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the daily life

Wouldn’t it be nice if each of these posts didn’t have three thousand photos to sort through ;) anyways, life lately:

^^Ooooh if I could only remember these little details forever… the chubby wrists and dimpled fingers and and and^^

Abbie’s become very interested in painting which, you know, makes my mommy heart soar …and feel all sorts of terror as I look around at my once white house. But I still love to look over at this little site.

There was Easter. We colored eggs. Most of the cups looked like this.

The Easter Bunny actually mustered up some baskets. How sweet of him to stuff them with books and impressionist artist memory games! The kids were thrilled….
But egg hunts were a hit!

That man and his son <3 Luke went through a little phase of falling asleep immediately on Greg. It was the sweetest.

Never did get that picture of them in their Sunday best. So here’s an end of the day shot ;)
There were some wonderful park days with dad

And baking days

And moments where you walk in to this cuteness
There were beach days
And the best days that start with breakfast AND ocean AND dad HALLELUJAH

And days to go look at God’s amazing giant trees
And Grammy days
And lots of days at home

And lots of mischief

Conspiring in action!
But oh look they’re cute. :)

Some days are really hard so we take pictures. And then I remember how much I love being their mom :)
There was that one time I took Luke to urgent care cause I was convinced he had something stuck in his throat what with three days and nights of the strangest cough and looks of pain and struggling …only to have them tell me “he’s fine – he simply has his first cold – is this your first baby??” I’ve become that lady. Sigh. No sleep seriously screws up your judgement and instincts. I’m blaming that. And hardy har har… first ….cold…. ;)

There were days to Callistoga

WITH date nights!!!
And more days at home

And more days at the beach

Hehe I just love their precious scowls :):) But really this is what that particular outing really looked like.
The joys :) I think I horrified an Asian couple by taking pictures at a moment such as this but I found it so amusing :D Greg says I need to work on my humor. One day I will fit in.
Oh ya! There was mother’s day!

Greg let me order two entrees because that was not nearly enough pasta, and it was the most lovely outing!

This was supposed to be my mother’s day picture ;)

There were pool days
And days where your baby is determined to devour other helpless infants.

And then there are days when your husband comes home and says pack your bags, I’ve booked you a room at a hotel and you are going to go get a good night sleep. And you burst into happy tears and get the heck out of there. Because this kid man, I love him I love him I love him but he does. not. sleep. And it is ROUGH. So I just fell in love with my husband all over again with the utterance of the word LEAVE. :)

Naturally I remembered everything for a wonderful night away except my pump. So guess who still had to get up in the middle of the night and early early morning to try to keep those suckers from bursting. Live and learn. Or don’t because you’re too sleep deprived to remember anything anyways ;)
And then there are the sweetest moments scattered about each day and I so wish I could remember them all ^^ does this remind you of the boy version of Abbie baby?? :):)

Life is so full and hard but all sorts of wonderful and I’m just so thankful this little family is mine. So so thankful. Happy WEEKEND!!!


  1. Shannon says

    Gosh, Girly, your life just looks so wonderful. So full. You are blessed. Praise God.


  2. CinnyPinny says

    Oh . My. Gosh!! Can they get ANY cuter ?
    I can’t stop laughing and crying! Your life; It should be a movie! Your house looks, every inch, sparkling clean and beautiful. Even Bentley! So glad you appreciate all of it, God is good to us!
    PS: you take the BEST pictures! And…
    I figured it out – this is what I think:
    Abby is Welty, all of her!
    Luke is Nettles, all of him!


  3. Taylor Welty says

    Oh my gunness… You captured the most precious, precious PRECIOUS images! And yet I know there are always WAY more than we can even capture. I love the pics of you and Abbie and Greg and Luke sleeping… what a great comparison! I’m so grateful you take pictures so I can be a little more connected to yous :) I sure love you guys :)


  4. I have no words! Your picture taking skills are phenomenal! I hope in heaven we can watch snapshots of our lives like this, set to a soundtrack- it would elicit such praise to God! Because in these snapshots of life, I see His indescribable goodness to us, and you, Hilly, have graciously documented it. Thank you for this GIFT!


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