Happy Father’s Day!

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This guy. These videos don’t even hold a candle to how amazing of a dad this guy is. I wish I had a record button on my eyeballs cause the interactions between this marvelous man and his babies is simply the best and I always ALWAYS miss it whenever I try to record anything. BUT since I’m a sucker for all crappy home videos and can’t bring myself to delete anything, we’ll just keep em comin ;) cause he’s an amazing dad. It brings me so much joy to see how much he loves our little ones and to see their relationships growing. Sometimes my heart just feels so full it could burst! Happy Father’s Day, beloved. I’m so glad I get to do life with you and this little family of ours. You make us all feel so blessed. We love you!

And if you wanna weep enormous amounts of tears because Abbie was this itty bitty only last year, you may click here.

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