9 months

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12 months of Luke / Luke Blane

How does he get cuter every month!? *says his mother* I can’t handle this kid! He’s just the sweetest, most mellow child that ever was and I just can’t believe he’s mine. He slips under the bath water for a bit too long but pops back up with a cough and a big smile! He gets wacked and dragged and aggressively loved on by his sister but returns all these gestures with all the love in his heart and man he falls and falls and falls but just gets back up again and keeps on going. He’s the best. I’ve been neglecting to write down things that have been happening the last couple of months that are distinctively Luke – like how he smacks his gums and just crawls around smacking away. You can always hear him coming because he pants so heavily which you know, the best. He’s excellent at eating out of those baby food pouches – I used to have to squeeze each bite out onto a spoon for Abbie but this kid, you just hand him the thing and he sucks it down in a matter of seconds. Party trick! So anyways, this month he:

Got his first wrist tan! He’s turning the cutest orange color ;) He just loves being outside and with all the sickness that keeps hitting and hitting and hitting this family, a little extra vitamin D never hurt anybody right :)

He loves to pull himself up onto everyyyything and thanks to his dear friend Freddy, he now knows how to go back down from the standing position. Thank you, Freddy. That helped this momma a lot.

He gets so excited when someone says “hi” he has to turn away. He gets so smiley and bashful and danggit it’s cute!

I’ve been loving seeing where he crawls to. He likes going up the little steps by our bedroom but hasn’t ventured up the big ones yet thank goodness. He loves to eat the dirt in mom’s plants. And most of all he loves to sneak over to Bentley’s water bowl and pour it out every. single. day. Bentley is a big dog. That is a lot of water. Rot away, floor! I shall be replacing you one day ;)

He does NOT like being left behind. — like when leaving a room — we haven’t actually left him somewhere in public.. yet.

Momma’s so busy, she sometimes doesn’t hear her poor little baby, crawling as fast as he can after her, crying softly to himself. He’s the dearest slowest crawler :) I think he got my energy level. He’ll take a couple steps. Then sit down, look around. He has a goal – he’s just in no rush to get there. And then right when he’s about to reach it, he’ll lie down and slide in to grab it so as to not waste any extra energy ;) He IS speeding up a little bit but he’s pretty mellow and doesn’t mind taking his time :):)

He is a horrible sleeper.


I’m so tired.


So his saving grace was he was easier (well faster) than Abbie to put down once we figured out how to do it (run in place, violently rock bassinet, or put in swing and get that sucker going to the point of breakage) – he’d be out within a minute or so. BUT now he’s getting too big for his bassinet and starting to pop his head up which throws off the rocking, and he’s eventually going to grow out of his swing (plus it takes up my entire living room and I want to see it GONE) and running in place was fine with a tiny baby but now he’s nine months bigger and this mom is nine months more tired and so all that to say, we’ve been trying a bit of crib training. He is not going for it. Send help.

I’m convinced no one knows how to put a baby down. You either get lucky with a good sleeper or you get lucky with their level of sleepiness. But if you happen to know how to get a baby down quickly and for longer than 20 minutes during the day or two hours at night, LET ME KNOW! ;) Thank you, kindly.

Anyways, despite getting almost no sleep day or night, he’s the most cheerful little thing! I just love him to bits and absolutely love this age. Love love love. Luke Blane, you’re the best. We love you so much!!! Did I mention we love him?

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