Fourth of July and other delights

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family days / terrific trips

Whelp, it’s July. You know, THE VERY MONTH MY BOY WAS BORN A YEAR AGO [what. the. HOW.] and we moved into our little house TWO years ago! and I’m feeling all sorts of joyful to be living in this little town with my little family. We just got back from my cousins houseboat and then had Greg’s friends in town for a couple days, sooo playing catchup while everyone sleeps :) A few pictures below. as is customary ;)

THESE GIRLS. They are so sweet together! Cheeto faces and kisses obviously signal summer.

That girl. She has my heart.

Remember how last time, he was in my belly?!

BEST auntie that can get the boy that doesn’t sleep, to sleep. in a life jacket no less!

Some of the best cousins that ever were

I’m too old for tubing. Says my neck. That wouldn’t move the next day.lake-17lake-18

When you get back in the boat and your daughter has started a dance party <3

Three generations!

THIS GUY. I love him.

lake-25When your older sibling is a girl… you get to wear the pink puffs

lake-28lake-29Did I mention all my furniture has teeth marks on it?


lake-32lake-31I apologize but HOW do you pick just one!?

lake-43lake-45I’m pretty sure they are besties

lake-44That glorious moment when…lake-46


That form!

lake-53lake-54lake-56lake-55Our relationship these days ;) lake-57These girls! They were just so dear!
lake-59And then these two!
lake-61 Luke!

Dad’s face ;)
lake-64Testing out diaper strength.

lake-63Seriously, how cute are they?


Thanks, Coz’s! We had the best time!

lake-76But then the next day was the Fourth! Which if you are American at all, is all things wonderful!

IMG_3807We went to a parade cause that’s what you do. There was meat a roasting on a float. Because Santa Cruz. Aptos, rather. lake-72

lake-74Hiiiii Mike

lake-73Did I mention he’s teething.

lake-75Hiiii dad

lake-77And then when the fog burned off, my baby girl, who hates all things water, turned into a daredevil pool goer – splashing and jumping and kicking all around! WHO IS THIS CHILD. I was so proud.


lake-80Luke, learning the ins and outs of the GT

lake-81“So you say 50/50”lake-83“Ah, I see!”

These babies <3 I just can’t get enough of them!

lake-86So Abbie is back to being all brave and such AND SO we may have gone on her first kiddie roller coaster and I was all sorts of proud of her! IMG_3855IMG_3834Summer, you’ve been mighty fine! Happy July everyone!

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  1. Cinnypinny says

    Sounds like you all had a blast! The kids look so adorable – love all the pictures! (You are right; you can’t pick just one)
    You MUST be tired, girl! There was a lot going on in that little blog!


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