Boys are so great. This one in particular. He’s so sweet and so dang mellow and undemanding. I think he knew all this was for him and he was just so cute and smiley. Ahhh I just love this lil man.

What better way to say good morning birthday! than with a candle in your melon! ;)

^^Bentley: “they forgot my birthday….”^^ ;)

Abbie only wanted to be in the picture if she could be upside down. She has opinions.

^^And this is where Abbie chose to put her watermelon, moments before guests arrived… she also decided to cover herself and the entire bathroom in lotion, moments before guests arrived. Quiet toddlers are terrifying toddlers. Also, cabinets were being emptied moments before guests arrived. Many things were happening. Thank you everyone for not showing up early :D

^^this man… how can you not love him :D ^^

^^Just look at that standing, toddling baby! Here’s to hoping they’ll be best friends foreverandeverandever^^

^^I think he liked his pie :)

This is definitely one of those fraction of an inch moments where I CAN’T CHOOSE! He’s just so dang cute! :D

I’m telling you! They just don’t come much sweeter!!

Those little outstretched toes <3

The mens… testing the slide, tractor combo… this year should be fun ;)

Thank you thank you thank you to everyone who was able to come celebrate little Luke and for all who have been involved in his life and ours! This year has definitely been one of the more challenging and your support means the world to us. We love you guys! And dear little Luke, you are such a blessing and my goodness, my mind is overwhelmed with thankfulness when I think of what a gift you are to our family. We sure love you little man! Happy birthday, son.

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