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12 months of Luke / Luke Blane

When he just won’t give you the smile he gives every other minute of the day ;) such is life.

^^Sister always ends up at the end of all these pictures ;)

WHAT THE HECK! WHERE DID THIS YEAR GO!? How is my baby boy almost a year old!? I know he still has a month but my goodness, I feel like eleven months is always more of a shock than twelve. It has just snuck in there somehow and caught me by surprise, both times! Anyways, this kid. I’m just so smitten by him and this month, well, it’s been a total game changer.

For one, I feel like I’m starting to feel normal parent tired rather than woah the walls are swaying tired. When Abbie was tiny, I went to the dentist and the lady that cleaned my teeth told me her son woke up every hour for a year. I remember thinking I could never do that. Abbie had her ups and downs with sleep but for the most part, she was fairly decent. Luke has shown me I can do things I never thought I could! Made me absolutely nuts in the head but hey! I feel like we have turned a corner ;) He’s napping pretty well and sleeping from about 7:30 till 4 fairly consistently till this last week where he forgot how fun 2am was. BUT he’s getting back to sleep pretty well instead of just screaming and needing to be walked around so that’s been nice. Now if only I could get back to sleep too, then we’ll really be cookin wiss gas!

He’s a water boy. I got him and Abbie a little kiddie pool for the hot days this summer and man, if I stick him out on the patio and don’t watch him, he’ll crawl right in, fully clothed, every time. It’s sorta funny, sorta WHY CAN’T I REMEMBER THIS HAPPENS EVETY TIME!?

He’s like a totally different baby! So sweet. So happy. Like, he was sweet and happy before but he’s just kicked it up a notch lately. Which makes me think he was just super tired before and trying his best? He would just zone out but was so sweet and mellow… and now he’s excitedly crawling everywhere, curious about everything, so quick to smile… he’s just the best! Aaaand I feel terrible.

He’s very into food *BINGO* and very into whatever you are eating.

He’s a stair master. I don’t worry about him at all anymore. He looooves going up to sister’s room and is very good about telling momma when he’d like to come back down. I love looking up and seeing his little head peering down at me with a big ol smile :):) FAVORITE.

Still such a momma’s boy! God must have known I needed that :) Abbie climbed into bed one morning and got between where he was soundly sleeping nestled against me …he woke up so fast and was SO mad till he worked his way back over and was immediately content. He makes my heart smile. BUT lately he’s been giving daddy lots of love. Whenever he comes home from work he excitedly crawls over to him, gets on his knees and raises those precious arms for giggly hugs. I don’t think I’ll ever be happier than when I see those babies love on their daddy. It’s the best.

He finally stood on his own for the first time! You cannot force him to do it. He only does it when he doesn’t realize he’s doing it. And he can take his merry time walking too. bemybabyforeverandeverandever

Speaking of walking, my dining room looks like an avant-garde painting all. the. time. Son loves to push those chairs ev-er-y-where. He has the best time causing disorder. Speaking of. Spice jars. Somehow he knows how to get into the cabinet and unscrew the tops. There were a couple days where curry was a very strong smell in our house. Bathroom cabinets are also rarely organized and toilet paper is no longer a friend to the roll.

We have found the choking sound he makes is actually a game he’s been playing! If you make a choking sound, he’ll make one back! Now I know! He also loves to play toss with dad. If Greg tosses a ball up, Luke will do it back. This is all very exciting.

He’s pretty dang mellow but definitely has a dramatic side. When sad, tired, or angry, that head will be laid on the ground in utter frustration. It’s rather dear.

Speaking of that head, he’s the toughest kid I know. For example, definitely accidently flipped the hammock over and all of me landed on that tiny head… he was a little upset but didn’t seem to really mind. Sister lands on it all the time. It almost always has a bruise on either side of it from running into things. He fell and hit his lip on the tile the other day and it was all bloody, plus he had some scratches from momma not keeping up with manicures, and a pretty bad teething rash on his chin… he looked all sorts of abused but he never ever complains. I’ve never heard him cry for more than a minute when he gets hurt and seems quite content to just be snuggled. He’s just the greatest boy. Did I mention I love him?

Dearest Luke, I love how you sit on your knees, and smile so big when you crawl around with really high arms and loud hand slaps. You have serious fears of missing out and hate to be put down for naps but you’ve been doing so good about trying. I love how you dance to music now and fling yourself through the air not knowing if someone is going to catch you. Actually, let’s work on letting momma know you’re about to do the flinging and then both of us will have less bruises. Dear son of mine, I sure love you with all my heart and thank Jesus every day that he put you into our lives. Happy last :'( month :'( of your first year!

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  1. Cinnypinny says

    Ahhh. It IS sad – I ask God for just one “do-over” day
    all the time but his answer is always NO.
    So glad you record his precious growth and changes here on the blog – it really does help jog your memory later on.
    ( ONE YEAR OLD Soon? You’ve gotta be kidding me! )


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