March, you little dickens

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How is it already the middle of April? March was all sorts of wonderful so here are a couple pictures to remember her by ;)

There was a lovely trip to Filoli’s in the Spring. I LOVE SPRING. It’s just such an exciting season :):)

Did I tell you, my husband takes every other Friday morning off so I can have some time to myself? Normally I’m an idiot and spend it going through my piles that never go away, but this time I made it out of the house and down to my favorite place and it was so lovely! He’s wonderful that one.

I finally found a great naturopathic doctor for my babies! I never expected to be such a hippie! But here we are and this is what makes sense to me so I’m glad to not feel so lost when I have medical questions :) Both babies fell asleep during the appointment. That made for an interesting exit.. but hey! speaking of NATURE I got my blood results back for my thyroid and guess just guess who is back to smack dab in the middle of normal levels? This lady. So maybe diet does have something to do with it? or at least for me? I do find it a bit alarming that it wasn’t even mentioned as something to look at and that “you’ll have to be on medication the rest of your life” was the only thing that was discussed. Anyways, I had a biopsy done on the other nodule last week so I should be getting those results back soon. Praying no cancer and that it’s definitive either way. Anyways, moving on to this cuteness.


There was a lot of time spent on the trampoline…

I’m kinda crazy about this kid :)

This is a favorite picture because those two were just out there for the longest time giggling and talking about who knows what, that overgrown, lovely yard of ours is GREEN, and that dog, although he’s so close to being able to RUN when we get the rest of our fence put up, is very patiently watching over his babies. I love all of that ^^

She’s exploring self expression…

I surprised Greg with chickens. In my head it seemed like a funny thing to do. I never expected him to be so into them! Kinda makes me all sorts of happy ;) And that little farmhand… can she get any cuter?

More trampoline and that SMILE. He is seriously the best kid. I love him I love him I love him so much. And this was right before those gums let those darn teeth through! OHHHH they look so painful! But still all smiles… that boy…

Trooper. Such a trooper. I know I say this every time but he just loves the heck out of his sister. He lights up so big whenever she comes into the room – just this morning, he heard her coming and whipped around so fast he snorted and fell over but got up so quickly with the biggest smile. They are starting to play together (you know beyond the dragging) and having the cutest little babbling conversations. I CAN’T TAKE IT! So cute.

We had a little surprise summer for a while there! Made me loads excited for it! But Spring has been extra magical this year with all the flowers I planted last year starting to burst. Gardening man. I’m a big fan of you.

Tell me that doesn’t look like they are scheming something….


The babies finally got to meet Diane and Shorty! Who were like my second parents growing up and are quite possibly some of the most lovely humans God ever created. So good to see them :)

This was when Luke used to nap more than 20 minutes at a time.

I think she would pose for me all day if she could. This kid. She cracks me up.

Bentley has been winning at being the BEST dog. The men in this family sure are tolerant. Bless them.

He’s cute. They’re cute. I just can’t stop taking pictures.

This is one of the things I love about kids. I sorta hate those two giant redwoods in our front yard – they are so messy and shady and I never really look at them except in annoyance from the mess… but this girl in diaper and boots loves to go up to them, look up and say WOAH because although this picture doesn’t NEARLY do it justice, they are quite magnificent if you give them a chance, and the light is so magical and I just love how they help me see that. Plus you can see them from the highway which is sorta cool ;)

You see what I mean? BEST DOG.

Oh lipstick. I’ve been looking for that one for the longest time. It’s significantly shorter now.

And March ended with a lovely restorative early morning walk with my boy. And only my boy. And I feel all sorts of renewed. On to the middle of April! ;)


  1. Casey Mastrianna says

    I am so impressed about your chicken rearing.. I so want to but I can’t get over the thought of handling them and possible pecking, I’m squirming thinking about it. But the romanticism of it all really gets me. Also, SO MANY CHEERS FOR TRAMPOLINES. We just got one for our Luke (with a basketball hoop) and I’m just wondering how we did not have one sooner!?


    • Haha I’m scared of them pecking too! But they really are sweet :) come on over and see! And yes- trampolines are essential for childhood, right!? I just push all those fears of her falling on her neck out and am left with the joy ;) so fun!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Casey Mastrianna says

    Oh my goodness we should make that happen.. at least so I don’t frantically freak the kids out every time we visit a farm! And 😂 .. neck injuries aside, the trampoline is perfection!


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